What’s the Best Area Rug Color For the Living Room?

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Area rugs are among the most common flooring options despite the current designs and upgrades of the hard surface flooring. If you need one for your living room, consider a color that will go well with your room. That being said, what’s the best area rug color for the living room?

The best area rug color for the living room depends on your preference. You can decide to have gray, green, beige, or blue rugs. Before you pick any, think about the mood you are striving to achieve in the room and ensure you match the rugs with the rest of your space.

Area rugs are great design tools whether they give a complementary setting for other decor or act as the floor’s artwork. For this reason, choosing the best is important. Here, I’ll take you through all the information you would want to know about area rugs in a living room. Scroll down to learn more!

Should All the Rugs in Your House Match?


Rugs can match in some cases, like if the rooms involved are adjoining and deal with them as the same room. You can use the same rug in every section. Still, if you prefer a simplistic aesthetic, consider a repetition in style and color as it is allowed. In other instances, you can mix area rugs.

You can have different ones in your living room and other rooms like a dining area. If the rooms are not connected, you’ll have a lot of freedom in your decor scheme. However, if they are adjacent or you can recognize the room from others, ensure the rugs you go for complementary.

You may also want to have different rugs for various rooms even when they are adjoined if there is a change in the decor scheme between the two regions. For example, if a dining area is connected to the living room, though there is a tangible separation, you can use different colors.

The most popular living room carpet color is gray. Gray has gained popularity not only for the flooring but also for the entire home. For instance, there are gray doors and cabinets, among others. Therefore, each shade of it is still trendy and got in homes for the decor and floors.

Even though most individuals believe gray flooring only trends in wood flooring, gray is also experienced in the same for the carpets. Conventional neutral shades like beige are out, and thus gray is a new neutral with a lovely and contemporary look to the rooms its present. What’s more is, if you opt for gray when choosing a carpet color, you can go with any shade, and you’ll still appreciate being in style.

Gray also establishes a tone of cool and contemporary spaces. It provides a neutral background for decorating in almost every shade. Black and white, bright gold, green, and aquas colors will blend with sleek gray carpets.

What’s the Best Area Rug Color For the Living Room?

The best color depends on what you want for your room. Some of the shades you can choose from are;


This is the most popular rug in many homes nowadays. It looks modern and clean with the correct decor. It will help cover debris and spills well. Gray goes perfectly with the minimalist style and balances brighter accent color as required.


Green is a comforting color and looks beautiful in spaces prioritizing other neutral stuff like accents and real wood floors. When it’s dark, and you pair it with a bright piece, it can be surprisingly bold.


Beige is good for hiding debris and marks adequately, though it’s not as dark as black and brown colors. It’s a neutral base and can blend with virtually anything. This shade can be intricate with only a few hints of the correct furniture.


Blue is a universal shade and goes well with a variety of decors. For this reason, if you adore a warmer palette, consider turquoise or teal shades. If you are into cooler tones, you can pick medium or pale blues however, for a bold appearance, go for the deep navy blue area rug.

What Does a Dark Rug Do to a Room?

Despite what you may have in mind or even their reputation, dark rugs aren’t completely bleak and horrible. Note that a dark rug may be what you need for getting the unique design you’ve been yearning for. If you have small kids and pets in your house, you’ll have to opt for darker colors since they help make stains less noticeable.

As you are all aware, pets and little children can mess with a rug without you noticing. This means you’ll have to pick the dark-colored area rugs. They will certainly give an elegant environment for your room. Besides, dark rugs can never be out of taste as they blend smoothly with the other shades.

You can use a dark rug in a space with contrast hues since it will make the place look more fascinating and also be lovely. The rug will grab the attention in light restored rooms and hence be unique from the other decor. This implies it will pop out, so it’s apparent to every person who gets into the room.

Consider using the dark area rugs beneath the dark furniture to go with the surroundings and stop making your room darker. Hence, it will not feel so bleak. When you use the rugs in moderation, they will add an appealing mystery to your space.

Besides, if you mix them with brighter shades, you’ll get amazing color, and as anticipated, white and black are great when you pair them.

How Do I Know What Color Rug to Get?

You can know the color of a rug you can to get by;

Considering the Overall Mood of a Room

An area rug and other room decors always establish the mood in the space. You may want your space to feel can and improve rest. Besides, a recreational room will need more vibrancy and energy.

Light shades make a tiny room seem bigger. If you want to make the room feel more spacious, go for white, pastel shades, or a blend of bright shades and pale. Cool or muted hues like purple, green and blue generate a calm setting.

Light monochromatic shades always work well for this instance. Besides, bright and vibrant hues give a feeling of energy. Vibrant lines green, red, and orange are perfect for putting energy into your space.

A rich and deep shade will make your space be more intimate and fit a household space. You can use rags with navy, chocolate, and burgundy colors.

Matching Area Rugs With Other Parts of the Room

If your space has a traditional color with a blend of bold and muted shades, pick rugs that have the same hues as they’ll complement the prevailing decor. Muted tans and soft tones of grey are excellent counterparts to a bright wall. If the room has orange and warm yellow walls, you can opt for a muted area rug to ensure the guest’s eyes are attracted to the correct place.

Besides, if you add a fresh accent shade to the space, you can add the same details. A vase, wall art, or a throw pillow of a similar shade can lead to the space having a mutual sensation.

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