What is the Best Lighting for Vaulted Ceilings?

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Installing inappropriate lighting on your vaulted ceiling could wreck your entire decor plan. For an effective and satisfying outcome, you’ll need to know what lighting style works best for your ceiling.

The common lighting for vaulted ceilings is recessed lighting because it’s more adaptable to different interior decor styles. There are other suitable varieties depending on your preferences and aesthetic design needs

You should take your time to explore the assorted lighting designs available to make a more satisfying choice. Read on to learn more about lighting your vaulted ceiling and know the essential factors you need to consider.

How Do You Improve the Look of a Vaulted Ceiling?


Vaulted ceilings resemble a plane surface. So while they look splendidly designed, there’re numerous ways to brighten them and enhance their aesthetic appeal. To begin with, adding extra colors to your vaulted ceiling is an excellent way to spice things up.

You could install a ceiling with a brighter shade of the same color for a dark-themed wall. Or, you could use wooden beams to give a more native feeling. Colorful sketches are another great way to make your vaulted ceiling stand out if you’re an art lover.

Installing unique lighting can also significantly influence the general outlook of your vaulted ceiling. For instance, you could use pendant lights to give the ceiling a pleasant and harmonious effect.

Best Lighting for Vaulted Ceilings

Many stylish lighting options can easily fit into vaulted ceilings. The choice of lighting is mainly influenced by the general interior decor pattern and your taste.

Below are the top five lighting options you can install against your vaulted ceiling:

Recessed Lighting

This is the type of lighting installed inside the ceiling. Recessed lighting comes in two variations: the circle and squared option. If your goal is to get a simple and spacious feel, recessed lighting will help you achieve that.

It’s installed faced down, and you can choose to fix the lights inside any part of the ceiling. Bear in mind that recessed lighting is a long-term option because you’ll need to drill holes for the installation. You could install one light per three to six square feet of the ceiling for even spacing.

I’ll recommend that you hire a professional for proper installation. Domestic accidents, such as fire outbreaks, may occur if the lights are not installed correctly.

Pendant Lights

Another excellent light pattern for your vaulted ceiling is a pendant light. It bestows a classy and elegant look in a room without appearing dramatic. In addition, pendant lights have options that let you switch the light shades.

This feature lets you change the appearance of your decor at will, without spending twice as much. They’re also available in many colors, designs, and styles to fit your room and match your taste. Pendant lights also come in a wide variety of lengths to match your specific aesthetic needs.

Track Lighting

Some people love the idea of changing the room arrangement to get a different look once in a while. If you’re rocking this boat, you should consider a more flexible light fixture such as track lighting. This is because you can change the light’s position to whatever direction you want.

Track lighting allows you to focus illumination on one area or different areas by moving the lights. There are also track lighting designs that let you curve the tracks into your preferred shape.

You can also find them in different sizes, patterns, and colors. Track lighting crowns can be adjusted to ensure that they’re facing the exact direction you want them to.


This lighting method allows the natural light to flow into a room without opening the windows and blinds. It’s quite appealing and gives an elegant and luxurious effect. Installing skylights comes with outstanding benefits.

They help reduce your electricity bills and generate heat by allowing sunlight to penetrate through them into the room. Skylights supply their energy and make your room stay naturally blighted during the day. Hence, reducing or eliminating the need for an additional light source during the daytime.

They can be installed in the ceiling areas where you want the natural light to penetrate and focus. Installing skylights will require the skills of a professional.

Wall Lights and Sconces

If you don’t fancy the idea of installing lights on your vaulted ceiling in general, I’ve got another suitable alternative. You could use wall lights or wall sconces to illuminate your room. They’re excellent alternatives, quite effective, and are available in various designs, sizes and sold at different prices.

Sconces give your room a cozy ambiance as the lights reflect upwards on the vaulted ceiling. You could choose to integrate different designs into your decor to achieve a comely and colorful ambiance. You could combine these wall lights with skylights for multiple functions and benefits.

This will enable you to enjoy the natural illumination during the day, and then you can use your wall lights at night.

What to Consider When Lighting Your Vaulted Ceiling

The Amount of Light Required

The degree of brightness your room requires should determine what type of lighting fixtures you’ll opt for. You’d have to consider the activities that’ll occur in that room to guide how you centralize the lighting. The potential room function will tell if layered lighting is what’s needed.

Previous Electrical Wiring

If you’re renovating a building with already installed vaulted ceilings. You’ll have to ensure that your renovation plans align with the previous electrical wiring. This will help prevent damage to the walls and, of course, the ceiling.

Taking such measures is crucial for the success of your interior decor project. Following the correct lighting process and design will yield more confident, comfortable, and satisfying results.


If you installed high vaulted ceilings, you’d want to use dimmers to create the right ambiance in your home. Dimmers provide a fanciful way to regulate the amount of light required and achieve the desired atmosphere. For instance, you might want to reduce the brightness intensity from your skylights when watching a movie at night.

Color Temperature

Your selected light bulbs should have a color temperature that complements your interior decor pattern for a better aesthetic appeal. Your mood can be influenced by the type of lighting you install. Therefore, it’s beneficial to install multi-hued color patterns that can be alternated to suit different atmospheres.

Ensure that the ceiling and lighting have similar shades to prevent having contrasting color temperatures. This could affect the general effect of the aesthetic background and make it look rather harsh.

Lighting Function

What you hope to achieve is another vital factor worth considering when choosing the appropriate lighting for your vaulted ceiling. Are you installing the light for its basic functionality, or are you more interested in its decorative benefits? The role you need your room lighting to play should help determine what lighting style you opt for.

If functionality is your goal, you should consider more simplistic and spacious options like recessed lighting or skylights. These options ensure you get satisfactory brilliance without interfering too much in your interior decor pattern.

Consider more flamboyant styles like pendant lights, track lighting, and wall lights for those particular about aesthetic gratification.

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