What Size Desk Should I Get?

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A desk is a basic need for any office, home, or student environment. It is the perfect top for getting a job done for a student or in a workplace. Students need it for studying and getting homework done.

Desks serve several functions but come in varying sizes, and that may leave you wondering, what size desk fits my need?

The size of the desk that you should get is largely dependent on the purpose the desk is to serve. A standard desk measures 30 inches in depth, 60 inches in width, and 30 inches in height. But specific sizes will be best determined by the usage intended and the space available.

Picking a particular desk size can be a big challenge out of the many variants available. This article is to give you clear answers on how to make the best choice of desk size.

There is a particular size of desk that will fit your space and serve the intended purpose either at home, office, or school. Read on to find out.

How do I decide the desk size I need?


Two things are important in deciding what size of desk you need. The first is the amount of space you have for the desk. If the desk is going to be an addition to a room or office space, then the first consideration is the space available.

There is no way an executive desk can be fitted into a space that cannot accommodate it. The next factor to look into is the purpose of the desk. If the desk is needed for schoolwork, it will be way lesser than what is needed for a new office set up or a workstation for two computers.

A third factor that is less important to the two above is the kind of space you like to have. This is quite similar to the need the table will serve.

But it is possible to have several sizes that fit the same purpose. Then it will be left to personal love for space or not.

A large space may make some people clumsy and untidy. It is also important to consider the size of the chair you plan to use with the table. And also the kind of things you want to put on the table. Having a computer on the desk may require more space.

Deciding on these factors will eventually make the final size choice easier.

How high should the desk be?

The height of a desk must be able to accommodate a comfortable sitting. The taller the desk user, the higher the des should be.

For a person between 5 and 6.5 feet tall, a desk of height ranging from 28 to 30 inches is perfect.

For a user taller than 6.5 feet, it may be good to consider an adjustable table. There are desks designed with adjustable tops. Adjustable desks can be adjusted to a height of up to 40 inches and even a bit more

The important thing is that a desk must be high enough for a comfortable sitting and standing. It must not require hunching over.

What should be the width and depth of my desk?

The width and depth of a desk depict the amount of space it offers to work with. Working in a small space may require a desk of small depth and width, usually in a home office setup.

In a case where a large space is needed for work, the depth and not just the width must be large enough.

A standard office desk has a minimum width of 24 inches which is quite small. A good and standard desk should have a width ranging between 30 and 70 inches and a depth of 30 inches.

It is mainly the depth and width that distinguishes desks into executive or general office use.

What are the sizes for a student desk?

For a student desk, a lot of space is generally not needed. Most times, there is usually a small space for the desk to fit into. It is commonly a case of the most efficient design that offers space while occupying little space.

This is why many student desks offer shelves or drawers. These spaces allow for storage space as the top may not offer enough space for such. In size, usually, student desks have a dimension of 24 by 30 inches.

A width of 24 inches and a depth of 18 inches is not too small to get schoolwork done. And also give room for some studying.

The 30 inches height is also standard for convenient sitting and standing.

What are the sizes of an executive desk?

This is usually the most spacious of desks. It is not a surprise as executive desks are reserved for top-level managers, executives, and top professionals.

It is believed that these personalities require a larger space to work effectively.

Many times it is not about the volume of work to be done. It is just to reflect the status of the person sitting behind the desk. These desks offer not only a large surface but also include storage spaces in drawers. Usually do have executive toppings on the surface.

Most executive desks have sizes up to 72 inches in width or some up to 80 inches. The depth can be up to 36 inches with a height of 30 inches.

How big should a computer desk be?

If the major work tool you need a desk for is a computer, then you may not need such a big space. The common computer desk is around 30 inches in width and has a depth of 25 inches.

The main things to sit on the desk are the monitor and keyboard.

For a workstation that needs to accommodate two monitors, it may be a bit wider than this. A width of 50 inches is enough to conveniently take two monitors and keyboards. The depth of 25 inches will be perfect for this.

What size is good for a two-person desk?

Setting up an office space may require having a desk that can seat two people at the same time.

A shared workspace for two persons is not a bad idea. It is a good way to manage space instead of having two separate tables.

A two-person table is fine with the usual depth of 30 inches but considerably wider. The width of a two-person desk should be about 78 to 80 inches.

This will allow each person to have enough space for working. The storage space can be on either end of the table or in the middle.

There is a desk for you

Irrespective of the space you have available or the purpose you need it for, there is a desk for you. You only need to start by deciding what works for you.

From a student need to an executive, there is a desk that can fit into the purpose.

Let the space and the purpose be the main guide for a desk choice. There is no need for an executive desk in a student space.

And there is no need to put a student desk in a place where an executive is supposed to be.

There is a desk for every space and purpose.

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