What is The Best Flooring For a Pool Table?

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A game room brings friends and families together. If you love playing pool, you should invest in a good pool table and a game room. Most people do not know how to make a game room more convenient for the purposes it serves.

You should take account of some factors before buying a pool table. For example, what is the best flooring for a pool table?

The perfect flooring for your pool table is durable and serves the function of protecting your table and gaming balls from any damage they might incur. A pool table is quite heavy; hence your flooring should be easy to clean, lifelong, and powerfully built. Experts recommend linoleum because of its durability and ability to withstand heavyweight.

Linoleum flooring is more firm than a carpet yet designed to absorb ball impacts without getting scratched or damaging the ball. There are many flooring options for pool tables, but there are certain aspects that one must consider before investing in a specific flooring choice.

I will give a professional overview of what makes one flooring option better than the other. Everyone loves something that will not incur the extra costs. Therefore, people should contemplate the flooring of their gaming rooms to avoid making poor choices.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Pool Table?


By buying a pool table, you will get a chance to practice and enhance your gaming skills. Additionally, pool tables are long-lasting and may serve your family for decades. Anyhow, these are large pieces of furniture that cost a fortune. So it will be unwise to buy one without conducting a little research first.

What Should I Do Before Investing in A Pool Table?

Before purchasing a pool table, you must have a game room because it is a bulky item that cannot easily fit in most living rooms and bedrooms. Ensure to measure your game room so you can buy a sizable table that will not make your room look jammed.

For what purpose are you buying your pool table? Is it meant for kids, the whole family, or business purposes? This cue will help you determine the best table and aesthetics. If you want a table for recreational purposes, you may not need an enormous size.

You must have a budget for your pool table; understand that the highly-priced ones are of higher quality and may be customized to suit the aesthetic needs of your room.

If you are new in pool gaming or do not know how to spot a good pool table, I recommend consulting a professional who will tell you the material a table is made of and the best way to clean and maintain it. Also, remember that pool tables are pretty heavy and need good flooring. Lastly, it is safer to go for the products with a good warranty deal.

What is the Best Flooring For A Pool Table?

As earlier mentioned, linoleum is the best flooring for your pool table, but I will also give a brief review of other flooring options you can use.


It is a highly durable material that has long been used for kitchen, utility rooms, and bathroom flooring. It comes in varying shades and designs, so it does not necessarily have to look like the floor buildings you may have seen.

Why linoleum flooring? Since playing pool involves striking the ball on the table, and balls often fall on the floor, you must pick the flooring that won’t get damaged. Linoleum has a protective cover protecting it from spills; hence, you can easily clean your floor. It also retains its original texture and color.


A carpeted pool flooring will support your table well. It is also durable since carpets do not easily chip or scratch from the movement of balls. You can replace your carpet with ease in case of wear and tear. Although, when new, you may have to pad the table surface so you can play comfortably.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a good alternative to the linoleum material, given they are also long-lasting. In addition, floorboards are soft compared to tiles, making a pool room warm. Still, most people do not prefer them because they get easily scratched, and their surfacing may be tampered with by varying temperatures and humidity. Consequently, they warrant regular servicing for maintenance.


This material is often confused with linoleum. It is also a good flooring pick for pool tables. It might be ideal for you, especially since you can install it without professional help. If you love vibrant colors, then I suggest you go for this.


Tiles should be your last option, given that they easily chip and break. In addition, they are pretty expensive and call for high maintenance. However, most homeowners prefer this type of flooring because they find it aesthetically pleasing. It is also easy to clean in case of liquid spills.

Should I place A Rug Under My Pool Table?

Apart from the table flooring, it would be best to get a cushion for the whole table. A floor rug serves decorative purposes, makes people comfortable while playing, and prevents balls from damaging when they fall.

What Types of Floor Rugs Can I Get For My Pool Table?

A rubber mat will protect your floorboard or concrete floor from damage that the weight of a pool table may inflict. Of course, dropping balls can also leave marks on your floor, but these chances are minimized when using a rubber mat. You can easily clean rubber mats in case of spills. Moreover, it is ideal because it is resistant to stains and is thus long-lasting.

You can put your pool table on an area rug as well. If you like cleaning your rug, this is a good option because it can easily be removed by slightly lifting the pool table and put back the same way.

You can also opt to use a contemporary carpet on your pool room’s floor. I recommend going for carpets with short fibers instead of fluffy ones because the latter might give you a hard time leveling your table. Since most carpets have a soft surface, they ensure no damage occurs to your balls or floor. Always check your pool table’s leveling and adjust it if need be.

You do not necessarily need a floor rug in your pool room, given that most floors can withstand heavy weight. However, it is recommendable because it will ensure your floors remain intact.

Is A Pool Table Worth the Investment?

Pool tables might be costly, yet they can serve you a lifetime if well maintained. By maintenance, I mean having a pool room positioned in a good and dry location and replacing your table’s flooring if need be.

Ensure you place your pool table in a place where it is not in contact with the sun or water. Always cover your table when not using it; this way, it is safe from things that may accidentally drop and damage it. Also, your pool table should be strictly meant for gaming; do not place heavy stuff or use it for other purposes.

Lastly, I want to emphasize that you be keen when buying a pool table. Invest in a good table and proper flooring because this item will also serve decorative purposes in your home. Also, strive to maintain your table so you can resell it later if need be.

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