What is the Best Fabric for Outdoor Furniture?

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Are you considering remodeling your residence? A few things to keep in mind during the process are the outdoor furniture, including the tabletop and furniture frame. 

Such outdoor furniture does, however, require upholstery fabrics that are weather-resistant, easy to clean, and highly durable.

To match such structural integrity for your outdoor furniture, what would be the best fabric to use?

Among the best fabrics for outdoor furniture are polypropylene, vinyl, textile, cotton canvas, and acrylic fabrics. However, these fabrics differ from one another in terms of texture, color, ease of maintenance, price, and overall structure, factors you need to consider in your selections.

Outdoor furniture is no longer important for the summertime only; you can furnish your patio with the best fabrics, increasing the value of your home. Read on to learn more about the best fabric matching your outdoor furniture.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Fabric for outdoor furniture?


Outdoor furniture not only needs materials that will make them better but also fabrics that will last withstanding the test of time. Such fabrics may include unique outdoor upholstery ranging from hard linens to polyester-based fabrics.

However, you may need detailed key factors to guide you on the selection of these fabrics.

These factors include:

Water and Mildew Resistance

Protective coatings with water-repelling finishes are also important for outdoor fabrics. Some may be resistant to water, yet they lose their top touch with few washes. So you should make sure you get some material that is 100 percent water-resistant.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Outdoor areas are full of dirt and dust particles that can stain fabrics when they mix with water. In such cases, pilings can grow bacteria that could stain them even more than dust stains. Therefore, you should choose a material that you can spot clean by brushing dirt off without wearing off the fiber finish. Using the best material, you can simply clean it with soap and water.

Non-fading Colors

The fact that these are outdoor furniture means they are entirely exposed to extreme weather changes, which includes direct sun scorch during summer, as well as stormy rainfalls that can wash away the top coloration on the fabric. So you ought to find fabrics that can withstand all these changes and maintain their beauty.


Different people are venturing into the manufacturing sector because of its increasing demand in the world today. You may come across more than one producer of the same product with different prices. In addition, other vendors may offer after-sale services with their fabrics. However, in reality, you will pay for every expense directly or indirectly.

Therefore, it is prudent to window shop at several outlets before settling on buying the fabric from a particular vendor, whether online or in person.


Different manufacturers have different fabrics with varying textures. You may find fabrics whose final texture is made of plastic materials while others are entirely comfortable, but their materials may not be long-lasting. So before buying any fabric, it is best to test its cozy feeling first and ascertain if it matches your desired tone.

What Is the Best Fabric for Outdoor Furniture?

Fabric materials come in different types, with different textures, varying color blends, and durability. These factors can harden your selection task from the thousands of inviting fabrics. However, here are some of the best that you will not want to let go of:

Textilene Fabric

The material is made of polyester woven with a plastic covering. The fabric is highly flame-resistant, water-resistant, and mold-proof, making it perfect for extreme weather conditions.

A combination of microfiber suede and leather accents can be mixed without losing the feel of its real leather headboards. Some of the best Textilene fabrics include Portal Oversized Mesh Back foldable fabric best for reclining seats. Others include the Caravan Canopy Sports and the Charcoal Gray SLSY Pad.

Cotton Canvas

The Cotton canvas is a plain-woven material with a modern touch that has been in use since the old ages. It, however, is prone to fading and mildew if you fail to treat it before use. This treatment fact allows it to be sold for a reduced price, but the cost of treatment is separate from the original cost. In addition, it is very comfortable and easy to clean with soap and water.

One of the best cotton canvases with 100% cotton is the Wide Natural Muslin Fabric that has an inviting look and feels that comes in beige and cream colors.

Polypropylene Fabric

This is an easy-to-clean modern upholstery textile with soft and lightfast easy to clean material. The fabric derived from natural gas production and oil is also one of the few fabrics with outstanding performance without using stain chemical treatments. The fabric also boasts outstanding strength and fade-resistant characteristics that can only change colors with the effect of hot liquids.

Further, polypropylene is available in a variety of colors to match outdoor furniture. Several nonwoven fabrics fit this description, including Nepure Polypropylene Fabric that boasts an amazing thickness.

Acrylic Fabric

This mold and the mildew-resistant fabric are very easy to clean and amazingly perfect for all upholstery projects in chairs, sofas, lounge cushions, and pillows. Its acrylic nature is from its super rough and tough texture that makes it more durable and long-lasting even in extreme weather; this is in addition to its bold and beautiful colors, all matching your preferences and the best for different furniture.

The fabric Acrylic Felt Fabric boasts a durable and softer texture than other brands with 100% Acrylic craft with excellent light resistance.

Vinyl Fabric

Although it gets hot to touch in summer seasons, Vinyl fabric never absorbs sweat in addition to its hardy but easy-to-clean surface. Polyvinyl chloride plastic manufacturing includes polyvinyl chloride, fire-resistant synthetic materials, and polyurethane plastics, among other components.

How Do You Clean Outdoor Fabric?

The open-air cannot guarantee that your fabric will be dust-free, nor will it be stain-free. Therefore, to maintain their beauty and texture, you may need to clean your fabrics occasionally. The method you use to clean the fabric also influences its lifespan since most fabrics may lose their top structure if scrubbed vigorously.

So apart from dust wiping, here is an all-stain and dirt cleaning method of the fabric.

  • Wipe scrape away all stains from the fabric.
  • Mix an effective stain remover such as OxiClean with warm water and stir well.
  • Soak the stain in the mixture for about 10 minutes.
  • Blot off the stain using a clean towel repeatedly 3  to 4 times, and check if the stain is still there.
  • In case you still see the stain, make a second mixture using the stain remover or another one such as vinegar. However, OxiClean is the best overall stain remover.
  • When you have made sure you have the right mix, soak the stained part again but for a longer period, about 40 minutes. It should,  be immediately following the earlier trial since it is not advisable to let the fabric dry off.
  • Dip the towel in the same solution and scrub off the stain with an even effort until you no longer see the stain. You may need to repeat the process 2 to 3 times for clear results.
  • There is no specific period for cleaning your furniture to prevent stains, but you should not wait until the fabric has dried before cleaning it off. You should not wait until the winter season approaches before cleaning up summer stains. 

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