What Goes With Mirrored Furniture?

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Mirrored furniture can add drama, elegance, and visual interest to any room. The reflective surfaces brighten up spaces and make them feel more spacious. But what should you pair with mirrored furniture to create a cohesive, stylish look? This guide explores décor and furnishings that beautifully complement mirrored pieces.

Classic Glamour


If you want an opulent, glamorous vibe, gold, and crystal accents are perfect partners for mirrored furniture. The glinting surfaces play off each other gorgeously. For maximum sparkle, pair a mirrored table with golden candlesticks and a crystal chandelier overhead. The soft glow of candlelight will dance across the reflective surfaces.

Or place a mirrored console table behind your sofa and accessorize with gilded picture frames and an ornate gold lamp. The bold metallic hues give off an air of refinement. For a more modern glam look, opt for brushed gold accents and clear quartz crystals. The sleeker metallic hue aligns well with contemporary mirrored pieces.

Crisp and Modern

Mirrored furniture stems from the sleek Art Deco style. Carry on that crisp, modern aesthetic by pairing mirrored pieces with soft woods and neutral fabrics. This creates an airy, contemporary ensemble. Try a mirrored sideboard topped with wooden bowls and white tulips. Or flank a streamlined mirrored dresser with woven rattan nightstands.

Keep walls, bedding, and window treatments in light hues like white, tan, or gray. Then ground the space with darker wood flooring. The muted colors allow the mirrored furniture to truly shine as the focal point, while the wood tones warm up the reflective surfaces.

Soft and Organic

The bold glare of mirrored furniture can be softened with natural textures and elements. Incorporating rattan, linen, wool, and greenery helps these pieces feel less sterile and more welcoming. For example, a wooden console table with a mirrored topper gains warmth placed beneath a rattan pendant light.

Or mix mirrored nightstands with linen bedding and wool throws. Adding potted plants brings in greenery to offset the reflective surfaces. Try succulents, which complement the clean lines of mirrored pieces. Also consider a living accent like a bonsai tree on an end table or dresser. The organic shapes and textures create a serene vibe.

Moody and Dramatic

Want to create a dark, moody environment? Mirrored furniture brilliantly reflects and enhances dim lighting. Place a mirrored bar cart or console table in a room with black walls and smoky gray fabrics. Then accent with mercury glass vases, silver candlesticks, and crystal decanters.

The mirrored surfaces catch and amplify the soft glow of candlelight. Using patterned or antiqued mirrors also softens the reflective quality. A distressed mirror over a console adds flair against a rich navy or eggplant colored wall. The muted reflection aligns better with the cozy, dramatic ambiance.

Classic and Traditional

Mirrored furniture may seem starkly modern, but it can suit traditional décor as well. Incorporate ornate mirrors into a classic space to get that lavish estate feel. Try framing a gilded mirror above a dark wood dresser. Then accent with silver-plated candlesticks and decanters.

For a dining space, opt for a mirrored cabinet with delicate fretwork. Pair it with upholstered dining chairs and an antique-style rug. The carved details in the mirror prevent it from feeling too sleek and modern. Vintage-style silver and crystal chandeliers also complement ornate mirrored pieces.

Boho Chic Style

The unconventional boho aesthetic is all about mixing prints, textures, and materials. This makes it a perfect pairing for shiny mirrored furniture. Contrast the sleek surfaces with crochet pillows, animal prints, and distressed wood accents. Macramé plant hangers, prayer flags, and patchwork blankets will make mirrored pieces feel right at home.

Try a dainty mirrored vanity table in a bedroom with lace curtains, ceramic vases, and woven wall hangings. Top the table with candles for an eclectic glow. Then build onto the bohemian vibe with wicker chairs and cowhide rugs surrounding the mirrored piece. The blend of natural and shiny surfaces meshes beautifully.

Tips for Pulling it All Together

  • Use contrasting textures. Pair the smooth mirrored surfaces with nubby wool blankets, rustic wood accents, and woven rattan. This prevents the space from feeling too sleek.
  • Incorporate neutral backgrounds. Mirrored furniture pops when walls, bedding, and other surfaces use muted whites, beiges, and grays. This allows the mirrors to stand out.
  • Mix metallic accents. Use a blend of silvers, golds, brass, and copper to give a layered eclectic effect. This enhances the mirrored furniture.
  • Add vintage patina. Distressed mirrors, tinted glass, or ones with painted or antique finished edges look less stark. They align with shabby chic, traditional, or boho styles.
  • Limit mirrored surfaces. Too many reflective materials can feel chaotic and overwhelming. Anchor mirrored pieces with non-reflective surfaces.

The array of décor possibilities for mirrored furniture is endless. Just keep the overall vibe you want in mind. Then have fun playing with metallic and natural accents, moody lighting, and colorful textures to create a fashionable, cohesive space. Mirrored pieces give any room a stylish focal point when thoughtfully paired with complementing furnishings and finishes.

What type of piece of furniture is frequently used to reflect light and make a space feel bigger?

A mirrored coffee table or mirrored end table are pieces of furniture that can reflect light and make a space feel bigger. The reflective surfaces bounce light around the room.

What is a good piece of furniture to pair with a mirrored coffee table to create contrast?

A woven rattan sofa or armchair with fabric upholstery would create an appealing contrast in textures next to a sleek mirrored coffee table.

What is one recommendation for making sure mirrored furniture does not feel too sterile and stark?

Incorporating natural elements like plants, wood accents, textiles, and organic shapes helps soften the reflective surfaces of mirrored furniture and makes it feel warmer.

What type of piece of furniture could be used to anchor a glamorous space with gold and crystal accents?

A mirrored coffee table or mirrored end table would help anchor a glamorous space decorated with gold and crystal accents. The mirrored surfaces would complement the shiny accents.

What is one example of a piece of furniture that can soften the modern aesthetic of mirrored furniture?

Placing a mirrored dresser or console table underneath a rattan pendant light softens the modern aesthetic of the mirrored furniture with natural texture.

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