What Goes With Red Couch?

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A red couch in your living room makes a bold statement of your personality and decoration preferences. All eyes will be on it all through because red has a way to catch the eye.

However, choosing colors that complement it well can be challenging.

So, what goes with a red couch?

Since red is super catchy and easy to spot, pairing it with neutral colors will tone it down and balance the room. It goes well when matched with white and black, as well as other color shades of gray and brown for walls and fabrics.

You have to incorporate other things like paintings, wall hangers, chimes, and other accessories for a complete look. You could also bring in more furniture.

However, how do you ensure that everything blends well with each other and the room looks exquisite?

This article looks at the different options you have when decorating a room with a red couch.

What Wall Colors Go With Red Couch?


Bold colors like red are colorful, and you definitely don’t want too much color in your living room. Otherwise, it will look obtrusively bright and distasteful. To avoid this, you should consider using colors that neutralize the showy red color while still maintaining its glow.

The best colors for the wall would be white, beige, gray, or black. White and beige bring a warm feeling into the room. If you prefer a cooler feel, some shades of gray and a touch of black will do the trick.

The neutral colors are also perfect for when you choose to bring in other furniture with different colors. They will blend well without so much contrast.

If your plan is to make the couch less visible, you can consider painting the wall with an analogous color that is close to red so that it can weigh its impact down. These colors include purple, orange, and other shades of red.

However, this choice will make the room have too much color and pomp. However, if this is your style and you like it that way, then you can have the colors you want.

You can also try to tone it down using other colors.

What Living Room Accessories Go With Red Couch?

Accessories offer an opportunity to add pomp and color into the room. The small pieces can bring in other colors without messing with the overall outlook or being too showy.

The best approach is to use your imagination to decorate your red couch.

For example, imagine that your red couch is like your slinky red dress. You don’t want to overdo the makeup and accessories so that they can remain presentable.

It’s the same with the couch. Some of the accessories you can use with your red couch include:

1. Throw Pillows

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Choose throw pillows with contrasting colors like purple, bright yellow, and green shades. Introduce them in different geometric shapes so as to kill monotony on the couch.

These contrasting colors have a color-blocking aspect that sufficiently helps your red couch to stand out.

If you don’t want solid colors for the pillows, floral patterns are also excellent. Choose a pattern that radiates brightness and add color to the room. The goal of the floral pattern is to enhance the red color statement.

You can also combine several block colors in a pattern, and it will look great.

Another selection that goes well with red is animal print designs on the pillows. These could be leopard prints or zebra prints. If the décor in the room allows, take the chance and decorate with animal print pillows and enjoy the vibrant patterns.

For example, if you painted the wall white, then the zebra pattern will go with time and compliment the red color. After all, the white and black colors on the zebra print are neutral colors, so they’ll be perfect for red.

Generally, throw pillows for a red couch can take up any shape or pattern as long as it resonates with what you want and matches other accessories in the room. Different designs will help to pull the overall look together and create an inviting feel.

2. Footstools and Ottomans

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These are accent pieces that add warmth to the room as well as enhance the red couch. It can have the same color or a neutral color like white. This will also create the theme for the room.

For example, you can have a small end table, preferably white, at the side near the red couch in order to boost elegance. You can then have an ottoman (red or black) or a footstool at a central position. It will make the room feel warmer.

These ottomans and footstools are designed in different shapes and materials. Your choice will depend largely on your preferences and personality.

3. Lampshades

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When choosing a lampshade for your décor when having a red couch is easy. First, you’ll need to determine what you want to pair the lampshade with. For example, should it match with your furniture or with the rest of the decoration in the room?

Also, you’ll need to consider the purpose of the room so that you can have an easy time choosing the fabric on the lampshade. The fabric will also determine how bright the lampshade will be.

Since the lampshade will be in the living room, you can choose a lampshade with a bright-colored fabric so that there can be more light in the room. You might decide to match it with the couch. But if you overdo it, there will be too much red in the room – more than you’d enjoy.

4. Wall Paintings

Wall paintings add a detail of elegance to the room. You can have a few paintings on the wall that display some red or other colors close to red, like brown.

On the other hand, the room will feel warm and much relatable. Some people go to the extent of having drawings made directly on the wall or incorporating wallpaper with different designs. Some of these are more nature-related and include plants.

On the wall hangings, it’s okay to add some mirrored furniture on the wall to add a touch of class. At the end of the day, it depends on what you want.

What Floor Colors Go Well With Red Couch?

You’re not done with decoration until you find something for the floor. It has a way of reflecting back the colors and enhancing the room. As mentioned earlier, red is bold and decorative, and so you have to tone it down a little.

Some suggestions for rug color include:

1. Multi-colored Floral Rug

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A beautiful floral design will spark life into the room. Your red couch will appear brighter and visible in the room. You can be sure your guests won’t take their eyes off it.

Ensure that some of the flowers on the rug have a red color on them so that they can resonate with the couch.

2. Geometric Multicolored Rug

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Multiple shapes resonate with red, but it gives a great look when the geometrical shapes are colored differently. The trick is to ensure that the pattered rug has some red in it.

3. Gray Rug

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Gray is neutral and a perfect match for red. First, it’s resistant to dirt and stains, so it will not show easily when it gets dirty. Also, if you use a textured rug, it will feel comfortable under your feet.

4. Brick Red Patterned with Beige

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Beige’s neutral feel ensures that the room remains bright without being too showy. Coupling it with brick red maintains the theme for the room and amplifies the red couch.

5. Crimson Red and Gold

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Just like beige, gold helps to balance out the look in the room without allowing the red to overpower other colors.

What Color Chairs Go With Red Couch?

So, you bought a red couch as a single but didn’t want to bring in more red. There are other furniture like armchairs that you can add to your room to make it cozier. But what color should they be?

Remember that you don’t want to have too much red in your living room because it can be very unattractive. Therefore, a different bold color will do the trick.

A great suggestion would be a bold deep blue color. Blue spells out elegance, coupled with a traditional feel as well as royalty. Blue blocks are red so that they both stand out in the room.

Since your walls will have a neutral color, they will blend well with all the colors and balance the red boldness. Blue will also accommodate other brighter colors like yellow. These colors will enhance the room’s colorfulness.


Red is not a favorite to most people, but if it is yours, then you can use it to enhance your living room and add more color to it.

You only need to know how best to decorate it so that it can showcase your personality and make your home as you want it.

After all, home is the only place you can truly be yourself.

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