What Wall Paint Color Goes With Black Furniture?

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Black furniture offers a touch of elegance to any room. It is a perfect combination of simplicity and luxury that makes any space look expensive.

Although it gives a sleek and contemporary look, creating a balance between your black furniture and wall color may be challenging.

Typically, every wall paint color goes with black furniture, but some colors go perfectly with it than others.

So, with a vast range of paint colors, what are the best wall colors that go with black?

Choosing the right wall paint color that compliments black furniture will make your room appear more unified. If you have black furniture or are looking forward to having it in your room, the paint colors that will best complement the furniture are white, gray, red, blue, brown, ivory, black and white, black, yellow, coal, orange, and purple.

Since black furniture gives a strong design statement, the rest of the room, especially the wall, has to coordinate. Perfectly complementing the wall color with the black furniture will create a dramatic, sophisticated and bold room.

However, missing the combination will create a dark and monotonous room.

Tips to create a balance with black furniture


Lighter colors

Lighter colors are a great choice that perfectly compliments black furniture. For instance, pale yellow and light blue are great shades that are not monotonous.


The color of the accessories matters when choosing colors to coordinate with black furniture. A lighter or bold color for accessories will lighten up the space hence making appealing statements.

Best wall paint colors for black furniture


It is a neutral color that effortlessly blends with black. Pairing white walls with black furniture is one of the best ways to make a bold yet appealing statement.

White brings brightness and balance. It complements the black furniture by emphasizing its bold lines, making it less dull and blurry. Therefore, it brings a new sparkle and a warm ambiance. 

Consider adding other matching accessories such as paintings and white vases to get a sleek and elegant look.

There’s no doubt that this combination is perfect for any room. If you have a small space, dark furniture next to white walls will make the space appear brighter and lighter.


If you’re not into bold colors, then gray is the best option. Being a complementary color for black, it will integrate well with black furniture.

Although the combination creates a monochromatic style, any slight mistake of using an inappropriate shade of gray may affect the entire design. Light gray is a great shade for setting contrast.

To avoid monotony, the furniture should be positioned towards natural sunlight. Adding some indoor plants and matching lamps will enhance the appearance of the space and emphasize the elegance of the room.


Red can evoke emotions. It is an energizing and glossy color that can be combined with black furniture to create a classic living room space.

Its brightness is a great contrast to the black furniture. However, to reduce the stark of red and black colors, consider adding neutral color accessories.

If you have dark furniture in your living room, a pop of color can lighten up the space. For instance, bold curtains and throw pillows will make the space stand out.


Blue is a cool color that gives feelings of trust, tranquility, and sensitivity. On the other hand, black is a color that is linked with authority and satisfaction. Light blue walls and black furniture creates a visually engaging space.

Light blue walls create an illusion of more space. This lightens up the rook and the furniture. A dark blue shade is also a great option for pairing with black since it creates a nautical feel.

To create a contemporary house interior design, consider adding accessories, an accent piece, or indoor plants. This will add personality and character to your space.


Brown and black are viable decorating colors. The two colors combine to create a sleek and modern look that is cozy and warm.

There is a wide range of brown shades. Hence it’s crucial to choose a shade that will compliment the black furniture. If you want a dramatic look, consider a dark brown shade such as chocolate. For a monochromatic twist, go for a brown-black shade.

Dark brown walls with black furniture will create a flawless and well-balanced space. To avoid creating a monotonous look, consider adding some plants and bright wall décor.


Ivory is a relaxing color that adds a richer and warmer feel to a room. It also adds a touch of elegance to the space.

Pairing ivory walls with black furniture will create a light and rustic feel. Adding a few accessories or bright-colored throw pillows to the black furniture will make the room feel cozier or sleeker.

While black furniture perfectly complements such a background, ivory walls will add a touch of warmth to the environment.

Black and white

Black and white colors are compatible. The combination would look stunning next to black furniture.

Although there is a high chance that the combination may cause the room to become blurry, playing carefully with the colors and setting contrast will emphasize the furniture lines.

This classic combination serves as a great solid backdrop for many décor styles and textures. Layering and accessorizing the space will add depth to the space and allow the black furniture to be more prominent.

The classic combination of black and white doesn’t go out of style. It is a timeless style that adds sophistication and elegance.


Why not match your black furniture with a black wall? Black furniture and walls create a sophisticated look.

To balance the color, consider adding some neutral tones like gold-framed mirrors to add a touch of elegance and to soften the look.


Pairing a yellow accent wall with black furniture creates a daring yet inviting look. It gives a room a bold and soothing look.

Bold and bright yellow, when combined with black, will create a beautiful contrast that will lighten up a room. Due to its brightness, it makes a room appear larger. Hence it is ideal for small rooms.

The contrast made by combining the colors creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. To create a well-balanced and enhanced room, consider hanging wooden picture frames.


It is a sophisticated color alternative that, when combined with black furniture, creates a dramatic appearance.

Coal makes a visible connection between the furniture and the wall. It emphasizes the elegance of the black furniture and gives a sparkle of luxury.

If the combination seems dull, consider adding bright white décor. The contrast will brighten and highlight the room.


Orange is a friendly and inviting color that gives a perfect balance to dark furniture. It’s a contemporary and beautiful color that has an energizing and calming effect.

When paired with black furniture, orange lightens up the space and highlights the furniture lines.

Orange creates a bold decorating statement. The combination creates a modern look.

Incorporating rich and textured accessories will create a focal point and bring individuality to the room


Purple and black is a royal combination that creates an elegant look while giving a contemporary vibe.

Pairing a purple wall with black furniture gives a sophisticated look that communicates class and confidence.

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