What Is a Throw Blanket for?

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It’s no longer necessary to head to bed early due to a cold. You can enjoy that feeling of unconditional warmth anywhere in your home, whether you’re watching a movie, working on a project for the next day, or anywhere else you desire.

All this is possible as long as you have a throw. But what exactly are throw blankets meant for?

Throw blankets are great for a cozy weekend or holiday mornings when on the road on a long trip and for your home’s décor. You can also use the throw as a kids blanket is particularly warmer seasons when you have a gathering at home. It’s generally not a good idea in winter.

You never know how critically important you need a throw blanket until you find yourself in the situations outlined in this article. Make sure you read ahead for deeper insight on the usage of the throw and many other things you were not aware of.

What Is the Difference Between a Blanket and a Throw?


A blanket and a throw can be somewhat confusing because they both provide timely warmth. This is in addition to the décor factor wherever you may use each one of them. With some reliable knowledge, you will be in a better position to know which one to buy according to your immediate needs.

Although you can always use the blanket in certain places for a throw, you might not always use the throw blanket in place of a blanket.

Here are some of the differences you might want to be acquainted with:


When designing a blanket, the manufacturers do not prioritize decoration features. Instead, they put first the absolute warmth of the user because most times, the blankets are for use in bedrooms.

In addition, although both the blanket and the throw blanket are from similar materials, the production of the throw blanket entails the designer’s consideration of specific beauty facts.

These beauty facts make them create specially designed knitted knots on it as compared to the blanket. So you can create each of them from cotton, fleece, wool, linen, and several other materials.


A blanket design has to be suitable for different bed sizes, unlike throw blankets, which can vary in size following the decoration on it. However, most throws can have a standard size of about 50 by 36 inches.

So generally, the designers of throw blankets take into account the fact that it is meant for use by a single user at a time, as compared to the blanket that is suitable for more than one person.

So, in the end, you’ll notice that the throw cannot be used as a cover while sleeping; unless used when designed the outlook of the bed.

Additionally, when not in use for warmth purposes, throws are considered as essential decoration structures, while blankets are used exclusively for warmth.

Can You Sleep with a Throw Blanket?

A goodnight’s sleep is worth a thousand benefits in a human being’s body. People don’t take sleep as seriously as they should in today’s world, and that is why you often see people sleeping with throw blankets.

However, that should not be the case. Quality sleep should take into consideration total comfort, among other factors. That’s why there are several inventions on electric blankets and many other weighted factors; all meant to give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Such sleep is important whether you are taking your sleep on the bed or the couch.

So should you opt for using a throw blanket in your bed while asleep, you may need to use it as a top-up on your normal blanket since the throw blanket may not be your preferred size for sleeping with.

The throw blanket is almost half the size of a normal blanket.

What Is the Purpose of a Throw Blanket?

Depending on their varying prices and the relative materials used in their creation, you can use a throw for a wide range of indoor and outdoor uses. Many throw blanket designers consider the different seasons, so you can be sure to have a blanket for every weather condition.

Not forgetting their additional decorative purposes, their uses can vary from one to another, depending on your decoration preference.

Here are some of the most common uses for throw blankets

Cozy Mornings

Have you noticed some weekends and holiday mornings get freaky cold even when it’s not winter seasons? Such mornings may make you cancel all your plans to later during the day when the temperatures would be somewhat fair enough.

So you might opt to start your day at the couch or admiring your neighborhood from the balcony with a throw blanket in comfortable silence while sipping your morning coffee.

It wouldn’t be bad to take such time and complete off your pending assignments or finish that novel you were reading. You may also opt for a movie morning with a throw on you to keep your body warm.

Decoration in the House

Throw blankets can be very cozy with attractive lining decors that you can drape over a chair, couch arm, or bed. You might also opt for unique designs in the room altogether, matching your preferences while also blending various themes in your desired interior.

Note that you don’t have to use it as a spreadsheet on either surface you intend for; instead, you might want to try its naming functionality “throw.” There’s always something cool with a rugged but unique view. So make it look as if a mistaken piece on the furniture but yet, so eye-catching.

You can weave the throw alongside your bed’s frame and use a matching pillow or pillow sham. You can also match it with draping it on the foot of your mattress or any other customizable look.

Got too Many Visitors?

It will be easier to plan a party or hold a weekend gathering when you don’t need to worry about fitting everyone on a blanket. A kid’s blanket measures about 34 x 46 inches, while a standard throw is not more than 50 x 36 inches. 

So as long as it’s not in a cold season, you can use the throw for kids. In addition, children’s bodies can be very sensitive to cold, so you should not use the throw as a blanket for them in cold months.

Hitting the Road

Waking up early for work has never been easy. It needs sincere determination to remember that the job won’t only be beneficial for your boss but very beneficial for you as well. However, the chilly breezes flowing at such times can scare you off from thinking of anything about going to work.

But you need not be afraid anymore as long as you have a throw blanket with you. Since making yourself warm in the car might go a long way into creating the appropriate mood for your day besides preventing you from catching a cold.

What Is the Purpose of a Bed Throw?

Throws are somewhat different from blankets and bedspreads. So if you need a throw for your bed, you may have it neatly spread on the foot of the bed where you can pull it out when temperatures drop in the room.

On the other hand, a bedspread:

  • It is light in weight and can have varying designs, but most of them maintain quilt designs.
  • It provides a covering for the whole bed.
  • You can use it in summer seasons and other warm nights, as long as you top it up with a light sheet.

While a throw

  • It is much smaller than a blanket and a bedspread.
  • It is a sure source of warmth in any season, as long as you don’t use it as a cover when sleeping.
  • It is available in various colors, all with several designs and decorations.

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