Where to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom?

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Many might say that a bedroom is not complete without a mirror. Therefore, small, large, or floor-to-ceiling mirrors become a necessary addition to your bedroom’s décor. However, one of the confusing questions might be where to put a mirror in your bedroom.

The best place for a mirror is a few inches away from your bed. Also, mirrors shouldn’t face a door; instead, hang them facing a mantlepiece or any other decoration in your room. Despite this, placing your mirror boils down to personal preferences.

The wrong placement of your shining glass can result in several problems. Thankfully, I have brought the best solutions to hanging your mirror. This write-up encompasses the best methods to hang mirrors without having them disturb you.

What Size of Mirrors Should I Use?


The size, type, and structure of your mirror should depend on three things. This would include the size of your space, its purpose, and your preference.

If your room is large, you can hang as many mirrors as you want. For example, you could have a standing mirror beside your bed, a small mirror on your nightstand, and another on the wall.

However, if your room is smaller, you shouldn’t experiment with so many mirrors unless you prefer them that way. For smaller rooms, a large dressing mirror is enough.

The purpose of your mirror should also influence your decision in the type of mirror you intend to purchase. A full-length dresser mirror is the best option if you want something to admire yourself in.

If you want something simpler, opt for half-length mirrors. You could also use smaller mirrors for decorative purposes by hanging them in a strategic part of the room.

Where Is the Best Place to Keep a Mirror in a Small Bedroom?

As I mentioned earlier, avoid using too many mirrors in a smaller space. This is because mirrors tend to absorb the energy you give off and bounce it back.

Let’s say that you’re bubbly and happy; a look in the mirror will only make you feel better. On the other hand, when you feel out of your element, you’ll only feel worse when you look into a mirror. Imagine having so many mirrors reflecting the energy you feel on a bad day!

So, if your room is small, you should have one large mirror, and sometimes, a smaller table mirror as an accessory. Below are several options to consider when placing mirrors in a small space.

Behind the Door

If your mirror is a full-length one, placing it behind the door will make the room feel less crowded. This doesn’t mean that you should place it directly behind. Move the mirror several inches away to prevent the door from slamming into it once opened.

Nonetheless, the mirror should not face your bed in a bid to achieve this position. If it’s unavoidable, consider another place for your mirror.

Opposite a Window

If your room is cluttered and often dark, even in daylight, placing your mirror opposite a window would be best. This is because a mirror reflects light that enters the room regardless of how little it is. As a result, your room looks brighter and bigger than it is.

Above the Headboards

If the options above aren’t suitable, you should hang the mirror above your bed. This way, it’s not facing your bed or occupying any space. However, these mirrors are more decorative and usually smaller.

At the Corner of Your Room

Long-standing mirrors are lovely if you place them at the right corner of the room. Place it in a position where it doesn’t face the bed or the door directly but reflects other things in the room.

Beside your Bed

This is another fantastic option for placing mirrors in small rooms. Your full-length mirror would be perfect a few inches from the edge of your bed. Nonetheless, ensure it doesn’t face the door directly. It could be at a diagonal position to your door but never opposite it.

Here’s a little tip for small bedrooms. Use mirrors with little or no frame. Largely framed mirrors look bulkier, more like antiques, and tend to occupy more space than necessary.

Where to Place a Mirror in a Large Space

A large bedroom allows you to use as many mirrors as you want while providing suitable places to hang them. Here, you don’t need to consider setting your window behind the door as other spaces are available. Nonetheless, you should consider placing mirrors beside your bedside like in smaller bedrooms.

People often prefer placing their mirrors at the other end of the room, away from the bed and closer to the dressers. Some opt for large wardrobes with a provision to hang a full-length mirror.

You can also forfeit hanging a mirror above your headboards, or else you prefer otherwise. Instead, place your mirrors above a dressing table or mantlepiece.

Ensure you pick the right spot depending on your aim. If you want more light to streak into your room, position your mirror opposite the window.

Places You Should Avoid Placing a Mirror in a Bedroom

Personal preferences will have you hanging mirrors anywhere that suits you. This is fine but not advisable. This is because there are places you should avoid when positioning mirrors.

Facing Your Bed

This is not superstition, but placing mirrors across your bed will make you feel like there’s someone else in the room. It’s also disconcerting to see your reflection every time you turn.

On bad days, having your reflection stare at you at any given a chance often makes you feel worse. Place your mirror using prior options or at a convenient spot in your bedroom to avoid this.

Facing a Wall

Your mirror can face a decorative piece, a shoe rack, or something else. However, never place your mirror facing a blank wall. This will make it boring, though you might not notice it.

If your mirror faces a blank wall, place something like a bookshelf or an artwork against that wall. This way, you get to see the reflection of that piece when you look into the mirror from another angle.

On the Ceiling

Never hang a mirror on the ceiling. Aside from the fact that it serves no purpose, it’s also a dangerous idea. Aside from this, it isn’t reassuring to look up and see yourself reflected on the ceiling.

Facing the Toilet

This might not be a terrible idea because there should be a solid door between your room and the toilet. Still, your mirror should have no business with your toilet. Therefore, this idea is only acceptable when there is no better position to keep your mirror.

Should You Cover Your Mirrors at Night?

Some experts believe that mirrors could cause a restless night. According to feng shui, leaving your mirrors exposed can also disturb your sleep, especially if you’re going through an unpleasant situation. In this case, covering your mirrors at night might help you sleep better.

On the other hand, if mirrors don’t bother your sleep time, there’s no need to cover them. Instead, place them in a position where you don’t have to see your reflection if you wake up suddenly.

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