What Rooms Should Have Crown Molding?

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Crown molding helps in adding that extra and elegant look to your house’s architectural features. When planning to install crown molding in your home, it may be hard to determine the best rooms that should have it and the ones you should leave.

So, what rooms should have crown molding?

You can have it in all rooms of your house or just some significant spaces such as the living rooms, master bedroom kitchen, entrance area, and dining room. You can add a sophisticated touch, such as in the ceilings, the wall, and the floor. Where you put crown molding depends on your preferences.

For your crown molding to look great, you have to install it in the right way and have it in the correct rooms.

This article will learn more about crown molding, where you should have it, and places where you should not use it. I will also discuss whether you can have it in every room.

What is the Point of Having Crown Molding in Your House?


If you want to add value to that bald space in your home or maybe in your whole home, then using crown molding is the way to go. Some people may choose to have it in all the house rooms while others have it in specific areas.

In all these cases, the goal is to make the place look much better and appealing, and you can trust crown molding in doing this.

Old houses tend to wear out with time so that you will find cracks here and there and the painting around them chipping off. You can install Crown molding at the meeting point of the walls and the ceilings.

So, by putting it at such places, you will be providing a shield for those cracks.

As crown molding helps hide the imperfections around your house, it will also improve how your home looks generally. There are various structural designs that you can use while installing crown molding that makes it appear more elegant.

There are multiple styles available, and you can select one that goes well with your house décor.

There are tons of crown molding design options that you can select. So, you can be sure that you will find one that will complement the design of your home.

You can choose from a simple design or one that will create a more sophisticated look for your room.

Should I Put Crown Molding In Every Room?

Since crown molding helps improve the look of your house, you may want to have it in all your rooms. Now, whether or not to have crown molding in every room goes down to one’s personal preference.

Some may want to have it in specific rooms of their house while others everywhere so it is up to you.

However, the truth of the matter is that you need not have it in every room, and it may not look great in all the rooms of your house. Therefore, you can have it in a few rooms of your home, especially those that you consider “public.” But this should not limit you on where you should have it.

It is worth noting that crown molding tends to work and look better in areas with high ceilings. Also, they will produce an elegant look in places where you consider the focal point or the central point in your home.

But, it is always okay to add it in the less prominent areas as long as you do the installation well.

What Rooms Should Have Crown Molding?

Crown molding will highlight the architectural features in your homes, especially those of the walls and ceilings. So, such areas are great for installing it, but you may be wondering about the best rooms to have now that all the rooms have walls and ceilings.

Certain rooms will be better to have crown molding in your home than others, and below is a highlight of them.

Living Rooms

The living room is one of the most common areas for most households. It is the main entertaining area for most people, and most likely, your guests will spend most of their time here.

Also, most families will spend most of their time in this room; hence there is a need to keep it beautiful.

By installing crown molding here, you will be giving the room a more fantastic look. It does not matter whether the current style of your living room is traditional, modern, or contemporary; once you add crown molding, you enhance its look and make it look like it has high-end finishing.

When installing crown molding in this room, ensure you do so by creating a separation between the walls and the adjacent ceilings.

You can have it also along the edges of the roof and at the fireplace. You can also select any other place around the sitting room as long as it turns out great.

Dining Room

The dining room is also another common area in most households. Most people will congregate to enjoy meals and chat with each other, especially when there are guests.

So, you may want to give a good impression to them by adding crown molding around this area.

When installing it here, you can choose to have it at the room’s focal points, including at the dining table or the light fixture in this area.

Once you have it in these areas, it will give your room an elegant and luxurious vibe without so much attention.


The kitchen is another popular place where the crown molding will fit perfectly. It is lovely around the kitchen cabinets; therefore, it will suit it perfectly in this area. Most homeowners love to use crown molding above the cabinets and extend its installation to the ceiling.

Crown molding will give a seamless and fancy look to your kitchen. It also adds some height to the cabinets, therefore, making them stylish and elegant.

Moreover, it will give your kitchen a great look if you use it along the edge of the ceiling, and you can also use it to frame the upper parts of the cabinets.

Entry Way

You can make the entrance to your home more splendid by adding crown molding. You want to give your guests some sense of elegance in your home even before they settle down.

Therefore you can set the tone of your home by having some crown molding along this area.

Which Rooms Can Do Without Crown Molding?


Bedrooms are not focal rooms in the house, and most probably, the guests will not see them. So, you need not incur some extra money by adding crown molding to them.

But if you like your bedroom to be elegant and have a good sense of style, you can use crown molding to achieve the look.


The bathrooms can also do without crown molding since the guests may not visit them.

Therefore you can save on the cash you want to spend on installing it or installing the crown molding to other areas such as the entryway.

Crown molding is a great way to revive your home and give it a much better look. When installing it, you are looking at improving your home so it will help increase its value.

But most importantly, it makes your home more appealing.

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