What Is the Best Material for a Shower Bench?

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Showers are easily slick because water keeps spilling on the floor, and eight out of ten bathroom injuries result from slips and falls.

Therefore, using a shower bench in the room reduces the chances of falling while bathing as well as making it easier for people to rest in the bathtub.

What is the best material to match such structural integrity with the best durability and appearance?

The best materials for a shower bench are Teak wood or cedarwood, Granite, plastic, glass, or tile. In deciding on the right shower materials, you should consider the size and shape of the shower, the cost of their installation, as well as their durability.

Due to the convenience and importance of a shower bench, you may not be sure how to find the best bench.

Be sure to read on to learn more about their installation and the reasons why you need them.

What Is the Importance of a Shower Bench?


A shower can incorporate several vanities and cabinets, which will just match perfectly with the shower bench in addition to its several uses. These include:

Overall Design

Change is always good, however, it comes at a cost, but the result is never disappointing. So instead of having the same look for your bathroom since its construction, you may opt to switch some things and remodel the room with a shower bench in blending wall colors.


Had a long day in the office? You can get the same massage-like experience without actually going to a SPA because you can do it from the comfort of your home.

You can also relax and shower in peace without worrying about slipping and injuring yourself.

Additional Storage

Most homeowners opt for bathroom cabinets and vanities for storage of important toiletries and other bathroom supplies.

So with a shower bench, depending on your selected design, you can always have something fashionable, as well as useful with more storage racks under the benchtop.


Women today have mastered the art of manicures and pedicures without having to visit SPAs. If you practice these beautifications in the bedroom, you may stain your bedding with chemicals and jelly that will be difficult to remove.

Instead of using the bedroom for such activities, why not sit on the shower bench and take your time without having to worry about stains?

What Is the Best Material for a Shower Bench?

The material used in the creation of shower benches matters both for the aesthetics and for the efficiency of the showers.

Furthermore, the durability of the shower bench also depends on the materials used since some materials can break down before lasting for a long period.

Some of the best materials are:

1. Granite

Additionally to their aesthetic value, granite surfaces have a pleasing coloration that you can pair with glass shower doors; however, you can also match them with any other shower theme and maintain their ultimate aesthetic allure. 

Granite is also easy to clean and maintain, but its cost will put some strain on your budget, so it may require a bit of digging into your pocket to acquire.

The surface can also be quite cold to sit on, but with an assured preheating, it is possible to warm up the natural material.

2. Tiles

One of the best features of tiles is that they are very long-lasting stuff, as well as having the ability to match the wall surface if you want a consistent look.

You can also create your own tiled surfaces quite easily from the wall with a little masonry help, depending on the size of the room.

However, the tiles can be task some to clean, in addition to the fact that you will need to get non-porous tiles that won’t seep water through and damage the whole setup.

3. Plastic

The non-slipping feature of this top makes it suitable for the aged and the physically disabled.

In addition to its amazing adjustable features, plastic is also of great importance for everyone due to its varying heights, according to the user’s preferences.

In addition, the unique appearance of the plastic shower benches adds to the uniqueness of the shower rooms, as they include golden, silvery, and aluminum-coated stands, each having a very cool appearance.

They are also the most commonly used benches in hospitals because of their affordability, easy maintenance, and low prices.

4. Wooden Tops

Woodworks blend perfectly with any theme enhancing unique and inviting rusty looks to sit on. However, wood needs constant maintenance to ascertain its high resistance making them free of mold and other bacteria that may form on them when they rot.

Some of the best wooden tops include:


Teak benches enhance unique looks in the shower rooms more so with elegant modern bathrooms. This is in addition to its unbeatable durability and water-resistant qualities that are additional bonuses to its luxurious mini-SPA looks.

However, the teak wood may need constant maintenance with teak sealer and teak oil to keep off bugs, ensure its keeps up the moisture and mildew resistance. However, Teak woods can be very costly.


Are you feeling everything is elegant in your house, and so you need something back from time?

Bamboo woods can be your best bet for their unique spring-like effect when you sit on them.

However, this material is very vulnerable to water, and it may not make it half the period you would expect it to last. But with constant maintenance, bamboo woods may have slight additional lives on them.


This type of wood is unique for its natural red features and its high density. However, using this material may need you to seal off possible pores and constantly maintain it to keep its surface from seeping water. It easily loses its durability and rots or decays.

How Big Should a Shower Bench Be?

Shower benches vary in size depending on the size of the room where they are installed. As an alternative, here is an outline to help you when designing your shower bench:

Bench Width: – You should buy or make your bench so that it is at least 13 inches or 14 inches wide for even the youngest person. If your bathroom is limited in size, you can do a narrower bench if there is still enough space between the bench and the wall to compensate for the narrower width. 

On the other side, if you have a large spacious shower, you can create up to 36 inches enough to accommodate even a huge-bodied person.

However, you will have to keep the stands in check because the larger the top, the stronger stand you will need to have.

When buying a stool:

Similarly, there is no exact height for the footstool. The stool does not differ greatly from a normal stool, except that you may need to consider the top, choose a stool that is about 11 to 14 inches wide.

However, you still need to verify that the stool fits in your room. You can opt for a larger or smaller stool based on the size of the shower.

Ideally, if your shower space is limited, you should use a wall-mounted stool that A folding bench can be hung on the wall when not in use and unfolded whenever you need it.

However, it will have to be a wooden material. So, be wise in your choice and prepare maintenance practices to keep it stunning.

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