Where to Put a Bed in a Room with Windows

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Modern-day interior designs revolve around ensuring that every item in the house is appropriately positioned. To attain the highest level of comfort in your home, homeowners should ensure organization and orderliness in every room.

One of the things to consider is where to put a bed in a room with windows.

The best place to position your bed in a room with windows is in the center of the room. This strategic point makes your bed look like the most prominent item in the room. Nonetheless, you can place your bed in any other part of the room, either facing the windows or beneath it.

Bedrooms are an integral section of a home, and making them comfortable should be your priority. Aside from being your private spot, it’s also where your body and mind rest after a day’s stress.

Therefore, a well-positioned bed is essential in the home to create psychological and physical relief for you at any time.

Where Do I Position My Bed?


Your bed’s position becomes an important topic if you’re moving into your new house or doing a makeover. It would be best if you consider that the position of your bed depends on personal choices. However, it helps to stick to specific rules when placing your bed.

For a room to be termed a ‘bedroom,’ it should have at least a window, if not more. Of course, there will also be walls around the remaining perimeter and an entrance or door. The position of your bed is relative to all these factors, as it interacts with them.

Also, remember that you will not be placing only a bed in your bedroom. There will be more items you would like to fit into that room. Consequently, your bed is the most important, and you’ll have to consider other elements before setting it up.

Tips for Bed Positioning

Feng shui tips are perfect to use when positioning your bed or other household items. These are ancient Chinese rules for arranging a home to suit any situation. With these tips, you can easily attain the highest comfort in your home.

Here are some tips for bed positioning:

Bed and door relationship

The position of the door is a vital factor to consider when setting your bed. Avoid any scenario where the door immediately opens to face any part of the bed. Therefore,  move the bed as far away from the door as the room can grant.

Don’t position your bed in such a way that your feet point directly at the door. This position, called the “coffin position,” is the wrong way to sleep.

Some situations may leave you with no other choice but to place the bed in line with a door. However, you can correct this by using a faceted feng shui crystal ball. It works by hanging the ball halfway between the door and the bed.

The Commanding Position

In the feng shui principles, the commanding position is another crucial point for positioning your bed. This interesting principle teaches that you place your bed to face the door directly.

However, this should create no mix-up with the “bed and door relationship.” It‘s best if you didn’t position it in line with the door but diagonal to the door. This will give you the excellent result you need.

In most cases, you might not achieve the commanding position quickly. Nevertheless, this can easily be corrected by using a mirror. Place the mirror at an angle where you can easily see the door from your bed.

In this case, it’s best to use a freestanding mirror as you can easily adjust it to your desired angle.

Bed and Toilet Relationship

The bedroom and the toilet are usually located close to each other in case of an emergency. In fact, modern houses place bathrooms within bedrooms for easy access. However, you should avoid placing your bed too close to your toilet door.

Don’t allow your bed to share the same wall with your toilet. The headboard should also not rest on the wall that has the bathroom on the other side.

Bed and Walls Relationship

The biggest mistake you will make is keeping your bed hanging in the center. Even when you place our bed in the middle of the room, it must rest against a door. The tough decision is, which part of the bed should rest on the wall?

The headboard should be the part that touches the wall. Preferably, place the headrest at the center of the longest wall in the room.

Spaces Around the Bed

The last thing you would like to encounter is being unable to leave your bed after a good rest. Therefore, it’s ideal for you to leave spaces on both sides of the bed. The gap should be at least 18 inches.

It isn’t advisable to position any side of your bed against the wall. Ultimately, the two sides of your bed should be free, allowing you to get off easily. Aside from this, it also provides you with a sense of freedom and space.

This principle doesn’t necessarily apply to children. For children, the side of the bed may rest against the wall as it gives them more protection.

Spaces above the Bed

It’s not advisable to have anything fashionable hanging above the bed. Likewise, the ceiling above the bed should be free of soffits, beams, slopes, and other architectural designs. If there’s any, it could mount psychological pressure on the person lying on the bed.

You can also use beds with large drapes. So, instead of seeing the ceiling when you face upward, you see your drapes. If you’re not using drapes, paint the beams with the same color as the ceiling to overshadow it.

How to Put a Bed in a Room with Windows

When you consider the windows in your room, positioning your bed can become a little tricky. However, there are some guides you should use when placing your bed in such a room.

Under the Window

Placing your bed under the window is a viable option. It allows you to easily view the world outside without leaving the comfort of your bed. Still, there are many disadvantages to placing your bed beneath the window.

It could be very uncomfortable during extremely sunny or stormy days. If you live on a busy street, placing your bed beneath the window exposes you to noise pollution.

Facing the Window

Facing your bed towards the window is a bad idea if the room is small. Aside from the fact that it exposes you to direct sunlight, it is a wrong sleeping position.

Next to the Window

This is a comfortable position to place the bed as it helps you sleep better. It is also delightful when you wake up to have an outdoor view of the environment beyond.

However, the disadvantage is that it can be disconcerting during summer. There will be so much light streaking in at this time, which is enough to disturb your sleep. If you prefer this, you should give enough space to avoid direct light rays from the window to the bed.

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