What Wall Color Looks Good With Cherry Wood?

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Cherry wood furniture has a deep undertone that spells sophistication and vibrancy without adding in too much effort. It’s a great choice for the office, your living room, or the bedroom. Others choose cherry wood for kitchen cabinets.

But, if you have cherry red furniture in your room and you’d like to paint or repaint the wall, what wall color would look good with cherry wood?

Cherry red goes well with most colors because of its dark hue. Beige, brown, and accents of red blend well with cherry less to make it less distinct. Bold colors like blue or green create a sharp contrast with the cherry wood and allow it to stand out in the room.

The wall is extensive and covers the largest part of the room. So, when you are picking a color to go on your walls, you must consider the general impact it will have on the room’s outlook.

Some colors can be overwhelming, and so you must choose them wisely. This article highlights some of the colors you can use on your wall when you have cherry wood furniture in the room.

What Wall Color Go With Cherry Red Wood Furniture?


Cherry red is a warm color, just like all red hues. It evokes emotions associated with happiness, brightness, and coziness. Therefore, this is a consideration you must make when you are choosing a color for the wall.

Also, the wall acts as a backdrop for the cherry wood furniture. So it will determine how bold the color will show or whether it will diminish it.

Some of the color choices you can have include:

1. Similar colors

These include other shades of red, either darker or brighter shades, depending on the cherry red you have. It’s proven that cherry red gets darker with time as the wood ages. Therefore, if you are using a bright shade of cherry red, you can choose a darker color to go with it.

Similar colors blend with cherry red and make it less distinct. However, red is overly bold and showy, which might not be what you are looking for in your house. However, if you feel that it works for you, you can use it on your wall.

You’ll only need to ensure that the color variation between the cherry wood furniture and the walls is distinct so that it doesn’t become too much. Therefore, consider using brighter colors like soft red if your cherry wood has a dark hue.

2. Neutral colors

Neutral colors like beige, brown, cream, white, and gray have a neutralizing effect on the bold cherry redwood furniture, giving it a luxurious feel. For example, brown has an earthy tone that resonates well with the natural feel in wood furniture. So, brown brings in a homely natural feel into the room.

On the other hand, beige pairs well with other items you may bring in into the room and allows you to combine the cherry red furniture with other accessories.

Cream and white are the most used color choices on the walls because they are versatile and can go well with almost all different colors.

3. Dark Colors

Cherry wood is intense and does well when matched against dark and bold colors. Such colors include deep blue, mustard yellow, hunter green, and wine red. These colors are less showy and create a low contrast atmosphere where the wood blends with other colors instead of standing out distinctly.

Suppose you are looking for cool colors that will bring a sense of luxury and class into the room, try dark colors. They’ll also bring out the depth of your cherry wood furniture and allow it to make a statement. This is especially when used in the bedroom.

4. Earthy tones

These include colors like green, ivory, gold, and brown. As mentioned earlier, earthy tones resonate with the wood element in cherry wood furniture, and therefore it goes well with cherry wood.

One thing about earthy tones is that they don’t get outdated and can blend well with cherry wood that has lasted for years and modern cherry wood furniture designs.

Other color tones you can use in this category include gray-blue and pastel green. They give your room a subtle finishing that will keep the design feeling natural and neutral. Other colors like gold bring in a cheerful feel to warm and brighten the room.

5. Contrasting colors

Contrasting colors come in handy to make your cherry wood furniture stand out and become more visible in the room. Not all furniture deserves to be showcased, so choose this option only when you have a masterpiece and would like to show it off.

You can also choose this color combination when you want to brighten the room since the cherry red furniture has a dark tone. Mostly light colors bring some life into the room and highlight the shiny hints in the cherry wood.

Some of the contrasting colors include:


The color wheel gives you an idea of how colors would appear when matched together. Commonly, if you match opposite colors, you get a powerful combination that allows both colors to stand out without diminishing each other.

Green sits directly opposite cherry red on the color wheel, and so it’s a great choice. Since cherry red is a little dark, you can choose to use a lighter hue of green to ensure the cherry red color pops.

This combination is excellent when used in a kitchen where all the cabinets are cherry red or a dining room where all the furniture is cherry red.


Blue has a special calming effect on any room despite the accompanying colors. Lighter blue colors carry an aura of natural freshness that anyone would want in their room. If you choose to pair it with cherry red furniture, you’ll introduce this feeling into your room, and your cherry wood furniture will show as you would like it.

If you prefer a darker tone to go with your cherry red furniture, you can choose a navy-blue color to go on the walls. You can then introduce brighter colors with other accessories so that the room doesn’t appear to be too dark.


Yellow is bright and vibrant. It shares almost the same level of vibrancy as the cherry wood furniture. Therefore, when you pair these two colors, they both radiate their color and stand out independently.

Mustard yellow is a great choice if you want to incorporate darker hues. But, if you prefer brighter colors to go with your cherry wood furniture, you can choose brighter yellow colors. With this bright color, you can be sure that your cherry wood furniture will stand out and remain the focus in the room.


It’s easy to pair wood furniture with different colors but especially if the natural wood color. However, wood furniture with different hues can prove difficult to pair with other colors in the room.

When choosing a color to go with your cherry wood furniture, you must first consider how you want it to appear in the end.

It’s also important to incorporate your personality into the colors you choose so that you can be yourself whenever you are in the room.

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