What Size Lamp For The Nightstand?

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Every room in a house presents the owners, but the bedrooms are more private areas where every member can show its unique style! There are many ways to decorate a bedroom that can turn into a hard task where even the minimal details matter.

Then, one of those minimal details to care about is the lamp for the nightstand.

The size for the nightstand lamp must be between 25 – 30 inches in height and twice in width as the wider part of the lamp. The lampshade must be ⅓ of the total lamp length. Yet, those dimensions can vary according to the nightstand dimensions and even the bed size.

Adding light to a room will give a more vivid atmosphere but turns into something complex in bedrooms. When you are going to decorate a bedroom, you must think about what the person likes, yet make the room a comfortable place for the owner.

Even when this is done in every room at home, decorators must keep in mind that bedrooms are a personal space for its occupant.

Little details matter, and you should choose carefully every element in the room, from the curtains to the bedside lamps.

What Is the Best Bedside Lamp?


Lighting a room up is somewhat complex. When I decorate a room, I keep in mind that I like keeping the room bright when I’m not sleeping, but when it is time to go to bed, I want it to be dark even in day hours.

However, you can solve those things with proper light sources and curtains.

I’m someone who loves reading, and I usually read some pages before going to sleep. I need to keep the light turned on for it, but when I’m ready to go to bed and can hold the sleep anymore, it is frustrating to stand up and turn the lights off.

Light switches are far from the bed sometimes, and here is where bedside lamps are helpful and not only a pretty decoration.

Bedside lamps come in fun and diverse designs that sometimes it is hard to choose the perfect one for our room. Buying the correct bedside lamp can be a fun but stressful experience.

Choosing the accurate lamp for our nightstand becomes challenging when we think about size, design, color, and even how bright this must be. Yet, it’s not impossible to do, and today, I’ll help with that!

How Do I Choose A Good Bedside Lamp?

Bedside lamps have too many designs that sometimes it is hard to choose one that adjusts to our bedroom; though, there are some rules or tips that you can follow to select to correct lamp for your nightstand.

Picking the accurate bedside lamp goes beyond color and design. You definitely must consider the color –– this needs to adjust to the color scheme –– and the design should fit with the overall bedroom style, yet you can pick a stylish and unusual design.

However, you should also consider the size (lamp’s height and width), shade length, and even the light bulb!

What Color Should Bedside Lamps Be?

Every element in your room must fit with the color scheme, and the lamp for night lamp is not an exception. The design and color of your bedside lamp should stand out but not differ from the overall room style.

Talking about which lamp color goes which color scheme is rather than extend. However, my best recommendation is that you should choose a color that makes some contrast with the wall, and it will make the lamp stands out but simultaneously flow with the bedroom atmosphere.

Try a unique design yet to match your room.

How Bright Should Bedside Lamps Be?

Talking about lamps, illumination goes beyond aesthetic matters. Lamps are a tool; they help to keep a room well illuminated for any activity you want to do, yet we can keep the aesthetic side in mind and turn that tool into something beautiful and unique.

To do some specific activities, like reading, you will need 400 lumens at least to read a book, and if you don’t want to damage your sight, you should keep it between 450 – 850 lumens.

Now, everything depends on the light bulb you choose for your bedside lamp.

Led lights of 6W will provide 450 lumens; as much as the watts increase, more lumens will provide the light bulb. Now, going to the aesthetic side, whether you decide on a warm white light bulb or a bright cool white color, you still need to check the watts; then, select the color you want!

How Do I Choose the Right Size Lamp?

One of the most important points to discuss regarding bedside lamps is their size. You could choose the proper color and a stylish design, but the lamp will look odd if it doesn’t have the correct size. Once you have in mind the design and color you want for the bedside lamp, you should think about the height, width, and lampshade size.

You should consider that lamps are not only a beautiful decoration but a tool, so they should be helpful and give the proper illumination at the correct height covering enough space.

Then, your lamp for the nightstand should be around 27 inches in height, yet this proportion may change according to the size of the nightstand, bed, and headboard. 

Bedside Lamp Height

The bedside lamps are between 25″ – 27″ in height, but as I mentioned above, that could change. The nightstand height affects the lamp height, but there is an easy hack that will help you to choose the correct bedside lamp.

Measure the nightstand; the lamp should be 3 inches taller than the table. However, keep the height of the lamp between 25″ and 30″.

Bedside Lamp Width

Now that you know the height of your night lamp, you should know how to recognize the right width. Your bedside lamp should be something between 4 inches for an individual bed and 7″ for king-size beds.

The lamp width should be proportional to the mattress; this shouldn’t be wider than ⅓ of the mattress. Keep the bedside lamp not too thin nor too wide. 

Lampshade Size

By rule, the lampshade must be twice the width of the lamp’s widest part and be ⅓ of the total height of the lamp. If the lampshade is too short will show the lamp neck, but if it is too long will cover the lamp body.

The lampshade should show not more than one inch of the neck.

Can Bedside Lamps Be Different?

Now you know which dimensions your bedside lamp should have, yet there are a few questions left regarding lamps for a nightstand. The fun side of choosing bedside lamps is that you can try new ideas and designs; then, you can go for something risky and try two different lamp designs.

As long as the design, size, and color match your room, you can try different nightstand lamps; this will give a unique style to the bedroom. 

Another thing you should consider is not mandatory having two lamps (one for each side of the bed). If you have an individual bed, you naturally will have one nightstand.

But if you have a double-sized bed, you may have two nightstands; however, if there is only you sleeping in the bedroom, you don’t have to worry about having two lamps, yet you can have them if you want. 

Some decorators recommend having both lamps if it is a double-sized bed, yet it is up to you since there is not a rule about it. Thus, some decorators prefer it both to keep the symmetry of the room.

Choose what you want; the good thing about a bedroom is that they are your personal space, so you have the last word.

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