What Wall Color Goes with Gray Bathroom Cabinets?

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When it comes to a bathroom, gray cabinets give an ultimate neutral shade that goes with almost every color. However, selecting the right wall color for the bathroom may be challenging.

Are you looking for a matching wall color that compliments your gray cabinets, or is multi-color more of your style?

From neutral to soft pastel shades, there is always an excellent option to make your bathroom classy and stylish with gray bathroom cabinets. Gray is now known to be high-end and stylish. With the right wall colors, you can make your bathroom a base for beauty.

Whether you want to add more color to your bathroom space or want to go neutral, there’s always a perfect choice to style your bathroom with gray color shades.

Below are some of the wall colors that you can incorporate with your gray bathroom cabinets.

What colors go best with gray?


Whether bathroom cabinets are a shade of dark or light gray, several ideas of wall colors will blend well.

Bright white

A softer white paint brings in a fresh and modern feel to a bathroom. White walls with gray cabinets are an excellent pair.

White is a clean and shiny color that will make your bathroom feel spotless. Having fun with the accessories and décor with these colors will create a warm space.

Adding color and character through plants and styling items will style your bathroom space and make it more welcoming, timeless, and refreshing.


Gray is a great option that is easy to clean and compliments well with gray cabinets. The trick is to blend dark and light shades of gray.

Although gray cabinets and gray walls seem boring, adding a bit of white and beige will create an atmosphere of luxury and style.

A soft, light gray is an excellent way to maintain neutrality. It brings in the colors of concrete and granite yet is quite soothing. To balance the color tones, dark wood elements can bring in a warm feeling.

If you want a classic look, go for simple neutral accents. Add pops of color to your accessories, such as patterned shower curtains, to create a soothing yet classic look.


This is a perfect choice for creating a neutral yet warm space. It is a timeless and practical color that symbolizes elegance, sophistication, and modesty.

Taupe compliments gray bathroom cabinets by providing a calming effect. They also illustrate a softer feel that is more conventional.

By adding a brownish-gray of taupe to your bathroom, you will get a touch of warmth and appeal. However, there is a variation of taupe. Each variation has a different feel to the space. A gray taupe gives a modern feel, and a brown-heavy taupe has an earthy look.

With gray bathroom cabinets, taupe will bring an elegant and modernized look to your bathroom. Adding a vase will give your bathroom a cozier feel.


Adding a blue color to the gray bathroom gives a strong contrast. It is an ideal color for the bathroom due to its strong links to water.

A shade of blue and gray creates a spa-like atmosphere. Blue has a calming and cool quality that makes it a perfect color for creating a relaxing space.

With the neutrality of blue and gray colors, adding some accessories will balance and enhance the color scheme. Colors such as orange, red and yellow can add warmth to the space.

Natural colors and textures can also be added to the bathroom to add warmth and create elegance.


Charcoal is a perfect and unique shade. It gives a strong accent to the interior. Combining charcoal with gray gives a more dramatic look.

Although it’s darker, it has warm elements, which make it versatile. With its contemporary edge, it gives a cozy feel.

Combining charcoal with other elements should be carefully and skillfully done. Adding a lot of dark shade can overwhelm the bathroom.

Charcoal color works perfectly in a well illuminated and spacious bathroom space. If your bathroom is small, but you love charcoal color, the good news is that you can use charcoal accessories to create an elegant and unique bathroom.

To create a chic and relaxing bathroom, pairing charcoal and gray with natural wood and metallic accents will do the magic.


Pastel green creates a colorful wall theme. Gray cabinets complement well with pastel shades of any color, but mostly with green.

Combining the two colors creates a subtle look. Although using a dark shade of green can be overwhelming, using a lighter shade creates a clean and crisp environment.

Gray cabinets give a comforting audience. Therefore, having green walls will give a soothing space.

Although the green color is a great option for your bathroom wall, it needs more lighting. Adding white features will create a stylish look.

Creamy white

If bright white is too intense, creamy white is a great option. Creamy white with gray cabinets creates a warm space.

To make the bathroom space look classy, softer accent colors like soft lavender or light pink can be added.

With its neutral paint color, it gives a warm and cozy feel to a space. Although clear white is considered a cold color, warm creams are a perfect color that strikes between gray neutrals and whites.


Beige is a great color that goes well with gray. Light beige is classic and creates a warm ambiance.

Pairing gray with beige to your bathroom will add contrast and create a simple yet elegant look.

Adding primer to your beige paint will be great for your bathroom. It is not only washable but will also create a smooth finish.


Brown is a rich color that is calming and has an earthy look. Pairing brown with gray creates a relaxed atmosphere.

Dark chocolate brown creates a dramatic feel, but pairing it with a metallic gold accent will give a sleek look.

The medium brown tone is soothing and is a great fit for lighter tones.

Softer light brown is great for a neutral space. However, to make it more stylish and classy, accent colors such as cream and beige can be added.

Cerulean blue

Cerulean blue is a bright and beautiful blue sea color. It not only brightens up the space but also feels bold and modern.

It gives a calming effect hence making it a perfect option for a bathroom. Cerulean blue with gray creates a relaxed style.

To get a traditional nautical-inspired look or a vintage look, consider adding crisp white colors.


Yellow is a bright color that compliments gray cabinets. It is a great option for providing a soothing feel and brightening up your bathroom.

For small bathrooms, the yellow color is great as it can make your space look larger and less cramped.


If you want to add a splash of color into your space, then pistachio is a great option. It adds a vibrant and fresh theme to the space.

To create a stylish and colorful space, consider incorporating other color tones such as yellow and green hand towels.


If you want a fresh look, then a mint wall color may be what you need. It is a perfect color that blends well with gray.

It is perfect for delivering a beautiful finish that suits your bathroom style.

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