What Size Pillows For a King Size Bed?

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Pillows can enhance your alignment, reduce tossing in bed, and provide you with comfort on a tight night’s sleep.

Finding a pillow size and style that compliments your king-size bed can be a hassle sometimes, but it doesn’t need to be unattainable.

When it comes to coordinating your king-size bed with your plethora of pillows, most people wonder, what size pillow will best suit my king-size bed?

The pillow size for a king-size bed is 20″ by 36″.  To achieve an esthetically pleasing look for your bed, consider layering these two king-size pillows with different sets of other size pillows such as the European pillows, standard pillows, and boudoirs. Add decorative throw pillows and shams for that wow factor.

Pillows come in different sizes depending on the purpose or bed size they are supposed to fit. But there are four basic pillow sizes: the standard pillow size, which measures 20″ by 26″.

The queen pillow size measures 20″ by 30″.

The king pillow size measures 20″ by 36″, and the body pillow size measures 20″ by 54″.

There is a considerable number of manners in which you can arrange your pillows on your spacious king-size delight. It may depend on varying factors such as texture, color, shape, and pattern.

The possibilities are endless for any creation that you have in mind.

But before you spend your hard-earned money on a product that is not quite suited to you, take these considerations into account.

What To Consider Before Buying Pillows For Your King Size Bed


The type of pillow

There are different materials used to stuff pillows. These materials may include memory foam, down, and polyester and decide whether your pillow will be soft or firm.

  • Feather or Down pillow

Down or feather pillows are the most expensive pillows in the market. They feel soft and warm. These pillows are stuffed with down and feathers from ducks and geese. Though they are considered a luxury item, feather pillows may trigger allergic reactions for some users.

  • Polyester pillows

If you are looking for something inexpensive and hypoallergenic, then a polyester pillow will suit you perfectly. Though polyester pillows have low durability, they are machine washable and adjusted to any sleeping position.

  • Memory Foam Pillows

Popularized by its counterpart, the memory foam mattress, the memory foam pillow has the same crucial benefits. It can contour the body by building a mold around it for maximum support.

The foam goes back to its original shape when it is no longer in contact with the body. The cooling allows the foam pillow to maintain an esthetically pleasing look during the day.

Pillow Size

For your spacious king-size bed, the recommended pillow size is  20″ by 36″, the measurements are in inches. However, this pillow size is not recommended for sleeping but can provide great support when you’re working on the computer or reading in bed.

You can also use the pillow to prop up your decorative pillows.

Consider getting your decorative pillows in different sizes and textures or patterns depending on the type of arrangement you want to achieve.

Number of Pillows

Technically, you only need the two 20″ by 36″ pillows on your king-size bed. That being said, the sight can be a little awkward and uninspired. Consider adding some decorative pillows with shams.

Whether Euro pillows with shams, standard pillows with decorative shams, or just adding those decorative throw pillows, like bolsters and boudoirs.

A king-size bed can look empty if not fitted with the correct number of pillows. Therefore consider a robust pillow formation. Avoid just tossing a couple of pillows over it.

Bellows suggest the type of formations to try out on your king-size bed.

How To Arrange Pillows on Your King Size Bed

Home styling and decoration don’t come naturally to everyone, but luckily it’s an art, and other artists have already painted the picture; we only need to follow through.

If you want to transcend the bland formation and create an esthetically pleasing pillow arrangement formation, here is a list of formations that may float your boat.

The Simple Arrangement

You can choose to set up a foundation of three Euros ( 25″ by 25″) followed by a rectangle pillow with a sham, and that is it. Simple yet very elegant.

You can also choose to have two large bolsters made. The larger bolster should run the entire bed length, with the smaller one a tart bit shorter.

Consider coordinated colors for the two bolsters.

The Maximalist

If you want to go all out on your king-size bed, then here is the formation you should consider following.

Lay your foundation with three Euros, then add a row of two 18″ by 18″ pillows. After this, go in with another row of two 16″ by 16″ pillows, then finally add three 12″ by 15″ pillows. Remember to use decorative shams to elevate the look.

The Romantic Arrangement

Here you start with three European pillows propped against the headboard, followed by two king-size pillows. Tie up this look with three decorative pillows measuring 20″ by 20″.

The Standard Arrangement

Start the arrangement with three Euro pillows at the back of the bed, followed by three standard pillows (20″ by 26″). The look can be tied together nicely with a couple of boudoir pillows.

The Classic Arrangement

The look features three Euro pillows against the headboard and a layer of two king-size pillows. Three smaller pillows with decorative or boudoir shams can tie up the look nicely.

Practical Considerations for Pillows on Your King Size Bed

Now that you have this lovely arrangement of pillows on your bed, the next logical thing that will cross your mind is how to manage them at night when you want to sleep.

The best practice is to get them out of the way so you don’t trip over them at night. You can stuff them in a closet or cabinet. If you have a bench at the foot of your bed, it’s another great place to set them. If the two options are not viable for you, it is okay to set them on a chair or a settee.

Another thing to think about when it comes to pillow arrangement is the placement of your nightstand. The last thing you need is to leave your bed to reach the nightstand, so consider including a practical number that won’t cause you such inconveniences.

When it comes to decorating your room, coordinate the colors and patterns to blend all the items in the room. So when you are choosing your pillows, shams, and duvet covers, pick patterns and colors that go with the overall style that you are looking to achieve. The best practice is to try and match your duvet color with your European pillows.

The style and size of your headboard are also something practical to consider when deciding on your pillow arrangement. Do not pick an arrangement that might overpower your headboard. Consider the style of your headboard and whether you want it displayed or not.

Generally, deciding on the perfect pillow for you can be arduous, whether you want to style your room and achieve that Pinterest look you have been eyeing or you want to create a comfortable space to relax in.

Remember to always do your homework and try to find something that works best for you. Ultimately it is you to decide the size and type of pillow you want on your king-size bed.

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