What’s The Best Direction For The Study Table

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For any student looking to maximize their productivity, optimizing the study space is crucial. There is real science behind the ideal placement of desks for concentration. Unlike feng shui or vastu shastra conventions, this article focuses on practical, evidence-based tips for arranging your workspace to truly enhance focus.

For example, did you know something as simple as facing east could boost your motivation? Or that leaving a small gap between the table and the wall can aid mental clarity? How about using the shape of your desk itself to get organized?

From facing direction to wall décor and more, learn five fascinating strategies grounded in psychology and design principles that can help upgrade your study area for success.

By implementing these subtle but impactful tweaks, you can unlock the potential of your space to allow deeper focus, better retention, and greater academic achievement.

Tips for best direction for the study table


  1. Face east or north when seated at your study table for optimal direction according to Vastu principles. This is believed to have a positive impact.
  2. Keep the study table a few inches away from the wall. This allows for better airflow and clears stagnant energy.
  3. Choose a wooden table in a square or rectangular shape. Avoid irregular shapes that may disturb focus.
  4. Keep the study area clutter-free and wipe the table clean after each study session. This promotes fresh thinking.
  5. Place inspirational images, vision boards, or motivational quotes on the wall in front of the study table. This provides mental stimulation.

Benefits of the Right Study Table Direction

Placing the study table in an optimal Vastu-recommended direction creates a positive environment conducive to focusing. Key benefits include:

  • Improved ability to grasp and memorize information
  • Higher academic performance
  • Reduced exam-related stress and anxiety
  • Increased confidence and focus

By following Vastu principles for study table direction, students often see grades improve over time.

Best Study Table Direction According to Vastu

Vastu Shastra recommends placing the study table in either the north or east of the bedroom/study room. Specifically:

  • The student should face east or north when seated at the table.
  • East is considered especially positive for students pursuing political science. Facing this direction improves results.
  • South or southeast is optimal for physical education, sports, or yoga students. It maintains energy and focus.
  • Law students benefit from Southeast, the preferred direction for law and UPSC exam preparation.
  • North direction connects to prosperity and success per Vastu. It’s ideal for competitive exam preparation.
  • West or southwest is recommended for school students.
  • North-west suits home science and retail/investment courses.

Directions to Avoid for Study Table Placement

Vastu recommends avoiding these directions for study table placement:

  • East of south-east
  • East of north-east
  • South of south-west
  • North of north-west
  • West of north-west
  • South

Studying in these zones can hinder concentration and retention.

Other Vastu Tips for Study Table Placement

  • Leave a few inches of space between the table and the wall for airflow and enhanced focus.
  • Keep the table clutter-free and clean after each study session to allow new ideas to flow.
  • Avoid placing the table under overhead beams, which create obstruction.
  • Choose a rectangular or square table. Irregular shapes generate distracting energy.
  • Face a motivational board rather than a blank wall.
  • Put the table lamp on the left side.

Best Study Table Colors Per Vastu

Light, neutral colors like pastel blue, light green, white, or cream have a calming effect on the mind and aid concentration. Dark colors attract negative energy, causing sleepiness and laziness. Add a white or cream cover to dark tables to improve energy.

Study Table Direction Vastu – Which Direction to Face?

The optimal study direction depends on the field:

  • West for science students
  • South for law students
  • East for arts and religious studies
  • North for political and administrative studies
  • East of south-east for research students
  • North-east for MBA and IAS aspirants

Why Study Table Direction Matters

  • Improves retention ability
  • Boosts focus and concentration
  • Enhances exam performance
  • Avoiding Vastu can create defects

What to Keep on the Study Table

  • Square or rectangular table
  • Inspirational images
  • Goddess Saraswati idol
  • Lamp
  • Crystal globe for positive energy

Choosing Quality Study Tables

  • Pick the right size for the room
  • Match the interior design
  • Ensure storage for essentials
  • Select comfortable height
  • Opt for durable wood

In summary, Vastu Shastra recommends facing east or north when seated at the study table. However optimal direction varies based on the field of study. Pay attention to placement, shape, color, and arrangement for enhanced academic performance. Following these Vastu principles can aid concentration, focus, and success.

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