What’s The Best Direction For The Study Table

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When studying, many factors come into play. Most of them will determine whether you achieve your studying objectives or not.  For instance, the environment in which you are studying matters.

Also, if you are studying your favorite subject, you are likely to achieve your studying goal compared to studying any other random subject.

Also, the direction and the location of your table may determine your level of concentration.

The best direction of your study table is west, northeast, or east of your home. In this direction, you will receive enough sunlight if you are relying on natural light. Therefore, if you choose to face east or north, the study table should be against the north or east wall.

Of course, you can study facing any direction. But there are plenty of theories that define the study atmosphere.

Vastu Shaster is a Hindu architectural system based on traditional beliefs and spiritual thoughts. The theory is based on astrology knowledge and could help you to determine the best direction to face when studying.

Read on to determine the right direction you should face when studying.

Why Is East-West Recommended For A Study Table?


Vastu stipulated that the best direction one should face while studying is either west or east directions. Also, the room should be in the northern or eastern part of the house.

But you must ensure a gap exists between the table and the wall to allow for new ideas to flow in mind.  Typically, in most places, the sun will always rise from the east and head towards the general north direction before it settles in the west in the evening.

So the north direction is important since it is a sign of progress while the east signifies some level of achievement.

A student who studies facing the best direction will concentrate more. As such, when you are in a study room facing west or east of the house, you have an opportunity to focus more. Also, you will need to sit with a wall behind the study chair.

If there is a wall in front of your table, it should have some motivational materials.

Also, having the right colors in the room could help the learner. Besides, adding the right colors adds a spark. So choosing light or neutral colors should be the way to go.

If you choose the right colors, they will influence the soul and the mind and profoundly impact your psychology and intellectual capacity. Choose colors that make you proactive but which help to enhance the stability of the mind. Let the walls have warm colors to make you more positive.

The study table should be at the right spot, and it should face in the east or north direction.  Vastu says that you must leave enough space between the study table and the wall. If you have books on the table, keep them in the northeast direction.

Also, it is important that you de-cluster the environment and keep the tables clean at all times.

It helps you to focus on the content you are reading. Also, a neat table allows you to do what you had planned to do. If you can put some inspirational material on the wall in front of the table, you will study more.

Where Should I Put My Study Table In My Room?

Positioning your table in the right position is critical if you want to benefit from the study session. But the first thing you should consider is that you should be able to see the study room’s door.

Also, sitting as far as possible is necessary since it allows you to see most parts of the room.

The objective of placing your table strategically is to make you subconsciously aware of everything taking place in the room.

It reduces surprises and allows you to take note of everything taking place around you. Also, it should let you see and receive the energy getting into the room without stopping reading.

Therefore, the best position should allow the desk to move at a diagonal angle while allowing the wall behind your back. But the shape of your desk is vital and must be considered as well. 

Note that the rectangular type is the best since it allows you enough space to place any items you may need.

The chair too is an important consideration when preparing your study room. You need a good chair to help take care of your back.

Remember you will spend more hours at your study table. So having a comfortable chair will reduce injuries to your back.

Also, ensure to have one or two plants in the room. If you do, locate the desk so that you can see them as you study. Green plants can motivate you and help to improve your ability to study.

The table should be in a location that allows the most light to reach the material you are studying. If the room does not receive plenty of natural light, ensure that you invest in a good lighting system.

How Do You Set Up A Study Table?

Setting up a study table is an important undertaking that will determine the success of your study program. So if you are the type that studies well while tapping on a keyboard, ensure you have one at hand.

Similarly, if you are the type that loves working in a library-like environment, ensure that your table is free of distractions.

Further, you will need to get rid of clutter from the desk. It helps you to find any item you may want on the table easily. It will help to reduce procrastinating and get things right without wasting time.

The table should also receive enough light. If you place it in a dark corner, you will strain to read, which may interfere with the hours you can put in studying.

Also, if the light is too much, it may affect your eyes, and besides, it will overstimulate you leading to headaches. Therefore, it is important to ensure that natural light gets to your table if you will be studying during the day.

Personalize the desk- if you will be spending most of your time on the table studying, personalizing and making it more appealing will add some touch to it.

Ensure that you add a few personal touches, including memorable photos or items you consider important in your life. Choosing the right colors can help to boost your mood.

Should A Study Table Face The Window?

Feng Shui experts recommend that you place your study table in the room found on the eastern part of the house. It allows you to sit facing east or north when studying.

This is vital since these two directions are associated with success and positive energy.

Also, the study table may face west because the direction is normally associated with knowledge retention.  But it is important to ensure that the study table does not face the window.

If it does, there will be too much light shining on you. Such light may make it difficult for you to see your work and concentrate on your studies.

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