What Side Does the Soap Dispenser Go On?

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In-built soap dispensers add some class into your kitchen as they eliminate the need for soap dishes and bottles. However, these soap dispensers are installed on the countertop and the sink, and you’ll need to decide what side it will be placed on.

So, what side does the soap dispenser go on?

There is no specific rule on the side where you can place your soap dispenser. However, most people prefer installing it on the side of their most commonly used hand. Right-handed people prefer the right, while left-handed people prefer the left.

There are other considerations that people make when choosing the side to place their soap dispenser on. These include the type of sink they are using, the type of dispenser, the number of the dispensers, and other personal preferences.

This article will look at these factors and explain your considerations when choosing the side to install your soap dispenser.

What to Consider When Choosing a Side for the Soap Dispenser


The side you choose for your soap dispenser will determine your efficiency in cleaning the utensils in the kitchen. You don’t want to be interchanging your hand every time you want to get some soap from the dispenser.

Some of the factors you’d consider may include the following:

The type of sink you’re using

Kitchen sinks come in different designs like the double-bowl sink, single-bowl, off-center garbage disposal, etc. The sink configuration you have will help you decide where the soap dispenser will be for convenience during washing.

For example, if you have a double-bowl sink, you’ll have first to decide which bowl you’ll use for cleaning and which one you’ll use for rinsing.

Then you will know to put the soap dispenser on the side where you’ll do the cleaning.

Number of soap dispensers and other accessories you may want to install

Do you want to have a sprayer on your sink?

If you want to have one, it will mean that you place the sprayer on the opposite side of the soap dispenser. You may also want to have a hand soap dispenser to clean your hands after cleaning the utensils and a lotion dispenser to moisturize your hands.

These different accessories and dispensers will determine where you install the soap dispenser to avoid confusing one for the other. In most kitchens, all the dispensers are on one side and the sprayer on the opposite side.

Your commonly used hand

This has to do with whether you are left-handed or right-handed. Ask yourself: Which hand goes first when you want to do something like opening the door or turning on the faucet?

If your answer is the right hand, then you are right-handed, and vice versa.

It’s important to consider this factor because it will help you ease how you use the soap dispenser and how you prefer it done. Most people choose the side with the dominant hand and install the dispenser on that side.

For example, if you use your right hand more often than you place the soap dispenser on the right side of the sink.

However, this is not the case everywhere because some people prefer to place the dispenser on the opposite side of their dominant hand. Imagine if you are holding the scrub on your right hand (the dominant one) and the utensils on the left; it will be easier to drop the utensils and press the dispenser than having to shift the scrub to the left hand first.

People who reason it in this manner prefer to place the soap dispenser on their less dominant hand, which they can use easily to squeeze out the soap. You can place it either way as long as you are comfortable with it and it’s convenient enough for you.

Are Soap Dispensers Worth It?

As mentioned earlier, soap dispensers spell class and elegance as they keep your kitchen looking neat. It’s a cheap and easy way to add a touch of excellence into your kitchen without digging too deep into your pocket.

A soap dispenser is worth it because of the following reasons:

Keeps the environment clean

Soap containers and bottles are made of plastic, which is not too friendly to the environment. Imagine having to buy a container or bottle every month to replenish your dishwashing soap.

You’ll end up throwing away too much plastic and thus harming the environment.

With a soap dispenser, you’ll only need to buy once and then keep refilling the dispenser when the soap finishes. This means less plastic and therefore less damage to the environment.

Keeps the kitchen neat

Your kitchen countertop will be less messy compared to when you have different dishwashing soap bottles all over it. The dispenser will remain fixed at one point on the sink for convenience during your washing exercise.

If you like to keep your kitchen free of too much clutter on the countertop, a soap dispenser is a perfect choice.

You can easily install it.

The process of installing a soap dispenser is straightforward, and you can easily do it yourself without calling a plumber. You’ll only need to have the right tools like a flat screwdriver to help you unscrew the sink and screw it back after installing the dispenser.

If you feel that the process is too complicated for you, go ahead and call a plumber who can install it for you at a small service fee. Calling a professional plumber will guarantee that you do it correctly the first time without making a mess.

It saves you money

The best thing about a soap dispenser is that it allows you to refill the soap once it’s finished instead of buying a whole bottle every time. That means you’ll only buy the soap once and refill it.

Also, the dispenser lets out only small amounts of soap and locks the other one to avoid wastage.

So, the soap dispenser allows you to save soap, and so you spend less in the long run. If you are looking to increase efficiency in your kitchen while saving some bucks, the soap dispenser is the way to go.

Can You Have A Home-Made Soap Dispenser?

If your creativity allows you to come up with a good soap dispenser design, why spend your money buying one> Let your creativity flow and have a soap dispenser that suits your personality.

You may need to improvise some of the items you have in your house and then buy a suitable pump to help dispense the soap. You can use an empty alcohol bottle instead of throwing it away or any other glass bottle in the house.

You can go further and decorate with a natural wrap of woolen strings.

To enhance the smell of the soap, you can put some natural herbs inside and have your kitchen smell good after every wash.


If you have been thinking of installing an in-built soap dispenser, this is the time to do it. It will improve your kitchen’s overall look, save you money, and give you the convenience you want while working around your kitchen.

The guidelines in this article should help you choose the best side to install it so that you can use it maximally.

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