What goes with an Orange Couch?

Orange is a striking color that cannot but get noticed. The bright days of the orange couch are gradually coming back, and it is a beautiful thing, but has this left you are wondering?

What goes with an orange couch?

Several colors go with an orange couch. The first one you should consider is any light shade of blue and green since both colors are complementary to orange. Neutral colors like white, cream, and grey are also good choices.

It is not just about mentioning colors, hang on and see how these colors can be well combined. The orange couch in the company of the right mix of hues illuminates your living room.

Keep scrolling to uncover amazing options for that orange couch design.

What color is Orange?

Orange is a tertiary color that is between red and yellow on the color scheme. In the psychology of color, orange is considered an energetic color. Like it is neighbor red and yellow, it is attention-grabbing. It is bright, happy, and uplifting.

This color is often used in advertising because of its ability to garner attention. An orange couch is a good centerpiece for any living room. It brings a burst of youthful energy that makes the room lively and bright. There are different shades of orange that can be incorporated:

What are the Shades of Orange?


This is named after the fruit tangerine. It is a bold and saturated shade of orange. Tangerine is a color that shows youthful energy, fun, and happiness. It combines well with colors like cream, yellow, purple, and shades of blue.


Peach is a good mix of orange, pink, and yellow. Its name is from the back of the peach fruit. It is pink and orange. Sometimes, it is called a shade of pink and also a shade of orange. Peach can also vary in intensity as it moves between orange and pink.

Carrot Orange

It derives its name from the vegetable carrot. The orange carrot has its characteristic color due to the carotene it contains. Carrot orange is a lively color that elicits an enthusiastic feeling.

Ginger Orange

The color is derived from ginger spice. It is a mix of orange and brown with more proportion of orange. It is a darker shade of carrot orange. 

Tiger Orange

This is a mixture of orange and brown, named after the animal tiger. Tiger orange is a less bright shade of orange with a mix of brown. The color is somewhere between burnt orange and ginger shades of orange.

Burnt Orange

This is a medium-dark orange shade that is usually likened to a feel of autumn. It is a warm color that is sometimes said to evoke negative emotions like pride and aggression.


What is the Complementary color of orange?

Looking at the color wheel, blue and orange sit perfectly opposite each other. The natural complementary pair of orange is blue.

All shades of orange are perfectly complemented by corresponding shades of blue. With an orange couch, you should look at a good shade of blue based on the orange shade.

The lighter the shade of the orange becomes, the lighter the blue should be, and vice-versa.

What goes with an Orange Couch?

Orange in its various shades has been known to be a dominant color. It exudes enthusiasm and fun. It was a common interior design color years ago, and it is gradually gaining popularity again. Burnt orange was reported as being a common interior color in the early 1970s.

There are three variations to styling your orange couch. The neutral colors are the first important collection to take note of. Then the complementary shades, blue and green, are good options. An orange couch also goes well with analogous colors like red and yellow.

Here is a comprehensive list of colors that go well with an orange couch:

Complementary Colors

These have been established as the colors opposite orange on the color wheel. It can be various shades of blue and some green.

In combination with an orange sofa, blue and green keep the energy of the orange while adding complementary beauty.


Blue can be used on a minimal level for the accessories around the orange couch. Here it is used for the throw pillows and also as the cover rug.

In combination with brown and white, it all came out alluring and beautiful.


A darker shade of blue that can also combine well with an orange couch. The walls can be painted with navy blues and some couch accessories in the same color.

It is good to add neutral colors and patterned materials to make it all pop more. The look is a bit dark, but the patterned ivory rug brings more light into the room.


Also, sitting somewhere opposite orange on the color wheel, it compliments it quite well. In a muted shade like mint, forest, lime, or slimy green, it sparks up a living room. The walls are painted green and small addition of white is all that is needed.

Analogous Colors

Orange is a warm color, and so the complementary colors are also warm. Combining these colors with an orange couch keeps the enthusiasm and the warmth of the color. If you desire an electric and energetic look, make use of analogs of orange on the color wheel.

Red and Yellow are the next on either side to orange. They enhance the warmth of the orange couch. It is best to use them in their muted tones and also add some touches of neutral colors like cream and white.


On the same side as orange on the color wheel, red is a warm color. It adds to the life and energy of the orange couch. When used as a wall painting with a mix of white or cream, it is glorious.

If you like to have an energetic look for your living room, red is a good combination with an orange couch. It is best to always add some light colors to balance the striking appeal of both red and orange.


With almost the same energy as red and orange, yellow brings a glow in combination with an orange couch. Yellow walls with brown walls and ceilings are just the right proportion of energy and calmness.

The gradient of the plant against the yellow wall cannot be unnoticed.

Neutral Colors

These colors combine well with every other color, hence the name neutral. Since orange is a warm color, neutral colors will help tone it down and make the room less energetic.

Too much warm color can be too sharp and hence turn people off.

Neutral colors like grey, brown, and white are good. They can be used for the wall, curtains, floors, and accessories in combination with the orange couch.


A good mix between black and white is gray. It gives the show to the orange couch while it ensures the right contrast and lighting for the showpiece.

Here it is mixed with white on the furniture and plants for some greenery.


Another contrast master is white. It illuminates the room. It also makes the orange couch stand out in the living room. A touch of grey or black is needed to add more glam.


Touches of brown around pieces of furniture, frames, windows, and couch accessories can not go wrong. All these are perfect against a white, cream, or muted green shade wall.

White, Brown, and Grey

A good collection of neutral colors in grey, white, and black or brown is another combo that goes well with an orange couch. White walls with a touch of grey on the floors, and brown furniture is great.

The look is welcoming and relaxing, not too noisy neither too quiet.

Add some Green Spark

Plants are beautiful and they can bring that beauty into any living room. It is just opening the door for them to come in. Plants are part of the many things that go with an orange couch.

The green colors of indoor plants can be an extra spark that is needed.

Indoor plants like pothos, fiddle leave fig, and prayer plants are few ideas to think about. Either you have chosen the analogous, neutral or complementary pathway, adding an indoor plant can be the final piece that has been missing.

It is not compulsory to use live plants, you can use props, it is the green that matters.

An Orange Couch is all you need

The color orange is warm and inviting. This property can be elevated or well complemented when you get the colors and things that go with it right. There is no need to be afraid of buying that orange couch.

Here are several ideas of what goes with an orange couch.

To increase the energetic look of the orange couch, add some red or yellow to the mix. To give the couch the center stage of attraction, add some neutral colors around it.

White, cream, and ivory are good places to seek inspiration.

Blue and yellow are perfect for a well-mixed hue with energy and warmth, yet cool and attractive.

In all you do, don’t forget to always add the diluents of neutral colors. You can never add them in excess. The ball is now in your court.