What Goes With Mirrored Furniture?

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Mirrored furniture is trendy – not only because you can see your reflection on every side you look but also because it keeps your room brightened up.

Decorating a room with mirrored furniture can prove difficult, especially if you want to incorporate other colors and designs into the room.

So, what goes with mirrored furniture?

Mirrored furniture blends in well with most interior designs while still maintaining your personality. But, if you’re looking to amplify the mirror-like feel in the room, accents like silver, wood, gold, and crystal are perfect. Some plants or glass décor will add warmth to the overall look.

Do you feel it’s time to bring in mirrored furniture but don’t know what to match it with so that your room looks elegant?

This article suggests some ideas you can borrow and use to decorate your room when having mirrored furniture.

What Décor Goes With Mirrored Furniture?


Traditional mirrored furniture features a bright silver shine that makes it a little difficult to decorate. This is because it doesn’t resonate well with most colors unless those with a similar accent.

However, modern designers are now incorporating different mirror tints so that it’s easier to decorate.

The focus for modern designers is to create pieces that visually enhance the space, especially small spaces. So, they keep the mirrored furniture minimal and hardly noticeable. The bigger the mirrored space, the more difficult it will be to decorate and also to maintain.

For example, if you have a dressing table with a big mirrored space, it will always get stained, so you have to keep cleaning it. That makes it much harder to maintain and keep clean all the time.

On the other hand, if your dressing table has mirrored edges only, the stains will be minimal, bringing out the brightness you want.

In designing suitable décor for mirrored furniture, it’s important to consider the mirrored furniture’s role in the room. Are you using it on the wall to make the room bigger as a piece of art?

Also, consider the size of your mirrored furniture and the impact of each piece you’ll bring into the room.

Here are some décor examples that will go well with mirrored furniture.

1.   Crystal Items

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Crystal décor has the same reflective aspect present in mirrored furniture. That means, when light falls on the crystals, it bounces off, making the room so much brighter. That sparkle is everything you’d want in your room.

Examples of crystal décor include crystal candleholders, lamps, charger plates, etc. The best place for crystal accessories is on the wall and not on the table.

When placed on the wall, they easily reflect the light and add a sparkle to the room.

If you place them on the table, they will cause many overlapping reflections, which may not bring out the glow you want in your room.

Another suitable place for crystal accessories is behind the dressing mirror or the dresser so that they can boost the room’s ambiance and spell out character and class.

2. Silver Accessories

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Silver resonates well with several other pieces in the house, including your mirrored furniture. This is because of its shiny accent. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or overly done so that you can maintain a colorful feel in the room.

For example, you can use a silver candleholder to warm your room or a silver picture frame to display your pictures. Just like crystals, the best place for silver accessories would be on the wall because of their reflective nature.

3. Gold Accessories

With gold, the trick is simple. If your mirrored furniture has some golden metal on it, then add some more gold to amplify its look. This is because gold has a way of making the room feel warmer compared to silver.

Some gold accessories you can use with mirrored furniture include lampstands, trays, wall paintings, etc. Even though you must not crowd the room with too much gold, if the room is your bedroom, you can also choose to have gold curtains for your windows.

4. Wood

Wood is great for a natural feel in the room. It usually combines well with mirrors and increases their glow without overdoing it. This means that you can bring in as many wood accessories and still keep your room looking elegant.

Some wood accessories that can add that touch of class to your room include candleholders, bedside furniture, etc. Other than would piece, you can bring in some plants, which will amplify the room’s natural feel.

Plants also blend in easily with most furniture.

What Wall Colors Go With Mirrored Furniture?

As mentioned earlier, mirrored furniture goes well with most colors, including patterns with multiple colors, shapes, and designs. So, you can choose a color that works best for you according to your preferences.

However, your decision for a wall color may be determined by other items you have in the room. First, you may need to get your bed accessories or at least decide on what color they would be and then find a matching color for the wall.

Mirrored furniture gives the room a reflective feel, so you can either have a brighter room or one that is a little toned down yet reflective. For example, if you want a bright room with bright colors, you can choose a bright color for that.

Your best bet would be to for neutral colors like white, beige, gray, etc., to balance the brightness.

If you prefer darker themes, your wall will look great with darker colors, especially those that are metallic-themed. A great choice would be brown. Remember other items in the room and their colors so that you can use a color that blends in well with them.

Is Mirrored Furniture Good?

Mirrored furniture is refreshing and could be a great update to your home. There are many advantages of using mirrored furniture. Some of them include:

  • Your room will look brighter than it would because the mirrors are naturally reflective. You’ll no longer need extra light for somewhat dark places in your room.
  • You won’t need to change your previous décor because mirrored furniture will blend in well. That means you can keep your designs without having to make major changes.
  • Your room will appear bigger, thanks to the mirrored furniture’s reflective ability. Try a mirrored wall and see how your room opens up.
  • Mirrored furniture is stain-resistant, unlike other furniture. That means you’ll only wipe off any dirt or spill on the mirrored furniture without having to scrub like with other furniture.
  • Mirrored furniture can help you avoid some appearance mishaps because you can often see your reflection in the mirror, even though it is momentary. Sometimes all you need is that one look into the mirror, and that convenience is perfect with mirrored furniture.

Ideas For Using Mirrored Furniture In Your Space

Mirrored furniture has been in use for centuries but does not become unfashionable. In fact, they bring a wow factor into our space and give it a sense of class and sophistication.

However, you may need some exciting ideas on how you can use mirrored furniture so that it doesn’t appear too tacky.

1. A mirrored coffee table

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If you’re having a mirrored coffee table and wondering where to place it, you might want to consider placing it at the center of the room, where it can catch glimpses of your other decoration. At this position, it will reflect your existing décor and other stunning pieces in the room.

If you want your decoration to make a statement, this position is best for the mirrored coffee table. Try pairing it with a unique sofa design or color.

2. A mirrored buffet table

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Mirrored furniture is known for its ability to trick the eye and make the room look bigger than it actually is. This could be a great trick for your dining room in order to make the space appear bigger.

If you place a buffet table near a rug in your room, it will form multiple reflections of the rug, making it appear bigger.

Consider using this trick on a patterned rug with bright colors because the reflection will add double layers of the patterns, thus increasing the room’s brightness.

3. Mirrored Night Stands

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If you have mirrored nightstands, consider placing them on the side of the bed where there’s likely to have some sunlight. This is preferably under a window.

During the day, the mirrored nightstand will reflect the sunlight and add so much light into the room.

You can also place the lamp on top of it so that the shiny mirrored surface can reflect the light. The beautiful glow will give your room a warm feeling with a sense of relaxation.


Mirrored furniture is timeless and easily blends with your personal style. If you’re stuck on the options you have to decorate it with, consider some of the suggestions discussed in this article.

They work great for both mirrored centerpieces or entire mirrored furniture.

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