What Goes With A Chesterfield Sofa?

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Chesterfield sofas can be found in almost every household, but even if you have never seen one, you probably have sat on one of these gorgeous sofas. The deep buttons and high arm design of the Chesterfield sofa will match every living room.

So, what goes with a chesterfield sofa?

Chesterfield sofas can be matched with anything from an oversized coffee table, ottomans, or even a tall end table. Any other furniture that has a chesterfield look will match with a chesterfield sofa. Always choose the right compliment to match your chesterfield sofa.

The chesterfield design can also go well with love seats, settees, and any other well-designed chairs. In this article, we are going to look at other living room designs that can complement your Chesterfield sofa. 

But why is it called chesterfield sofa?

Why is it Called a Chesterfield Sofa?


These wonderful seats got their name from the Earl of Chesterfield during the early 19th century England. The name is, however, a clever marketing idea, and there is no real connection with the nobility.

The name chesterfield is also used to define a coat that has a velvet collar.

The word chesterfield was invented by Lord Stanhope, who was a politician and a great writer. According to the inventor of Chesterfield sofa, he wanted to take a seat that will be comfortable to sit on and one that will not crease any fabric suit. It was not until his death that the seat became popular.

Before Lord Stanhope died, he made sure that the chair he made years ago be given to his godson. The chair was then spotted in the house of Dayrolles, who a famous diplomat was. Many visitors loved the chair, and that is when its reproduction started.

The British empire wanted to popularize the chair, and anywhere the British went, so did the chesterfield sofa.

This fashion of furniture has now been used by many generations, and it is still famous around the world.

How Can I Integrate Chesterfield Sofas in My Livingroom?

It is not always easy to find a piece of furniture that can match your chesterfield sofa, but that does not mean it is impossible to find. If you have a chesterfield sofa, it is always good to match it with something that inspires you and will bring life to your room.

You can match your Chesterfield sofa with a chair that has the chesterfield style, or you can match it with a large coffee table that will complement the style. Make sure to also match it with a rug that matches the style.

The rug should match the length of the sofa, and it should match the chairs surrounding it.

Many people like to make the chesterfield sofa be the stand-alone seat in the living room matched with high-end tables on the sides. The dark color of the chesterfield chair will make it stand out against the walls.

If you have a room that has white hexagon walls, you can complement it with a chesterfield sofa. You can also include a love seat and a chair that has the same style.

Make sure that you have a long coffee table that matches the sofa’s length and the high arms.

Why Should I Buy a Chesterfield Sofa?

Chesterfield sofas are still very famous, and they are not outdated. This fashion has never fallen out of style because it can be matched with other furniture styles.

The chesterfield design has been incorporated into settees, chairs, sofas, and many other designs.

Chesterfield furniture is not only popular but is also very comfortable to sit on. I cannot say that they are cheap because they are not. You can visit your nearest furniture store and check out the price of a chesterfield sofa.

You probably need to save before inquiring.

How Can I Tell If My Chesterfield Sofa Is Made of Real Leather?

Are you concerned whether your chesterfield sofa is made of genuine leather? Worry no more as we are going to look at the things that determine a real chesterfield sofa.

There are easy ways of knowing what is real and what is not. Continue reading to know more.

● The Smell

If you have used any leather item before, you know that real leather has a smell that is unmistakable. Nothing can ever mimic or change the smell of genuine leather.

The only way to know if your chesterfield sofa is real is to sniff the different sections of the sofa.

If you can notice the familiar rich smell of leather, then your sofa is original. Always try to smell the sofa before you buy it. If you notice a smell that is not related to genuine leather, then probably your sofa is not real.

● Check The Manufactures Tag

Before buying any chesterfield sofa, always make sure to first check the tag. A genuine chesterfield sofa will read top-grain, full-grain, or genuine on the manufacturer’s tag.

Other companies normally do not want to provide real information.

If you notice that the tag included faux leather, blended leather, leatherette, or bonded leather, then you know that it is not a genuine chesterfield sofa.

It only means that the real leather has been blended with synthetic materials.

● Check The Price Point

A real genuine leather sofa will always have a high price tag as compared to the fake stuff. A full-grain leather seat will have a higher price compared to a bonded leather seat. The difference between the two sofas is very staggering.

Do not be conned. Always go for genuine stuff.

Are Chesterfield Sofas Comfortable?

As we all know, the chesterfield sofa was introduced way back during the early 18th century, and the purpose was to produce a seat that is comfortable. With the development in technology, the plush cushions and buttons that make the seat will make it comfortable.

If your chesterfield sofa is not comfortable, then probably you bought the wrong seat.

A genuine chesterfield sofa should have high arms and deep buttons that will offer you comfort in your house.

Should My Chesterfield Sofa Match with The Loveseat?

Loveseats and sofas do not have to match. Not matching the two is trendy fashion, and it is a good way of creating variation and depth in the room. It also enables you to introduce your personal style and colors.

However, you can also go ahead and match the two if you like the idea.

Loveseats and sofas are almost the same pieces of furniture, but the difference is the size. Many houses today will have at least one of the two.

The question that many people normally ask is whether the two pieces of furniture should match.

Things You Should Never be Due to Your Chesterfield Sofa

The difference between a high-priced chesterfield sofa and a low to medium-priced sofa is the years they can last.

A high-priced chesterfield sofa can last up to 25 years or even more, while a low to medium-priced sofa can last between 10 to 15 years.

The reason why some sofas do not last for long is that their owners do not know how to take care of the seats.

Chesterfield sofas need to be taken care of properly if they are to last long. Always avoid doing the following things if you want your sofa to last long.

● Never Leave Stains to Settle

If something accidentally spills on your sofa, it is always recommended to clean it immediately. The more you leave the stain on your fabric, the higher the chances that it will leave a permanent stain.

Always clean up any mess immediately, or else it will be impossible to clean it.

If you have children and you are never at home, you can always ask for help from professionals.

They know how to clean such kinds of seats, and you will never regret spending a lot of money on your chesterfield sofa.

● Take Care of Your Upholstery

If you want your chesterfield sofa to last long, it is always good to prevent them from getting dirty. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, a lot of people normally ignore that fact.

You should never eat on your couch, but if you cannot avoid it, you can place a blanket on it.

● Change Your Cushions More Often

A lot of sofas do not get to live their full potential because their owners never change the cushions. You should regularly change the cushions or flip them over when cleaning.

Flipping and rotation the cushions will ensure that your sofa maintains its original shape.

● Never Ignore Regular Maintenance

Any furniture that is found in the living room is made of wood, and it can sometimes get loose.

It is always good to regularly check your sofa for any loose ends. If you find any faults, you should immediately fix the problem, or else it will become worse.

● Avoid Stepping on Sofas

Sofas are knit and designed for sitting and not for stepping or sleeping. If you have the habit of sleeping and stepping on your sofas every now and then, then you will eventually destroy them.

You can have a nap on the sofa, but it should be more than 10 hours.

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