What Size Rug Do I Need

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A rug can create resonating ambiance and bring warmth to any space. Even if your flooring is top-notch and you don’t want it covered, the carpet can still complement your flooring and enhance its appearance.

You have to get the right size for the space in question.

That is why most people find it challenging to determine rug sizes for particular areas.

So what size rug do you need?

The rug size that best suits your space should leave about 18 inches of distance from the rug to the wall if you are working with a spacious room or about 8 inches from the wall for small spaces. Ultimately it would help if you considered the furniture configuration to determine the correct size rug that you need.

A rug is a significant investment and requires a great deal of financial output upfront. Before you invest your cash on the new carpet, you should be leering about sizing.

The wrong size carpet can entirely ruin or undo all the hard work you put into a room. A small-fit rug is sure to make your room look awkward, while an oversized rug will paradoxically make the room feel cramped up.

The right size rug will tie the room together and add a bit of splendor to it.

So let’s look at how you can practically determine the size rug you need for your space.

How to Determine The Rug Size You Need for Your Space


All pre-made pattern rugs come in standard sizes. Whether you want to purchase an Oriental rug or a Persian rug, the manufacturer usually makes them in the following standard sizes.

  • 3 feet by  5 feet
  • 4 feet by 6 feet
  • 5 feet by 8 feet
  • 8 feet by 10 feet
  • 9 feet by 12 feet

When it comes to determining the right rug size, having a vision of how the rug will fit the room can prove vital. Knowing the right rug size for your space is essential because the only thing that worries you now is the color and style you need.

Use The Tape Trick to Help You Visualize The area.

Here is a trick to help you visualize the area where the rug will sit. You can make adjustments until you feel satisfied with the results you see.

  1. Measure out a space you think you’d require, then use a masking tape that will not harm your floor. Create a border on the bottom with your masking tape.
  2. If you have ample space, leave about 18 inches from the wall or about 8 inches if your room is smaller.
  3. Give yourself a two-inch margin of error when measuring and recording these measurements.

Use these measurements to help you choose from the standard rug sizes.

If you have a unique space that does fit any of the sizes available for the pre-made rug, you can always have your carpet custom-made in broadloom or your specific size.

The best practice as far a rug size goes is to have it based on your furniture configuration. A good rug should cover your entire living room seating area and ground those delightful conversations.

What Size Rug Do I Need For Different Spaces

Let’s say you’re looking for rugs that will best suit different spaces you have, whether you want something to cozy up your bedroom or elevate your hallways.

Or maybe you are looking to ground your living area with a rug that gives a statement. Here is a practical way to go about it.

The Right Size Rug For Your Living Area

We have already determined that the correct size rug should be about the size of your living area. However, it should also be about a foot distance from your sofa on either side.

To accommodate all your furniture on the rug, consider getting a 10-foot by 14-foot rug. Remember, this will only look tasteful if your space is big enough to leave space beyond the carpet to distinguish this sitting area and the living room.

If you have a small space, you can achieve a similar unified look by tucking only the front legs of your sofas and chairs on the 9-foot by 12-foot rug.

If you have a round carpet, the basic principle is the same whether you want your furniture entirely on the rug or entirely off the carpet. The golden rule is always to ensure you have room for that distinction.

The Right Size Rug For Your Foyer Area and Hallway

Runner rugs can help create a welcoming ambiance that will make your guest feel at home. These rugs help guide the eyes in elongated space.

Runner rugs are not only stylish but also provide an efficient function of protecting the floor. You can place your runner rugs in areas in the house with no furniture and very high traffic.

For this reason, it is crucial to work with high-quality runners or place a rug pad underneath the runner to protect your flooring and ensure the rug’s longevity.

The standard rug size runner is 24″ by 60″. Whether you want a bath runner, hallway and entryway runner, or kitchen runner, you should consider the size of the space in question and the primary use of the runner.

The Right Size Rug For Your Dining Room

Adding a rug to your dining area is an effortless way to warm it up. Base your rug choice on the size of the dining area and the type of furniture for the site.

Remember that all your dining area furniture should be on the rug, and you should allow 24 inches of space beyond the chair. The distance will provide ample space for movement and protection to your floor.

The Right Size Rug For Your Bedroom

There are several practical configurations as far as arranging furniture for your bedroom is concerned. To accommodate all your furniture on the rug in a big room, consider an eight by a 10-foot rug.

It is big enough to fit a king or queen-size bed plus two-night stands.

To add more functionality to your bedroom space, place a five by 8-foot rug under the foot of the bed. Leave out a room in front of the bed.

With this technique, you can use the space in front of the bed to add a bench or accent chairs.

What To Consider Before Buying a Rug

  • How you will use the rug

Low-pile and flatweave rugs are best for high-traffic areas. Sisal rugs and shags, on the other hand, work well with low-traffic areas.

  • Cleaning and care for the rug

Not cleaning your rug can be very unsanitary. Consider doing it twice a year or as regularly as you can. Carpets made from natural materials such as wool can have an unpleasant smell without proper care.

  • Your sense of style

When it comes down to it, your style is the most crucial consideration you will make. You determine the rug’s pattern,  feel of the carpet,  and style of the rug. It all boils down to what is appealing to you. The carpet will go in your space anyway, and you are the one who gets to live in it.

Rules can break the rules, so don’t be afraid to express your sense of style.

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