What Size Should a Dining Room Be?

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A dining room saves treasured memories in our home, and it is one of the house places where the whole family can gather.

A dining room must be a comfortable place where the family can have a good time; then, the dining room should have enough space to move freely, so you may be wondering what the ideal size for a dining room is.

The size of a formal dining room should be 15 – 18 ft at least. Dining rooms should have enough space for people to sit comfortably, so between a dining table and the chairs should be 35 inches. Another 30 inches are needed between the chair and the wall to allow people to move behind the chairs.

The dining room is a place that could be hard to decorate. There are few things to care about if we are planning to build our house from the beginning; let’s start with one of the most important: the size of the dining room.

A dining room should be a comfortable place where the whole family can gather and have a wonderful time.

When everyone is in the dining room, they should move freely without worrying about crashing with the furniture or someone.

What Is the Minimum Size for A Dining Room?


The dining rooms traditionally have a dining table placed in the middle of the room with chairs surrounding it. There is also some additional furniture such as a china closet or a buffet.

Then, if you are planning to build the dining room, this should have enough space to move securely between the table and the furniture.

The dining room measures are based on how many people will take the room up. The focus of a dining room is the dining table; then, if we are planning a dining room, we must think about how many seats have the table.

Whether it is a four-chair table or a 12-chair table, there must be 35 inches between the table and the furniture or walls.

Yet, if someone has taken a seat, those 35 inches won’t leave space enough for others to move behind the chairs.

How Small Can A Formal Dining Room Be?

Open spaces became a trend almost a decade ago; they are beautiful spaces that will make your house look bright and spacious.

Yet, there are people how still love their dining room, kitchen, and living room separately. Moreover, people have shown some interest in formal or separated dining rooms; however, I wouldn’t say they are on their way to becoming a trend.

Closed rooms are somewhat hard to decorate because space plays an important role. It isn’t easy to decorate an open room, though there are more options to play with the place, while we must be extra careful with the measure in closed rooms.

So if you plan to have a formal dining room, you should know that you will need a space between 10 ft to 18 ft to build a decent dining room.

What Size Should A Dining Room Be?

Nowadays, people barely use the dining rooms and prefer a breakfast nook, yet some families still use them in their daily life.

However, there are some dates in the calendar that give families the perfect occasion to use their dining rooms.

Every room in the house must be a comfortable place that fits your needs and likes. Even if you prefer using the breakfast nook or that table in the kitchen, every home needs a dining room.

Then, the size of a dining room should be based on the family member number or how many people will live in the house.

Whether the dining room is placed in an open room or a closed area, there are some measures you should consider. The minimal space between a dining table and a wall or furniture should be 35 inches (89 cm).

This space will be enough for people sitting comfortably, yet no one can move behind the chairs. For people to move freely behind the chairs, there must be a space of 5 ft (1,5 m) between the table and any other object.

If you want to have a formal dining room, you should consider that the room should be something between 10 ft and 18 ft at least then, if you have a big family remember the space between the table and chairs and the gap between the chairs and any other element.

How Do I Make My Dining Look Bigger?

Some people may think it is an easy task to decorate a dining room, but it is more than just placing a table and some chairs. Planning a dining room is about almost perfect measures, and this becomes harder when it is a small place.

The table, chairs, and furniture must fit in that room and leave space for people to move around.

When planning a dining room, we should make the room look bright and big, even when this is not an open area. Then, we also should care about making the dining room look elegant but following the overall house style.

So, there are some tips you can follow to achieve all these goals and make your dining room splendid.

Light Colors. If you want to make a room look spacious, you can use light colors; these would help you make the room look bigger. Moreover, light colors are elegant, and with some wood and glass furniture, your dining room will look sophisticated. Besides, the combination between light shades and wood is adaptable to different styles; this combination will fit whether you want something traditional or modern.

Light Sources. Add some lights to brighten the room. Small rooms tend to look darker, so light it up! Now, imagine having breakfast with the sounds of nature in the background and the sunlight coming through the window. That sounds wonderful. If you add windows and put some flowers on the windowsill, your dining room will look fresh and cozy.

Focal Point. Every room has a focal point; the table is the main focal point of the dining room. Then, make it look stunning. Select a decoration that flows with the atmosphere. Add some floral arrangements and candles to make it look more elegant.

Which Is the Perfect Dining Table Size for My Dining Room?

The focal point of a dining room is the table, so choosing the perfect table for our dining room could be hard sometimes. The task of selecting a table for a dining room could be difficult because of the measures.

It may be simpler choosing a table when we can expand the room, or we are building the place from scratch. However, we should always be aware that dining tables have different sizes.

A dining table can be round, square, or rectangle, and the size can vary from 60 x 60 inches to even 60” x 120” or more. However, those are the typical measures for a dining table.

Now, the significant question here is which size will fit in my dining room.

Even if it is an open space, there are some measures that we need to respect. Decorating open rooms could be somehow easier since we can play with the furniture and space; however, we must leave enough space to sit on the chair and not be locked between the table and furniture or walls.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter the size of the table, there should always be 35 inches between a dining table and the chairs and another 30 inches between the chair and the wall to allow people to move behind the chairs.


The dining room could be the heart of the house! Even when some people only use it on special occasions, the dining room can save beautiful memories.

Then, let’s make it look stunning and add some floral arrangements and candles to make it look lovely. Traditionally, the dining table is placed in the middle of the room, and this is the focal point of the room.

So, this place should be comfortable; then, make it spacious and select the correct table for the dining room.

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