What goes with a Yellow Couch?

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Yellow is a happy color that brings a feeling of sunshine. A yellow couch gives an image of fun and happiness, just like the color yellow itself. Every living room with this couch will always be lively and emotionally lifting.

But what combines well with a yellow couch?

A yellow couch is gorgeous when combined with colors like blue, grey, green, white, and other neutral colors. These colors can come as wall paintings, throw pillows, rugs, furniture, and other decorative accessories.

There is no end to how creative one can get with the right color schemes. Here are the starting ideas that will inspire bigger and bolder interior designs around that yellow couch.

Read on to find out how the various ways these colors go with a yellow couch.

What Color is Yellow?


In the psychology of colors, yellow is a color that is associated with happiness. It is believed to have an effect on the left side of the human brain, causing increased analytical thinking.

This color elicits happiness and fun more than any other color.

This must be the reason why it is likened to sunshine. It gives such glow and bursts of positive emotions. Summarily, yellow depicts energy, attention, brightness, and warmth. It easily grabs attention, but it can be negative when excessively used.

This is why it must be well combined with other colors.

What are the Shades of Yellow?

Yellow comes in different shades, tones, and tints. These are some of the common variants of the color yellow:

Bright Yellow

This is one of the earliest shades of yellow. It usually represents the primary yellow hue. It shows optimism, energy, and warmth. It is the color of sunshine.

Commonly used by many brands and in advertisements for its attention-grabbing and energizing effects

Royal Yellow

This color is inspired by the robes worn by certain emperors in china. It is also called imperial yellow or Chinese yellow. It was first called in English as royal yellow in 1548.

This shade looks yellow-tinted with a touch of gold.

Mellow Yellow

It can be considered a medium-light shade of brown because of its closeness to brown. It is a mix of red, green and blue.

It was formulated in 1948 as one of the Plochere color schemes used by interior designers.

Neon Yellow

This is a bright shade of yellow that has a touch of green in it. It is slightly deeper than greenish-yellow. Commonly used in kids’ clothes as it is a playful color.

Lemon Yellow

Lemon yellow is a pale shade of yellow. It is the color of the lemon fruit. This shade is good in combination with other colors since it is not too bright and shouty.

Canary Yellow

This is a bright and glowing yellow shade. It is the color of the yellow canary bird. It is a mix of yellow and green that brings a feeling of sunshine.

Is Yellow a Good Color for the Living Room?

In the right proportion, yellow is a perfect color for a living room. It is a good choice to create an inviting and enthusiastic feeling. The warmth of the color will make the living room appealing and attention-grabbing.

The couch in a living room usually holds a large place in the statement of the overall design. A yellow couch is always lively and fun eliciting. Decorating around the color is interesting and fun as there are several options of colors to play around with.

What goes well with Yellow Couch?

The complementary color of yellow is violet and purple. These colors are opposite yellow on the color wheel. There are ways both violet and purple can be combined with a yellow couch to give a brilliant living room design.

Aside from these two colors, there are also several other colors that can make a good design with yellow. Considering the color wheel, green and orange are around yellow and can be used together with it.

These colors will elevate the warmth and shiny feeling that yellow brings.

Not a lover of too much glow, but do you love a yellow couch? I think you should look more at neutral colors around the yellow couch. The combination of yellow and neutral colors helps attenuate the glow of yellow.

This creates a balance in contrast and energy.

What color of curtains goes well with Yellow Couch?


Considered as a complementary of yellow, it brings out the beauty of a yellow couch when used meticulously around it. Violet throw pillows are wonderful around a yellow couch.

It can be incorporated with its neighbors, purple and lilac, as center rugs and wall paintings.


Muted shades of green are good as wall paintings around a yellow couch. The glow of the yellow is well contrasted with the less glowing green walls. Green can also be used to throw pillows around the yellow couch.

With white walls, green can be incorporated into the curtains. Patterned material will be great.


All shades of blue combine well with yellow. It could be the wall painted blue or blue accessories like throw pillows around the couch. Blue blends the yellow energy and brings a balanced beauty.

The shade of blue is best to be determined by the shade of yellow. This is also dependent on what the desired look is.

Many times bright shades of yellow are best with less bright blue. Both having bright shades is also a cool idea, but neutrals must be added to the mix.


White excellently combines with any color to bring brightness and maturity. With a yellow couch, the color white is good as wall paintings and draperies. White with stripes or patterns are also lovely as throw pillows around a yellow couch.

The color white sets the tone for the yellow to take the center stage as the wall painting and curtains. At the same time, allowing greenies and brown furniture and floor to accompany the yellow so well.

An indoor plant is always a good antique to add to a living room with a yellow couch.


Walls painted grey in a similar fashion to white gives the right contrast for the yellow couch to shine in. Grey can be used in combination with white on the wall. Color can also be used for center rugs or couch pillows.

The difference in texture will help bring it all out more when grey is used in more than one place. For instance, a grey wall, a grey center rug, and probably grey throw pillows. The texture or pattern of the rug and pillows should be different to make it more attractive and not bland


Pink can be used in its bright shades and also in the muted forms. Bright pink, like baby pink, is best used in sparring amounts when using a bright yellow shade. Pink can be used for patterns around the wall.

A pink and white wall is not a bad idea.

Flowers are good to go in pink and green plants can make the complementing perfect. Less bright shades of pink can be used for wall paintings around a yellow couch.

For the curtains, a faint tint of pink can bring a good spark, and it can also be used for throw pillows.


In almost every living room idea with a yellow couch, there is a place for brown. If not with the furniture, it would be for the wooden floor or roof. Brown is good around a yellow couch.

Since brown does not shout, it works well with the brightness of yellow.

Brown can be incorporated in different shades around yellow. A deeper shade can be used for the ceiling wood, and a less deep one as a wooden floor or vice-versa. It could also be the floor and furniture, table, shelf, or stool.

Just combine two different color gradients of brown around the yellow couch.


This is not too far from yellow on the color wheel, and it is a fellow energetic color. Red can go well with a yellow couch in a number of ways but usually in minimal doses.

Red and yellow are good to go with neutral colors around them.

Consider red and white on the walls and a cream curtain. Red can also be blended into the couch accessories. Two bright colors are good sometimes. See what red and yellow can achieve together, and it would be amazing. 


In the neutral group with white and grey, the cream is another color that goes with a yellow couch. Cream can be considered a very light shade of yellow. In the same way, white can be combined with yellow, so also can cream be.

It is nice for the wall, curtains, and in patterns for the couch pillows.

Do More with a Yellow couch

Great interiors are beyond the theories of color psychology. It is about creativity and the expression of beauty.

Do more with that yellow couch with the addition of indoor plants, glass furniture, paintings, and other artworks.

One last thing, different shades of yellow can be used to create magic. The beauty is not far-fetched. It is right there sometimes.

A yellow couch is always fun to decorate around. Enjoy the fun!

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