What goes with a Gold Couch?

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Gold is a gorgeous and elegant color that gives a magnificent appeal. Gold couches and other gold-colored furniture are always a beauty to behold. They are lovely to have, but what color goes with a gold couch?

Several colors go with a gold couch. It all depends on how much of the center stage you want your gold couch to have in your living room. White, plum, and black can never go wrong with gold.

The look you desire to achieve is the major determinant of what colors to combine with a gold couch.

Here is a comprehensive guide on the different color tricks to make your home spark up with life and beauty.

What Kind of Color is Gold?


Gold is a tertiary color alongside others like cyan, indigo, and magenta. Gold is somewhere between a light olive-brown to a dark yellow color. It may be considered as a neutral color with others such as black, white, and grey.

This is because it combines well with almost any other color.

The color gold is a strong and dominating color that can elevate the look of any room when combined well with other colors. In the warm or cool classification of colors, gold can be classified as warm. It elicits a cozy and warm feeling.

What are the shades of gold?

Gold can be as light as olive-brown and as deep as a strong, vivid yellow. What are the shades of this color? We have about six common shades of gold:

  • Antique or Old Gold

This is a sophisticated golden color that is common with ancient buildings. It has the bold look of old and aged gold metal.

  • Light or Pale Gold

It has an attenuated feel of the bright gold shade. It looks closer to neutral colors, and it is a blend of white and brown.

  • Golden Poppy

This is inspired by the poppy flower. A mix of bright yellow and antique gold. It is quite cool and elegant.

  • Vegas Gold

This is an olive-gold shade, and it is inspired by the glamorous buildings of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

  • Golden Brown

This shade is a mix of orange, brown, and yellow. It is the color of baked cake, bread, or fried foods. It is a cool hue that elicits warmness.

  • Golden Yellow

This is a very lively shade of gold that combines yellow, orange, and magenta. It has an optimistic and youthful feel, just like yellow.

What is the complementary color of gold?

On the color wheel, each color has a complementary pair. The complementary pair of each color sits opposite it on the color scale. For gold, the complementary color is blue.

This makes blue one of the colors that go well with gold on any day.

Almost any shade of blue is a good fit with gold. It could be the wall painted blue or the floor covering. The gold couch can be accessorized with blue throw pillows to bring out the elegance more.

What color goes with Gold Couch?

I have started with the complementary color of gold. Now let’s see other colors that combine well with it. There are several colors to consider as gold is quite neutral.

Whichever color you choose will depend on how much you want the gold couch to pop in the room.

With neutral colors, the gold sofa will take center stage and come more alive. If you want the sofa to blend with the environment, then choose other warm colors like red and orange.

Complimentary or contrasting colors like blue and green are excellent for a  sophisticated and striking look.

Neutral Colors

This is the perfect set of colors if you want the dominance of your gold couch to take the center stage. Neutral colors are cool and silent.

This will make the room sophisticated and yet casual. The neutral colors give room for adding a touch of any other bright color.


This is usually used in little details with a gold couch. It is best in the company of other neutrals or with other shades of gold. Black brings out the life in any other color it is used with. It could be the blind, the table, or other pieces of furniture.

Black can also be used as the couch accessories


This neutral color can be used with the gold couch in many ways. It is usually with other colors as well. It can be used in the company of other warm colors as a diluent. Grey can be used with yellow to give a homely feel to your living room.

A grey-painted wall with the gold couch will look great. The wall can be covered with a little shade of grey from the one on the wall, and a deeper shade can be used as accessories for the gold couch.

Add some touches of yellow to bring out the extra spark.

Cream, White, and Ivory

These three colors are birds of the same feather. All of them can be used with a gold couch in varying proportions to give an alluring finish. They can also be used with a touch of a warm color like bright red or orange.

A white wall with ivory center rug and cream as the curtains will give the gold couch an elevated look. The beauty can be completed with dark brown or black furniture.

Keep the couch accessories within brown, black, and Ivory.

Warm Colors

Gold is a warm color, and it can also be combined with other warm colors. This combination will give a colorful and inviting look to your living room. Colors that are analogous with gold on the color wheel make the room cozier when combined with gold.


Bright red is a warm color like gold and must be used with a neutral like beige, cream, or white.


Complementary Colors

Apart from blue, green is also complementary to gold on the color wheel. Shades of green and blue can combine with gold to give a striking look to your living room. Avoid all bright shades of these two colors.

Rather go for light and muted shades that will make the room bright.





Mud Green

Monochromatic look

Other shades of gold and yellow can be incorporated with the gold couch to give a monochromatic look. This will make the room extravagant and glamorous. The important thing is to use different shades so that the look will not be flat.

It is good to use a lighter or deeper shade of gold to the couch for the wall. A similar shade can be used for the center rug or other furniture.

A neutral color can be used to douse the “gold-digging,” probably as the curtain or floor covering. Another trick is to use materials of differing textures.

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