What to Put on Kitchen Windowsill

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When it is time to update your decor, it is often easy to overlook your kitchen windowsill. The windowsill is an area that gets lost in unnecessary clutter or completely forgotten, so it remains bare.

With a bit of effort and creativity, this area can become the focal point of your kitchen and enhance your style.

When it comes to styling the kitchen windowsill, it is often tedious to figure out what to display in this area.

It is why most people haven’t a clue what to put on their kitchen sill windows.

For your kitchen windowsill, consider putting a collection of the potted plant of your choice. Alternatively, you can curate a beautiful display of your favorite accessory items, antiques, or family heirlooms. An array of family photos can make a great addition, or perhaps you can get more storage by adding shelving.

There are so many windowsill treatments out there, and picking the one that is best suited to your kitchen can be a challenge.

As you decide on a new face for your windowsill, you should consider practicality and how you use the space.

A kitchen windowsill can be a very great spot to house your accessory collection and curate a lovely displace that will add that spark and give life to the area.

Here are a few items you can use to bring magic to your kitchen windowsill.

Add a Mini-Jungle on Your Kitchen Windowsill


When you want to add some vibrance to your space, it is time to shop for some of your favorite house plants. Consider getting a few terracotta potted plants and adding them in a neat row on your kitchen windowsill.

Since they will be getting enough light, you have to water them regularly and maybe add a bit of fertilizer.

If you are not into pots, you can opt for one long plant and fill it with your favorite succulents for that modern sculptural look.

Herbs can also be an option when considering plants. If you love flavoring your food with herbs such as oregano, rosemary, mint, chives, thyme, and basil, then there is no need to buy them anymore.

They do so well in plant pots and some ray of sunshine. Therefore your kitchen windowsill is a perfect place for them.

Just make sure they have excellent drainage and are regularly watered.

Create a Storage Space

Your kitchen window sill may be the best place to add some extra shelving on either side of the windowsill. If the space is not big enough for shelves, consider adding shelves in front of or next to the window.

These shelves can provide the perfect place to display that curated item or perhaps a recipe book and a collection of your favorite dried spices.

Add Practical Items

Decor provides an avenue for you to display your artistic side. Using practice items as display materials can also result in a tasteful masterpiece.

For your kitchen windowsill, consider items like cleaning products, hand soap, a practical tool you use in the kitchen often, your favorite recipe books, and a to-do list. Don’t just scatter these items on the kitchen windowsill.

Consider adding some style to them.

For the recipe books and to-do-list, you can nicely display them in a book holder. For the hand soap and other liquid soap, consider decanting them into more attractive containers.

You can also find nicely decorated holders to display other practical items you have in mind.

Turn it to a Breakfast Bar.

Your kitchen windowsill can turn into an instant breakfast destination with the help of a few wood frames and some funky stools.  Consider adding some breakfast items or hosting that stylish tea port after adding the wooden frames to give the area a bit of an extension.

This idea can work well, primarily if your sink is hosted on your kitchen island or your kitchen windowsill generously beyond the sink area.

Add a Decor Assortment to Your Kitchen Windowsill

Sometimes all you need is a captivating assortment of your favorite accessories to give that kitchen windowsill the much-needed facelift.

Consider a pair of lanterns or warm lights to add some timeless charm to your kitchen windowsill.

A collection of candles in one style and color can also give that kitchen windowsill a cohesive look that brings calmness to the space.

Alternatively, you can complete your kitchen by adding a vase filled with your favorite flowers and a few unique ceramic pieces.

Colorful Fruit Display

Maybe you just resolved to start eating healthily and would like to incorporate healthy snacks into your meals. Having a neat display of your favorite fruits along your kitchen windowsill can help you achieve this goal.

Alternatively, you can assort your fruit in a lovely ceramic bowl that makes a statement. This fruit display will act as a constant reminder for you to keep eating healthy.

During the fall can also choose to display a colorful mixture of pumpkins, some cinnamon sticks tied together, and a few dried leaves for that rustic look.

Curtains and Blinders

Curtains and blinders are a great way to add privacy to your kitchen and control the amount of light. You can use them to soften the look of your windowsill.

If you decide to go with blinders and curtains, there are certain things you need to consider. The fabric for your kitchen windows should still go with the general decor of the kitchen.

Consider the material that can withstand sunlight and does not hold on to smell.

A light sheer is a great way to add privacy to your kitchen while still allowing plenty of light. Go for heavy curtains and blinders when you want to block light and attain maximum privacy ultimately.

Paintings and Pictures

Paintings and pictures can be a subtle way to add class and sophistication to your kitchen windowsill. You can display a small collection of paintings you own.  Word art is a great alternative here.

Think of precise word art that works for you, have it nicely framed, and display it on your kitchen windowsill.

When you are not trying to do much, consider painting the sill and the windows frames in a bold color that brings a specific pop to the kitchen’s overall look.

Another great way of making a statement on your kitchen windowsill is to frame those family portraits and display them in the kitchen windowsill next t a ported part or a few cherished antiques.

Things to Consider Before Decorating Kitchen Windowsill

Before curating an assortment of decor for your kitchen windowsill, there are things you need to account for to ensure you don’t end up with a conglomerate mess on your kitchen windowsill display.

Avoid Clatter

When it comes to decor, less is more.  A few pieces nicely arranged will create a tasteful statement. Having too many items on display can be destructive and unattractive.

You can always keep some things away to swop them in on different occasions to keep your presentation fresh.

Be Practical

Think about your space and choose a kitchen windowsill decor that works for your unique needs and space. Also, go with what you like. Curate an assortment that brings out your personality and style.

Remember, decor is a form of art, and any time you decorate, you create art.

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