What Paint Colors Go With Cherry Wood Trim?

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Wood trim is an innovative way to decorate room corners on the walls. You can choose to use a softwood like pine or hardwoods like cherry wood for trim. Most people prefer cherry wood trim because of its ability to absorb stains and remain neat all through.

But, if you choose cherry wood trim, what paint colors would go well with it?

Cherry wood trim goes well with almost any color on the wall. However, you can choose contrasting colors like grey, beige, white, light blue, or green for a more distinguished look. You can also go for colorful colors like green and cream, depending on other colors in the room.

The decision to paint the trim is entirely yours, but the walls will need some paint because of the large space it accounts for in the room. Cherry wood trim is colorful and expresses a deep presence.

Therefore, the color you choose for the wall should blend with it and make it visible. This article suggests some colors you can use on the walls when you have cherry wood trim.

What Paint Colors Go With Cherry Wood Trim?


Cherry wood trim adds a sense of warmth that may not come in any other way into your home. It will be even better if you can choose the right color shades for the walls to ensure that the trim radiates and becomes more visible.

When choosing a color to go with another, you have three ways to go about it. First, you may want a color that contrasts with your main color so that it can stand out distinctly in the room. Or, you may want a color that blends well with your main color so that it can tone it down a notch.

Finally, you may want a color that neutralizes your main color to have a less distinct piece while also allowing it to remain visible. This depends on the colors you choose. Your personality and other preferences play a major role in picking out a definite color.

The best choices fall into the neutral color group, but there are other bolder wall colors you can choose to go with the cherry wood trim. Let’s look at some of these colors.

1. Neutral colors

Neutral colors are neither too showy nor too dull. They work best by consolidating all the colors in the room while making the main colors stand out. Some of them include white, ivory, and beige, grey, blue-grey, and cream.

The obvious choice for most people when choosing from this category is white. However, when choosing white, ensure that you pick a shade with milky undertones and not bright white. This is because the bright white can overwhelm the eyes and overpower the cherry wood trim.

On the other hand, milky and creamy white hues hold back some brightness and amplify the cherry wood color to boost its visibility. Other colors like gray and beige give a cool backdrop for the cherry wood trim and allow it to stand out.

Since neutral colors are popular in this setting, ensure that you choose dark undertones that blend with the dark undertones of cherry red. You don’t want to have too bright colors on your wall and make the cherry wood color go unnoticed.

2. Contrasting colors

Contrast is a powerful way to make a statement and ensure that your cherry wood trim doesn’t go unnoticed. If you have no idea of which color would work best as a contrasting color for cherry wood, you can use a color wheel and choose the color sitting across the cherry red hue. That should be green.

Green has many shades, and you can use any of them that goes well with your cherry red. However, since cherry wood has a deep dark hue, it would be best to choose a darker tone of green so that it can complement the darker tones in the cherry wood.

Remember that you’ll paint these colors on the wall, and you don’t want the color to look exaggerated since the wall occupies the largest area in the room. Therefore, darker tones will bring in a less exaggerated feel. A good example is a green color with gray undertones.

Another contrasting color to go with your cherry wood trim is blue. Similarly, you may need to use the darker tones [of blue for an excellent finish. A common choice for most people is gray-blue, which is somewhat neutral because it brings out a neutral yet colorful finish on the walls to go with a cherry wood finish.

3. Warm Colors

These include the most bright colors like orange, yellow, and red. You have to be careful when using these colors because they can be too showy, like orange and yellow, or blend in like red such that they make your cherry wood trim go unnoticed.

If you want to use yellow, the best approach is to use one that has a creamy undertone. This is because the cream is generally neutral and will not be too showy for the walls. On the other hand, orange does better if you choose one that has darker tones that resonate with the darker tones in the cherry wood trim around your house.

Red is a bit complicated because you don’t want too much red on the walls since it has cherry wood trim finishing. If you’d like to use red, you can choose one that is darker so that it can go well with the darker undertone in the cherry wood trim.

4. Dark Colors

Believe it or not, dark colors are a great choice for the wall. They bring in some drama but keep the room feeling cool and homey. First, cherry wood is a dark color and so bringing in more dark colors may keep in low tones.

A perfect choice for a dark color is chocolate brown. It is close to the cherry wood color but distinct on its own. It blends in well with the cherry wood trim and so that it doesn’t appear too bold.

Is Cherry Wood Trim Outdated?

Cherry wood has been in use since the 17th century, and there have been different trends in its usage, especially in the modern era. Like the little black dress that never goes out of fashion, cherry wood has maintained its status, and it’s continually used in many areas.

Cherry wood spells class, sophistication, and excellence in a room. It also lasts for a long time and so can serve you long enough without the need for replacement.

Thanks to its cherry red tint, you can use it as it is without having to paint or add other colors to go with it.

If you are looking for a way to look trendy and classy without investing too much in decorating your house, choose some cherry wood furniture or additions like trims and give your house that excellent finish.


Cherry wood trim gives your house that complete homey feel. However, the overall outlook depends on the colors you choose to paint on the walls to go with the cherry red trim.

This guide is a good place to start as now you have an idea of what you may want your house to look like after painting the walls.

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