What is The Best Height For an Ottoman?

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There are many sizes and designs of ottomans today; hence, many people often find it hard to determine which style best suits their needs. I discern that most people would rather go for exquisite-looking ottomans while paying no attention to the height.

An ottoman with the wrong height can be impractical, so what is the best height for this piece of furniture?

There are no rules regarding the ideal height of an ottoman yet; their heights vary depending on the purposes they serve. Fundamentally, good ottomans are an inch lower than one’s Couch or bed. Nonetheless, some people prefer their ottomans to be the same height as their couches. Ottomans that are taller than sofas are distressing to use.

Ottomans are used in various ways. Some serve as decorative elements, whereas others are storage units, footstools, and rest places. Ottomans do not look the same; for instance, whereas a footstool is lower, one used for storage can be relatively higher and larger to store more items.

 I will give an overview of ottoman styles and their recommendable height and width.

Types of Ottomans


Depending on what you fancy, there are many nice-looking and quality ottomans to choose from. Here is a concise review of the functionality of ottomans.

Coffee Table Ottoman

This ottoman is often firm and large as it acts as a living room’s centerpiece. Its firmness is associated with its utility in holding delicate things like food or drinks. It comes in various shapes and is made with leather, chenille, or microfiber.

Storage Ottoman                   

Most people opt for ottomans with storage that they can use to keep household items like winter blankets, pillows, clothes, or shoes. Such ottomans are often square or rectangular shaped and have a lid that swings open on hinges or can be lifted off completely and placed back. Most coffee tables often act as storage ottomans as well.

Footstool Ottoman

The footstool ottoman is available in traditional and modern designs. It is different from the traditional footstool; it comes without a back or arms. Footstool ottomans are upholstered and can also serve as stools or coffee tables. Some of them have a storage compartment that one may use to place scarves or socks.

Seating Ottoman

Whereas many choose to use ottomans as decor pieces, they are strong enough for people to sit on them. All the same, they may not be as comfortable as couches or accent chairs, given they are firm, so they can last long.

Pouf Ottoman

This type gives a stylish sparkle to a room. The ottomans can be filled with various materials but mostly cotton. However, some people regard it as different from an ottoman, yet the two serve similar functions.

What is the Best Height for an Ottoman?

Seating Ottomans

These ottomans should be slightly lower than one’s Couch or taller than footstools. The commendable height is approximately 15 to 18 inches, given the standard sofas’ heights vary from 16 to 19 inches. Slightly lower ottomans are comfortable to sit on and can also be used as footstools.

There is no exceptional design of seating ottomans because style varies with the buyers. Still, when buying a seating ottoman, ensure it can hold weight without breaking. These ottomans often serve aesthetic purposes as many use them as entryway benches. So apart from an ottoman’s height, you should pick a visually appealing and well-built piece of furniture.

Can My Ottoman be taller than my Couch?

As I said, there are no fixed measurements of an ideal ottoman. Suppose you prefer an ottoman higher than your sofa, then go for it.

 I guarantee that a taller ottoman is cumbersome and unpleasant to the eye. If you plan to sit on such an ottoman, it will be useless; still, if you want to use it solely for storage, it can be slightly higher than your Couch and still look elegant placed in hallways or a room with no large pieces of furniture.

Footstool Ottomans

The impeccable height of a footstool ottoman is about 11 to 15 inches. So how will I know whether my footstool should be 11, 12 inches, or 15 inches? The height of your ottoman is contingent on the height of your Couch or accent chair. Your footstool should be shorter than your seat by at least two inches so you can use it comfortably.

It is crucial to note that the measurements given here do not apply to all couches. So if you want to determine the ideal height of a footstool ottoman, measure the height of your Couch- from its bottom to the cushion, then subtract two or three inches.

Coffee Table Ottomans

The heights of such ottomans are also conditional upon the height of one’s sofa. Thus they should range between 16 to 20 inches, approximately 2 inches shorter than one’s Couch.

 A high coffee table ottoman would look unappealing and would be uncomfortable to use since it would warrant one stretching their arms high to grab something from the table. Additionally, some people love placing their feet on their coffee tables; hence shorter ones are perfect.

It is also okay if you want your coffee table to be the same height as the bottom of your Couch to your cushion. Just ensure it is functional and sturdy.

Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are larger when compared to seating ottomans. The recommendable height is between 15 to 20 inches depending on what commodities it is meant to store.

Storage ottomans are often multipurpose, given that all kinds of ottomans can serve as storage units. Therefore, if it is a coffee table, footstool, or seating ottoman, it should still be slightly lower than a couch or bed. Yet if it does not serve any other function, it can be 19 or 20 inches.

Be it as it may, the height of an ottoman exclusively meant for storage should not be a big concern since it has nothing to do with relaxation.

Pouf Ottomans

These ottomans have no fixed height, but most of them range from 12 to 16 inches. Pouches vary in size, and the smaller, the size, the shorter they should be, whereas big ones look more appealing when they are tall. Poufs serve various functions; thus, their height depends on their utility.

What Width of Ottoman Should I Buy?

Most people contemplate whether their ottomans should have the same width as their chair. But this can vary since the width of an ottoman does not influence its serviceability. So if you like wide one’s go for them, and if you prefer the narrow ones, pick them.

However, the ottomans placed closer to the bed should be 3 or 4 inches less than the bed. Narrow ottomans look exquisite when used as entryway benches or ornamental furniture in any room.

In conclusion, ottomans do not have fixed measurements yet; to look more appealing and serve people’s needs; they should not exceed certain height levels. These sizes help you make your home look proportional and balanced.

Choosing the right size of ottomans is crucial since they are multifunctional items. Remember, always prioritize the coziness of furniture over other factors. If you have a taller ottoman, you can fix it by adjusting its legs or hiring a professional to customize it for you.

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