What Goes With A Floral Couch?

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In the 90’s heydays, you would find tiny floral patterns all around the house. It made everything look so cringy. But our parents loved it that way. Even though floral designs are outdated, they are making a huge comeback and in larger spaces like the couch.

So what goes with a floral couch?

A floral couch looks great when paired with neutral or earthy tones like white, cream, grey, green, and brown. But first, you must consider the patterns on the couch and the dominating color, then amplify it with a matching solid color.

Floral couches are not hard to decorate, but you have to know which colors to use not to become too showy. Also, you must consider the flower patterns, repetition, form, colors, and how they all balance.

This article explains these considerations and the best colors to go with your floral couch.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Color To Go With Your Floral Couch?


Floral prints are refreshing but can be intimidating to decorate. However, you can consider a few things so that you’re able to determine the overall look you want for your living room. These include:

1. Dominant color

Most patterns tend to have a color that appears more than other colors. For example, if the couch has a pattern of pink flowers with a green stalk, you’ll notice that the pink color is dominant because it’s the color on the larger part of the flower.

So you’re likely to blend things with a color that resonates with pink.

However, most designs have more complex designs than simple flowers. So, it’s up to you to determine the main color and blend it.

If you want to tone the floral pattern down a notch, you can choose any neutral color and create a backdrop of solid color.

2. Size of Floral print

Is the floral print big or small? For example, if the print is a pattern of flowers, are the flowers big or tiny flowers. Small prints exude an old-fashioned or traditional aura, while the big patterns appear a bit modern.

If your couch has small busy prints all over, you can pair it with another floral print but with larger prints. This will create a cohesive element and a visual interest in the room. O

n the other hand, if you have a couch with a large print floral pattern, you can use a solid color or small print for the background.

3. Creating balance in the room

At the end of your decoration exercise, you’d like a room that looks balanced without some colors overpowering others.

Also, you don’t want to mix so many colors because the room will appear overwhelmed and distasteful.

Therefore, you can embrace solid colors on the wall and other finishing in order to make the sofa stand out and become a focal point in the room. You can also bring in other furniture like chairs which have a solid color.

They will increase the sitting space and do a great job balancing the room’s appearance.

What Colors Go With A Floral Couch?

After the above considerations, you already know what you want as the overall outlook for your living room and what you need to do to achieve it.

That means you can choose to amplify the main color in the floral pattern and make it the theme of the room or to block it with a contrasting color.

You can also choose to make the floral couch a focal point where all eyes will be or make it less distinct.

However, some colors will go well with your floral couch without making it too showy or disorganized.

These are:

  • White – You can never go wrong with white. It has a clean and bright aura that brightens up the couch, making it stand out. It’s a good choice for the walls, coffee table, or other accessories that will decorate the room.
  • Grey – A neutral tone that balances all the colors and tones down showy colors. You can use it effectively on the wall, as to throw pillows or an area rug. You can also have a console table in gray, and it will look great.
  • Brown – Variations of brown like sand, beige, tan, etc., are great for the throw pillows, area rugs, curtains, and other accessories. They blend in very well with most colors, thanks to their neutral earthy nature.
  • Green – It naturally brings life and couples excellently with floral designs. If the couch has some green color on the floral design, you can get a similar shade of green which will complement it and create a theme in the room.

These are not the only colors you can use because your choice is dependent on the colors on your floral couch. You can use the throw pillows to reflect the most visible colors on the floral pattern vibrantly.

Another great way to pull off a perfect decoration when you have a floral couch is to use patterns with growing sizes. A graphic print will do great for this option.

Mix the design in small, medium, and large sizes to kill the boredom of the same patterns while keeping things simple.

Animal prints have a touch of nature and so bring in connection with nature on another level. They also go well with almost everything and will be great for the floor or on an ottoman to match the floral couch.

What Area Rugs Go With Floral Couch?

As mentioned earlier, you can comfortably pair a floral couch with solid colors to make it stand out in the room. The same principle applies when choosing a floor rug to go with the couch.

A floral area rug will exaggerate the patterns and disorient the overall look.

However, you are free to take this approach and use a floral rug. This can either be animal prints, graphic designs, monochromatic stripes, or other flower patterns.

If you want a more neat and balanced outlook, your best bet is to go for a neutral color or any color on the floral design.

Neutral colors are excellent when the floral pattern size on your couch is small and detailed because it will offset the disturbing feel this kind of pattern comes with.

What Accessories Go With Floral Couch?

Floral patterns are highly visible in a room. But, you can add some accessories to balance the colors or make the floral couch stand out. Some of them include:

1. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a necessary accessory to every couch because they bring in other colors that help to complete the sofa’s overall look. For a floral couch, you can choose to have different colors which appear on the couch’s floral pattern.

Place differently colored and sized throw pillows on the couch in any order you choose. You can also choose to use contrasting colors so that you can increase the couch’s bold appearance. Another trick is to use the same colors present on the floor rug or the wall.

2. Curtains

The curtains play a huge role in determining how much impact a floral couch has in the room. So, you choose a color scheme for the curtains that go well with the couch.

A neutral color like white or beige would be excellent. But, if you choose a floral curtain, ensure that the colors have a similar shade to the one on the couch.

Dark colors are not suitable for curtains because they block light from coming in.

3. Other furniture

A floral couch allows you to have other furniture like armchairs, coffee tables, etc., that complement it. However, you may not need to have more floral couches, so you can choose couches with solid colors.

If you want to amplify the main color on the floral print, you can have a solid color that resembles it.

Similarly, you can have armchairs with a contrasting color to boost the visibility of the floral couch. For a more pronounced statement, you can choose a mirrored table or a white one.

4. Artwork

The walls can help you create the right impression and remove the old-fashioned feel on your couch. You can hang the floral paintings in small groups on different parts of the walls for a complete look.

You can also have different paintings or pictures with frames painted in bold color. Preferably, you can have a color that contrasts the color of the wall but rhymes with the floral color of the couch.

5. Plants

Floral couches go well with plant decorations when they are placed strategically on the side of the couch or at a suitable place. They have an earthy tone that is perfect when paired with floral couches.

If you are a lover of plants, this is a good chance to bring them into your space without contrasting with the color of your couch.


A floral couch doesn’t have to feel outdated or old-fashioned. You can spice it up a little and give it a natural modern look for your sitting room. Be sure to make the considerations discussed in this article and also try some of the color schemes.

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