What Pillows Go with a Brown Couch?

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Sometimes, you’ll walk into an apartment, and the couch-pillow combination will look like a match made in heaven. That’s usually the work of a home decorator with apt knowledge of home design and colors. If you’re neither, you may be asking: what pillows go with a brown couch?

If you’re shopping includes pillows for your brown couch, you have many options. Almost any color and style of pillow goes with a brown couch. As long as you choose an oversized pillow, the color of the pillow you end up choosing doesn’t matter too much.

Brown sofas are so popular that they’re almost the default option for most homes. However, when people get their sofas, they’re usually at a loss as to the best kind of pillow that matches. This article will outline some of the best pillows that go with a brown couch.

What Pillows Go with a Brown Couch?


If you went with a brown couch in mind, choosing a pillow with a different color might be tricky. That partly explains why most people use brown couches by default. However, it’s important to note that choosing the wrong pillow is possible.

The color and style you should use for your brown couch depend on the kind of look you’re aiming for. For example, choosing a single-toned pillow design is a no-brainer if you’re going for a simple, minimalistic look.

However, if you want a colorful room, you may consider a bright color combination to make the colors pop. Unfortunately, it’s more challenging to choose matching pillows when you’re going for a pillow with a different color combination instead of one with a plain design.

With that said, the pillow you choose to match your brown couch must depend on the shade. If your couch is a lighter-colored brown, natural color like blue and green will work perfectly.

It’s crucial to note that there are only a few restrictions. As long as your sofa is brown, you can choose any color of pillow you.

Best Pillow Ideas with a Brown Couch

If you already have an idea about home decoration, the preceding section would’ve been beneficial. However, most people reading this are probably trying to avoid paying extra to a professional decorator.

For that reason, it’s clear that most people will appreciate direct recommendations better. If light-toned and dark-toned colors aren’t specific enough for you, here are some pillow ideas that will go perfectly with your new brown couch.

1. White Pillows

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To make things easy, let’s start with the simplest solution you can employ for a brown sofa. White pillows have existed for years, and they’ve continued to serve perfectly, regardless of your couch’s color.

White is associated with comfort and luxury, which explains why this color is common in hotels and luxury apartments. If you’re unwilling to put too much thought into setting up your home, go with simple white pillows. While the combination may not give you a very colorful effect, it keeps everything simple, which is all that matters to some people.

2. White and Gray Pillows

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If whites look too bland or redundant around your home, you may want to mix it up with a close color. Getting a white and gray pillow may seem like the best move if you want to maintain a simple look. This is a perfect match between a dull white pillow and a brown sofa.

White and gray pillows will instantly change the look and feel of your home without adding unnecessary colors. In addition, the white and gray can mix perfectly in a vertical or diagonal design without looking out of place.

The good thing about gray is that it pairs well with most colors. Even if the base color isn’t white, you should try a two-toned design with grey and the base color. You’ve found your ideal pillow design if gray appeals to you

3. Green and White Pillows

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If you have a light-brown couch, entirely white pillows may not be a perfect pillow color for you. While they may not look bad, you’ll continue to have the feeling that something could be better in your setup, and it could.

In that case, you should go for a color that’s recurring in nature. By this description, green and blue naturally come to mind, but green is the most compatible with brown sofas out of the box.

If you want a minimalist look, you may want to go for a lighter shade of green paired with white. For example, styling a light brown couch with green and white pillows is like a match made in heaven if you do it properly.

If you want three shades for a more colorful look, you can introduce blue into the scene. While it makes the couch look a lot brighter, the colors will look natural at the same time.

4. Green and Cream Pillows

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Even though the green and white design appeal to almost everyone, some people can’t stand the color white. If you have a specific phobia for the white color, you may want an alternative that provides a similar look.

Fortunately, the alternative you seek is available in the form of cream. While a plain cream pillow will look great with a brown couch, I assume that you want a colorful effect. The only way to get that while retaining a minimalist result is by matching cream with green.

This is a strong option if you can stand the masculine look of a room with brown couches styled with cream and green pillows. Getting a throw pillow with a bit of texture in these colors adds a touch of feminism if that’s what you’re going for.

5. Gray and Black Pillows

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While many people try to go for colorful and bright rooms, it’s okay to try making a difference. In some cases, many individuals prefer a dark atmosphere in their surroundings, which isn’t possible with a green or white pillow.

In this case, you’ll have to go with muted colors. Even though completely black pillows don’t look bad over brown couches, matching them with a lighter shade of gray will make them look more inviting.

While this combination looks satisfactorily gothic, it’s also classic and in vogue. You can also throw in a third color if you’re feeling colorful to give your sofa a more colorful look. A minor gray addition doesn’t sound too bad if you’re looking to spice things up without introducing the white color.

6. Oversized Pillows

Colors aren’t the only talking point when it comes to styling a brown couch with pillows. You can also create a beautiful effect by matching the excellence of colors with the magic of size.

Go oversize if you’re wondering what pillow sizes are best for brown couches. In addition to looking great and handy, they’re also super comfortable. Getting oversized pillows will want to make you spend your entire day on the couch.

When styling your couch with oversized pillows, it’s best to keep it limited to a few of them overall. Since they’re already so large, having one of them around will look like a lot, saving you money in the long run.

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