What Paint Colors Go With Almond Appliances

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Neutral colors are the most common, but you can also find some bolder options as well. I’m sure a bright red would look amazing in a kitchen and really bring out the color of your granite countertops and appliances.

Here is what my favorite neutral colors will work best with:

White – White kitchens have been around forever, and they still make sense today. They are classic and timeless, and you can definitely use them to update an old kitchen or even add a little pop if it needs it!

Gray – Gray has always been one of those “neutral” colors that people love because it works so well with everything else. It goes great with white and black, too, which makes it perfect for any type of kitchen design.

Black – Black looks good on almost anything, and it pairs perfectly with gray. I’m not 100% sure if almond will work with this, but it’s something to consider when thinking about updating your kitchen.

Brown – Brown is another option that many people like because it adds warmth without being overpowering. You could easily pair brown with other neutrals such as beige or almond.

But if I were you, I would start by choosing my favorite neutral color palette. Everything is all down to what you like, and hopefully, we can give you a few ideas to get started. 

Which kitchen cabinets should you get that is compatible with your almond appliances?


Almost any color that is ‘lighter than the almond appliance will probably clash. If you want to keep things simple, then stick to whites, greys, and blacks. But don’t forget there’s no reason why you can’t mix up different shades of grey together either. 

Colors in that range will make almond look dirtier than it already does. So try to avoid using dark colors unless you’re going for a more industrial feel.

What color to paint kitchen cabinets with an almond appliance?

As we said already, One of the most common colors used for kitchens is white, which is a bright and clean color.

It is also the easiest color to maintain, as it doesn’t require much cleaning or repair work.

The downside of white cabinets is that they tend to show stains very quickly. This means that you need to do regular maintenance to ensure that your cabinet stays looking fresh and new.

Browns can work with almond and make them look less dirty.

If you choose to go with a darker shade, you’ll need to pay extra attention to keeping it clean. Light-colored wood can also work well with almond.

Painting your kitchen cabinets might also give you the chance to test different colors. Try some sample paint from your local DIY store before making a final decision.

For a more natural look, almond cabinets are a good choice as they have a similar color to wood and can blend in with the rest of your home’s colors.

Paint Colors that Go With Almond Trim

The color should be one that complements the wood of the furniture. Neutral colors are recommended for this type of setup. Some examples are cream, off-white, or beige.

You could try painting the trim first and see how it turns out. Then move on to the actual cabinetry.

The trim will complement your appliances by adding depth and texture. The best way to find out whether or not it matches your style is to experiment.

How to Decorate a Kitchen With Almond Appliances

If you have dark cabinets, you may want to add accent lighting around the room. It gives the space a warm glow while still allowing enough light into the room.

Another thing to think about is where you plan to place your appliances. Do you prefer having everything close to each other so that you can access items easier? Or maybe you’d rather spread them apart so that you can enjoy cooking at multiple stations.

Whatever works best for you, just remember to take these factors into consideration when planning your design.

You could lighten the cabinet color and paint them as we’ve said already.

Should you replace your Appliances

There are many reasons for considering replacing your appliances. It all depends on age, wear, and tear.

Some people like their old appliances because they are made with quality materials. Others simply love the fact that they fit perfectly into their existing layout.

But if you decide to change out your current set, it could save money on electricity. Newer appliances can be more energy-efficient than older models. For example, a newer refrigerator helps keep food fresh, longer and uses less power.

Colors that compliment almond

Almond, a neutral color, complements darker hues. It blends easily with browns, reds, blues, greens, etc. It also works with red, orange, or yellow and will help create an inviting atmosphere.

Adding in complementary color schemes such as blue/yellow, green/orange, black/red, etc., creates a unique appearance. You can use any combination of colors but stick to two or three main ones.

Here is a quick formula 

– 60% main color (almond )

– 30% complementary color 

– 10% accent color

Can Metal Surfaces Help

Metal surfaces and bold colors can really make your home look better. Adding accessories to kitchen countertops can create a modern look and make the colors pop.

Metal surfaces are great for kitchens since they’re easy to maintain and won’t rust over time. They come in various finishes, including stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, nickel, aluminum, pewter, iron, and zinc.

They’re also durable, which means they don’t require much maintenance.

 You will have to clean them from time to time as splashes can cause stains. But once cleaned, metal surfaces look beautiful and last forever.


The colors you choose can make or break a kitchen’s overall appeal. The important thing is that it must be functional first and work for you. You can design a kitchen however you wish; there are no rules!

Remember to consider what type of appliances you currently own before making decisions. 

Whether you have almond appliances or not, this article should give you some ideas on how to decorate your new kitchen.

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