What is The Best Time in the Year to Buy Carpets

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Carpets are always in season, but their prices fluctuate at different times of the year. You can save some money knowing when to buy a new carpet and when to stay off the market. The question remains, when is the right time of the year to change your carpet?

Spring is arguably the most flexible time or season for shopping carpets. This stretch is from the second week of May till the first week of June. Of course, the Christmas holiday season into early January is also a great time to change your carpet.

In this article, you’ll learn why the season mentioned earlier is the best time to buy a new carpet. You’ll also learn how to buy a new carpet, save money, and determine if your carpet is truly worn out.

What Should I Know Before Shopping for a Carpet?


While carpet designers alter their trends every year, the typical homeowner often does not change their flooring. As a result, the market has a low turnover; old models must be discounted and eliminated for the new ones. On the other hand, old carpets also take a very long time to go out of style.

The carpet market also has busy and slow seasons, when carpets are high or low in demand. You can’t get better deals during a peak season than they already have. However, you may obtain a great deal on a carpet if you know how to bargain during the off-season.

When Should I shop for Carpets?

Spring; from May through early June

Spring is arguably the best time to change your floor with a new carpet. If you want to change your old rug to the latest design, this period is your best chance.

Most people have too many things on their minds to worry about or spend money on during this time. Organizing holidays like Father’s Day, for instance, maybe pretty time-consuming. People make summer travel plans as students finish their schoolwork and finals.

Due to holidays, the end of the school year, and a break in purchasing, the price of new carpets drops insignificantly. However, while the market may be quiet, there are plenty of carpet retailers ready to take your deal. They are eager to welcome you into their shops with generous discounts.

Furthermore, manufacturers typically refill their inventories during this time of year. As a result, new carpet lines and styles usually hit the stores during spring. Some manufacturers may also put their new products on discount sales to advertise them.

Festive season; from mid-December to early January

While this is a popular time to shop for holiday gifts, it’s not ideal for shopping for new carpets. People rush to decorate their homes around this time because family members will be visiting for the holidays.

Carpet shops would often introduce additional colors and patterns to recognize this market trend. When stores notice the entire product category isn’t doing well, carpet makers and merchants will decrease carpet installation and purchasing prices. This move is intended to entice holiday consumers.

So, if you can deal with the inconvenient timing, you can save on a new carpet. You should purchase a new rug for Christmas as soon as December arrives. However, you can wait a few months for better carpet deals by shopping in the spring.

When Should I Stay Away from Carpet Stores?

Tax Rebate Season

It’s usual for homeowners to put off buying carpet since it’s not urgent and money is tight. Nonetheless, it’s relatively uncommon for folks to put off major purchases like carpeting until they have more cash.

Avoid buying a carpet during the tax season, which runs from February to April. It’s that time of year when most individuals get tax refunds. During this time, many shoppers have large bills to take care of.

In addition to saving money on carpeting, many homeowners have additional income to spend on other items. With this in mind, carpet makers and merchants are unlikely to give discounts. As a result, carpet prices are likely to be relatively high during this time of year.

Late Summer

October is also a season when most of us have a bit of a schedule lull. Summer is ending, but the holiday season hasn’t begun. So a quick fix to prepare for the winter months and the holiday season is significantly more frequent at this time of year.

Due to the increase in home sales throughout the summer, homeowners prefer to replace old carpets in the early fall. Keeping this in mind, several retailers anticipate increased sales and won’t decrease pricing. Therefore, it’s best to stay off the carpet market in the late summer or early fall.

Things to Consider When Shopping For a Carpet?


Wool is a durable, warm, soft, and environmentally friendly fabric. However, it has a downside because it costs up to three times more than other fibers. It’s not an excellent choice for a family with kids who are constantly on the go.

Nylon is a popular choice because it’s less expensive than wool and more stain-resistant. Additionally, there are nylon carpets, which are softer and come in various colors. Nylon is a more durable fiber than wool because it can withstand more wear and tear and is more cost-friendly.

The downside is that it is susceptible to stains. Blends of wool and nylon are also available from carpet manufacturers, bringing together the best of both worlds. However, the downside is that blends tend to pill, and they aren’t as stain-resistant as nylon.

On the other hand, polyester fiber is the least expensive and most durable of the three materials. However, it has a “cheap” feel and is far from luxurious. Its eco-friendly and stain-resistant features are additional benefits.

Polyester is also a good option for a playroom or other space where function takes precedence over aesthetics. Unfortunately, polyester fiber isn’t the most long-lasting, which is why it’s not the most commonly used. Its only disadvantage is that it flattens and loses shape over time, but it doesn’t fade or wear down quickly.


You can tell a carpet’s density by bending a sample with the tufts facing out. The denser the carpet, the less visible the backing is. On the other hand, more luxuriant carpets typically have longer threads that remain upright for a more extended period.

The product’s durability is affected by its density. Alternatively, you can look at the carpet’s density, which should be at least 2000.


Spotting dirt and stains in light colors is more effortless. Positively, they can amplify the impression of a smaller space. Conversely, darker colors make a small room feel claustrophobic but hide stains and expose lint.

Some people love carpets that incorporate both light and dark colors. On the other hand, others complain that the dark patches make them appear stained all the time.


New carpet can transform your space by adding color, character, and functionality while also being a significant investment. However, with a bit of planning, you may save a lot of money on a carpet by purchasing it at the right time.

Don’t forget to take advantage of late-spring and festive offers to change your floor. It’s best to get a new carpet before demands spikes again throughout the summer.

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