What is the Best Color for the Bathroom Floor?

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When you want to freshen up, the first place you think of is the bathroom. It should be a vibrant and relaxing place where you spend quality time. The color choice of your bathroom floor can help you create an exciting environment that makes you look forward to your freshening time.

Then, what is the best color for the bathroom floor?

You can literally pick any color for your bathroom floor, but some work better than others. The size of your bathroom is a significant determinant of the color choice as they tend to make these spaces look bigger or smaller than their actual sizes. These colors should also be in line with your bathroom’s interior décor.

I have created an enlightening list of colors you can use for your bathroom floor and make it as impressive as never before.

Soft Gray


It is a neutral hue that gives your bathroom a touch of class and luxury. Soft gray floors make bathrooms look spacious, and the color can be mixed with different elements to give your bathroom that modern feel. To achieve a perfect look, use granite or concrete as your flooring material for the bathroom.

You can add accessories with different colors in your bathroom if you do not want it to remain too neutral. Black and white wall accessories are an excellent choice.

White and Wood

Most tiled or marbled bathrooms have white as the color of preference. Plain white can feel too shouting and monotonous, making the bathroom environment impersonal. Use color contrast to break the monotony and make your bathroom feel warmer.

Consider using wooden contrasts on your bathroom cabinets and chocolate-brown accents on the tiles/marble floors. The result is an impressive décor with a warm and luxurious feel.

Light Green

Do you love the idea of having a nature-like environment when freshening up? Then, light green is the color you should choose for your bathroom floor. It is ideal for use in large and open bathrooms to make them look smaller than their sizes.

Light green works harmoniously with white and earthy tones. The combination creates a bold and stylish statement. You can create a brighter bathroom with other lighter shades of green, such as apple or sage.


It is commonly used in saunas. But, if you want to recreate that earthy feel in your bathroom, you can never go wrong with brown floors. Brown creates a minimalistic look to your bathroom when used on the floor.

You can pair the brown floor with white sanitary units, brown ceiling panels, and neutral gray walls to create a more dramatic look.

Classic Black and White

It is ideal for use in small bathrooms to make them look bigger. Use black on the floor and white on the walls to create this fantastic classic combination. You can throw a small, white rug at the center of your bathroom to create contrast on the black floor.

Add details by using shiny metallic finishes such as the faucets, bathtub legs, and trash can.

Wood and Neutral Blue

You can create so much with wooden floors. Create a warm and neutral environment by combining the floor with neutral blue walls. The shade of blue is a combination of blue and gray that creates a chill environment.

To create an even more mind-blowing bathroom environment, consider using bright-white accents. These can be on your sinks, cabinets, mirror frames, or rugs. There can never be a better bathroom to freshen up if not this one!

Light Blue

Try this color for your floor if you love everything minimalistic. It works well on bathrooms with only a few items and is accented with white. It can help you enjoy long baths since the environment mimics a sky (light blue plus white).

Go with light blue for both the floor and the wall and white for your bathtub and the sink. If you choose to have a rug, use a white or a neutral gray one. The long baths will definitely feel soothing and relaxing when using such a bathroom.


It is one of the unique colors I have seen being used on bathroom floors. It goes against all odds, and beyond the regulars, we are used to, which I think is worth the attention. Orange is a bold color that creates a cheerful mood in a bathroom.

What’s great about this floor is it can be paired with the most bright colors for the accessories or the wall. The orange floor is timeless as it perfectly goes well with traditional and modern bathroom designs. So, if you had a gloomy day, where else can you get your mood uplifted, if not while freshening in your beautiful bathroom?

Bathroom floors often come into contact with water as people living in a house take baths to prepare for a day of rest from a busy day. The materials used for its flooring should be strong and water-resistant to prevent them from getting destroyed by the conditions. Some of these materials include:

Stone Tiles

These are great for use on bathroom floors for their durable and waterproof characteristics. Stone tiles are decorative and are made from granite, marble, limestone, and slate. They come in distinct colors, which means you can use this flooring material on your bathroom with the color that intrigues you.

People often think of stone tiles as flooring materials with a rough texture because those were popularly used. But, if rough bathroom floors are not your thing, you can get a texture that matches your taste. The material has different textures such as sandblasted, flamed, and other variations.


The thought of wood floors in a bathroom is horrifying considering its water-absorbing characteristic and rot. But, treated hardwood is often used on these spaces to ensure it does not rot or have a mildew problem.

If the wood is not treated and properly installed, get ready to deal with rot, fading, and mold growth.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles

It is the best bathroom flooring material. Porcelain tile is characterized by a high water resistance rate and affordability. The material is also available in many colors and shapes. You can be as creative as you want when installing your floor.

Ceramic tiles can imitate all other materials – say, wood, stone to help you recreate the flooring material you want. The material is also durable, making it a perfect choice for homeowners who do not intend to remodel their bathrooms for a long time.

The disadvantage of this bathroom flooring material is that it is cold and slippery when wet. Heated or radiant tile can be used under the material to overcome the cold challenge, while smaller tiles used to reduce slipperiness.

I hope you feel motivated to pick a color for your bathroom floor and start renovating. You can be as creative as you want by choosing the color combinations that create a calming and soothing environment for your bathroom.

Never forget to give yourself the best as you deserve to be pampered for your hard work. It’s time for you to create a new look in your bathroom.

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