What Type of Outdoor Furniture Lasts Longest

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Furniture is an important element in the outdoor setting. Outdoor furniture might have to withstand the intense humidity, snowy winters, and summer thunderstorms among others. Thus, it is imperative to invest in long-lasting furniture.

With the vast choices available, choosing the perfect material may be challenging.

But then, what type of outdoor furniture lasts longer?

Outdoor furniture upholstery, frames, and tabletops should stand the test of time. It should retain its appearance and structural integrity, even after harsh weather conditions. Wrought iron furniture lasts the longest. It requires minimal maintenance and may last for 60 years.

Although wrought iron outdoor furniture is the longest-lasting, there are new furniture design options that last long.

What should you look for in outdoor furniture?


While long-lasting is a major factor to consider when choosing outdoor furniture, other factors are pivotal in deciding the outdoor furniture that is best for you. It is crucial to also consider practicality, style, and maintenance.


You need to select an outdoor furniture option that will withstand the climate where you live in. Furniture materials that are prone to rotting are not a good option for cold and wet climates.

Outdoor furniture made from teak is a good option for dry, sunny, and hot climates. Aluminum and teak are also good options for wet or coastal climates. Aluminum does not rust and is a good alternative for a mild climate.


There are a ton of essential functional factors to consider when looking for outdoor furniture. It is paramount to remember that aesthetics is important if you want to enjoy your time outdoors.

The outdoor furniture should reflect your sense of style.

Outdoor furniture should reflect a home’s architectural style. Materials such as wrought iron can last longer and can be designed to fit your style.


Some outdoor furniture options need more maintenance as compared to others. Metal furniture requires regular cleaning and check-up for any rust.

Hardwoods such as teak also need regular cleaning.

Plastic furniture is simple to clean but may form a cloudy appearance over time. Luckily, the finish can be restored easily.

Long-lasting outdoor furniture materials

Wrought Iron

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Wrought iron furniture creates an elegant and classic outdoor look. It is a great option for creating a subtle charm.

It is molded, carved, and styled using heat. Since it is metal furniture, it lasts longer, is durable, and is weather-resistant. Most importantly, they are sturdy and heavy. A great advantage of wrought iron furniture is that it is easy to clean and maintain.

They are stylish, with a vast range of colors and designs. With its versatile appearance, it befits any outdoor setting

. Since it’s great for the outdoor environment and has an elegant appearance, it is amongst the most preferred options.

Depending on the design, wrought iron can stay for a long time. When cleaning, the right tools should be used to keep it damage-free.

Natural wicker

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Wicker is made from items such as bamboo. It has a unique design that is appealing for outdoor spaces. Natural wicker outdoor furniture is woven hence providing a classy, charming, and unique appearance. Their appearance makes them perfect for the outdoors.

Since it’s a natural material, it may experience problems such as animal nesting. It may also break down because of moisture from rain. As a result, you’ll need to apply sealant regularly to keep it intact.

One important consideration is the craftsmanship of the furniture, which can affect its durability. If the wicker is not well weaved, the loose spots may disentangle later and may damage its look and use. Poking or scratching a loose weave may be very uncomfortable.

It is long-lasting since it may last for 10 years in its original form. Although wicker is usually comfortable, you may consider using seat cushions.

Teak wood

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While it’s common to say that wood and teak materials are obtained from the outdoors, they provide an elegant natural look to the outdoor environment. Sadly, due to their natural nature, they tend to be prone to rotting, peeling, and insect and termite burrowing.

Teak wood is known to be one of the strongest woods for furniture. It’s not only durable but easy to preserve and maintain. The downside is that it’s expensive and due to its high demand, it’s not easily available.

Although it lasts a lifetime, it fades over time.

Applying oil or protector to the wood furniture furnishes it and maintains its cleanliness. If you live in extreme weather conditions, consider applying sealant frequently.

Shorea wood

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Alternatively, this can be a good replacement for teak wood. It’s long-lasting and needs a limited budget. It offers the same advantages as teak wood but is more pocket-friendly.

It’s not as popular as teak wood, but not because of its inferior quality or cost-friendliness. It’s cheaper due to demand and supply. Shorea wood can be easily found, making it affordable.

Shorea wood furniture is high-quality, dense, and strong. This makes it an incredible option for outdoor furniture. It’s also resistant to ant and termites damage.

The furniture comes in different sizes, styles, and budgets.

Stainless steel

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Stainless steel outdoor furniture requires no maintenance. It’s all-weather furniture due to the strong materials used. It has Chromium content which makes it strong and reduces atmospheric corrosion.

Although stainless steel is not easily affected by rust and corrosion, applying a powder coat will make the furniture more resistant. If you live in coastal areas, applying a powder coat is a must-do. Since stainless steel outdoor furniture is heavy, it cannot be blown by the wind.

Most modern houses prefer using this furniture since it has a metallic finish that gives it an excellent look. Although it’s expensive, it is eco-friendly and can endure harsh weather conditions.

White Oak

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White oak is the durable and strongest wood type. It is durable as it can stay for decades in its original form. This is ideal outdoor furniture because it can repel water.

Since it doesn’t have a lot of natural oil, it needs to be painted to increase its durability.

HDPE plastic

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Probably, you’ve never heard of HDPE plastic. One of its characteristics is that it appears like wood and may be mistaken as wood furniture.

Plastic furniture is not equally created. HDPE plastic features a high-density ratio. Due to this, it is heavy and cannot be blown away by the wind.

Unlike other types of furniture, HDPE furniture does not warp, scratch, or get affected by moisture-related problems.

It is durable and retains its appearance and shape over time. It is one of the longest-lasting materials used in making outdoor furniture. It requires minimal cleaning, is efficient for all weather conditions, and does not fade.

HDPE plastic is customizable and comes in a variety of colors and furniture types. Unlike most furniture types, it can be recycled, making it eco-friendly.

HDPE plastic outdoor furniture is comfortable and doesn’t require cushions hence reducing cleaning time and increasing its lifespan.

Cheap plastic

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Cheap plastic furniture is made from materials such as polystyrene. This makes it cheap to buy as compared to other types of outdoor furniture.

Although it’s affordable, it’s of low quality; hence can easily crack, warp and bend.

It is also light hence making it easy to transport and move around.

The furniture comes in different colors. But, it can be blown away by wind or in a storm.

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