What Size Rug Goes With a Sectional?

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Sectional sofas are known to add that hint of sophistication to any room. Sectionals are comfortable and provide a range of optional when it comes to configuring your furniture in different ways.

Suppose you are looking to accommodate a large number of people comfortably. That being said, it is often a bit difficult to find the perfect rug for your sectional.

Most people don’t understand how to decide on the perfect size rug for their sectional and wonder what size rug goes with a sectional?

The size rug that goes with the middle size section, which measures 8-10-foot width by 10-foot long, is the rug size nine by 12-foot or eight by the 10-foot rug. You should consider other factors when deciding on the rug size for your section, such as the style you are going for or the type of fit you want.

Sectional comes in different sizes and shapes. The most common shape for a sectional would be the L-shaped sectional. However, you can also find a U-shaped sectional or a semicircle sectional.

When it comes to pairing these lovely pieces of furniture with your favorite rug, it is not a one-size-fits-all situation.

A good rug should create cohesion in your space and ground all your furniture. Rugs come in different standard sizes, so let’s look at what size rug will go with the sofa in great detail.

What Size Rug Goes With a Large Sectional


An oversized sectional can be significant in an area with extensive square footage. The approximate measurements here are 10-14-foot width and 14-foot length.

You will need a big size rug for this sectional, either a ten by 14-foot or a nine by 12-foot rug.

With this combination, you can choose to set all your furniture underneath the rug or choose only to have the front legs of your furniture under the rug.

Because this rug provides a lot of ground cover, you can add a coffee table or two accent chairs, or a pouf, depending on your style. You will still have plenty of space to spread out and lounge.

What Size Rug Goes With an Average-Size Sectional

The average size sectional measures about 8-10-foot width by 10-foot length.  This size furniture piece can give you a range of options, especially if it fits perfectly in your space and leaves extra room.

You can go all out and get a big rug that accommodates all your furniture on it or get a small rug for your coffee table.

If you are looking for that best-fit rug, then a nine by 12 -foot or eight by 10-foot rug is most suited for the job. Style it with an accent chair by letting the rug run about six inches under the sectional.

Then have your accent chair halfway on the rug. The sectional may center on the rug or be adjusted either way to achieve an asymmetric look.

What size Rug Goes With a Small-Size Sectional.

You can have many options when working with a small section, especially if your space is an open concept or the furniture is in an area with a great deal of real estate.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose a big carpet size, as large as ten by 14-foot. This look is great for accommodating all your furniture pieces.

Maybe you are in a small space. Your small size sectional, which measures about 6-8-foot width by 8-foot length, takes up space.

Getting a small rug of about four by 6-foot can surprisingly give your room the feeling of spaciousness.

Typically a six by 9-foot area rug is the perfect size for small sectionals.

The best way to style it is to let it sit in front of your furniture, with the maximum amount of furniture allocation being the two front legs of your accent chair.

What To Consider When Deciding on the Best Size Rug for Your Sectional

Consideration for Small-Size  Room

The size of the room plays a crucial role when it comes to rug size selection. If your room is not open-concept or has a small amount of furniture, you can risk purchasing a rug that is too big for your space.

When you can barely see the original flooring in a room or your rugs touch more than one wall and make your room look empty, it is too big for it.

Consideration for Big-Size Room

As we discussed earlier, the most fundamental role of a rug is to bring cohesion to your space. When your furniture looks jumbled and disjointed, you probably have a too-small rug for your area.

When there is no clear distinction for your living room or too much original flooring is visible, perhaps it is time to try out a more significant size rug.

The Shape of the Rug

The best shape of the rug is mainly your personal preference. However, most people prefer the traditional rectangular rug shape because of the weighty feel it gives a room.

There are other shapes of rugs to choose from, like the square or a circular rug.

When deciding on the best size for your sectional, especially if you have a unique shape rug, there are specific considerations you need to factor in.

The rug should be proportionate to your room and furniture size.

The rug needs to be large enough to touch the front end of your section or leave an equal amount of space all around your sectional.

When working with a round rug, ensure its shape is unmistakable and not a section of it is hidden under the sofa. A round rug will reduce those hard lines and make the room feel cozier.

The Design of the Rug and Sectional

All the rugs in a particular space don’t need to match shape, pattern, or color. However, they should go along well enough to compliment each other. The tones are textures of your rugs and couch should agree.

Create more texture in your room by layering rugs to create personality and interest in the space. Start the layering with a simple design rug and overlay it with a more eye-catching pattern.

To create a luxurious look, layer a faux or fur rug on top of a large wool rug.

When you are trying to complement your rug to your sectional, the rule of thumb is there can only be one statement piece. If your sectional is bright and colorful, consider getting a jute rug.

The rug has a perfectly mute tone and can work well with statement piece furniture.

Choosing the Best Size-Rug for Your Sectional

Choosing the best size rug for your sectional can be tedious. You find yourself constantly torn between shape, style, and how you want it to fit your room.  But before making the purchase, here is a trick that can help ease your mind.

Get out your sheets or a painted tape and start making shapes or drawing on the floor.

If you already bought a rug and it doesn’t feel quite right yet, give it a few days. The rug may grow on you.

At the end of the, whether you go for a circular rug, square one, or a rectangular one, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that it was your choice.

Design is a personal choice, and it is an avenue of expression. You should feel happy to go back to your space.

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