What Kind of Paint Can You Use on Outdoor Furniture?

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Did you know you can comfortably move your indoor living rooms outdoors without having to carry anything with you? The point is even with the furniture outdoors. You can still decorate them to accentuate the exterior space.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s on the patio or the backyard. It all depends on your painting style.

Could you be wondering what kind of paint to use on outdoor furniture?

The paints you can use for outdoor furniture are Rust-Oleum All Surface Spray Paint and Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint. However, it is best to choose paints specifically for metal, plastic, and wooden furniture. Additionally, the Krylon and rust oleum are the best brands.

Are you considering beautifying your outdoor furniture? There is a lot you may need to know before going ahead with the procedure. Read ahead for more info on painting your outdoor furniture.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Paint?


To choose the right outdoor paint, you need to consider the shade you prefer, other exterior accents, and the light intensity factor. However, since colors can be unpredictable, you may need to choose the right shade using a pictorial basis.

Decorating your outdoor furniture is a great idea not only because it enhances the beauty of your home; but also because it adds a sense of uniqueness. It will also increase your home value since outdoor furniture comes with lots of maintenance needs that once you manage to brave, you can be sure of an increased value at home.

It may seem easy to choose the right paint to reupholster all of the above, including your home’s return on investment. But as soon as you start the project, you’ll realize the burden that comes with it.

Though this should not worry you, I got your back here. Let’s look at the following things that determine the right paint for your outdoor use.

Choose Your Shade

Paints do vary in shades, from light shades, mid-tones, or dark shades. It is also one of the most complex tasks. But;

You can only pick a tone that you’ve already seen than choosing a shade from your head without knowing exactly how it looks.

This is why you may need to often say hi to your neighbors as you check out anything interesting. Nevertheless, you can also find lots of exterior house images on the internet. For instance, you might need to check on ranch ideas for anything you may love.

Consider Other Accents at Your Home

The fact that you want to paint exterior furniture means you will at least need to base on something for its blending since exterior painting can be somewhat tricky. So you’ll need to consider your roof or wall coloring for accurate color inspiration.

For instance, if you have a dark-colored roof, you don’t need to worry about the coloring because black blends with several colors. But in case you have red, green, blue, or tan tones for your roofing, you may need to choose a blending color with either of them. Neutral-colored furniture blends well with blue, red, green, and any other warm-toned colors.

Factor in Light

You must have noticed colors appear differently indoors or in a shade than they do appear in broad daylight. Therefore, it is best to consider the location of your furniture and evaluate the light intensity reaching it. For instance, any blue color indoors might appear faded or less warm outdoors. Therefore it is best to go for colors that are at least three times warmer than your desired color.

What Paint Should You Use on Outdoor Furniture?

The paint you should use on outdoor furniture includes Rust-Oleum Latex and Montage signature for wood furniture. Rust-Oleum sprays for Plastic paints and Krylon Fusion for Plastic Aerosol Spray Paint for plastic furniture. Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint for metal furniture.

Outdoor Paints do vary based on the surface and intensity of exposure to extreme temperatures. So whichever paint you decide to go with, you have to know the various types of furniture from wood, metal, and plastic.

Best Paint for Outdoor Metal Furniture

Metals easily rust off because of their exposure to moisture. Therefore, you need to use rust-free paint. However, metals may be somewhat challenging to paint because of their soft surfaces.

There may also be rust on it that you will have to remove. Then spray paint it with oil-based paint, such as Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint and Rust-Oleum Universal All Surface Spray Paint. These paints will increase your metal’s durability and protection coverage. The paints also come in various colors that you may choose from. In that case, you may also need to ensure you choose from the brands Krylon or Rust-Oleum because they are the best paint brands for metal surfaces.

However, the above are spray paints because of their versatility. Although in case you are not into them, you can opt for traditional paints or touch-up paints that fit your needs.

Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Furniture

Depending on the kind of wood you use, you may need to use an exterior primer before topping it with the graded paints. In addition, if your outdoor wood furniture is movable, you should consider using oil-based paints. It’s because of their non-cracking feature, even in moving parts.

For solid wood furniture, you can either use oil-based paints or latex paints. For wood furniture, it’s best to use quick-drying paint or, if your budget can’t accommodate it, paint in direct sunlight. Wood furniture can be quite sensitive when it comes to drying, so use fast-drying paint if possible.

Such examples of fast-drying paints for wood furniture include  Rust-Oleum Latex and Montage signature. Each of them comes in over 20 colors that you can select for your best accent and tone. Others include New York Botanical Gardens and prestige wood paints. Advisably before using any of these paints, you should make sure you clear off any wood protruding using sandpaper.

Best Paints for Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Plastic surfaces may be quite challenging to paint because you may take your time painting them and having an immediate appealing look, only for the paint to peel off as soon as it is hit by sunshine. But to avoid such scenarios, it is also best to use primer paints before using any paint on plastic surfaces.

By doing so, you will not have to use plastic paints. You can use any paint that serves a beautifying purpose and lasts. You can, however, choose either Rust-Oleum spray or Krylon Fusion if you require an exact plastic paint. 

The plastic surfaces may also need you to have some little knowledge in the painting field for them to have a smooth finish. If you are unfamiliar with such a skill, you may have to dig into your budget to hire a professional painter.

Is It Better to Brush or Spray Paint Exterior Paint?

It is better to spray paint your exterior furniture. It is because spray painting is very affordable and saves on time. In addition, most spray paints dry fast in any weather as long as the wind blows.

If you have never painted before, you’ll probably need to familiarize yourself with a few things before jumping on board. You can brush, spray, or roll paint on your furniture based on its size.

So roll painting is often used in walls and other extensive surfaces. But brush and spray paint may have several usage differences. For instance, you can’t compare the speed of spray painting and brush painting.

It may take several swipes before the brush paints adhere to the surface. While on the other hand, spraying the paint is one swipe at a go.

In that case, I would advise spray painting the furniture because of its efficiency and professional results. Look at this for a beautifully painted surface. It is not about the uniformity of the paint on every corner. Instead, it is about the surface having varying finishes that will shine and reflect different aspects depending on the light intensity.

In addition, spray painting is somewhat cost-saving because you only buy the spraying tin having the paint in it already. When using a brush, you’d need to purchase both the brushes and paint separately. In addition, the time you take in mixing or diluting the paints for brush painting may be quite costly.

The paints for use with brushes also come in solid primary colors, and mixing them might not give you the exact tone you need for the furniture. However, you can still go the brush paint way if you feel you are more acquainted with it than spray painting.

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