What Goes with A Blue Couch?

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Do you have a blue couch and are wondering which colors you can match it with? Blue is a wonderful color that can be found in many living rooms today. But one question remains, what goes with a blue couch?

There are many great colors that can go with a blue couch, and they include blue, tan, white, brown, wheat, grey, pink, and yellow. All these colors can be grouped to provide your house with that gorgeous look. Let us look at how each color goes with a blue couch.

In this article, we are going to look at a few questions that many people who have blue couches normally ask. Some of the questions include which color should my rug be?

What is the best curtain color that can match my blue couch?

How can I decorate my couch and so much more?

Investing in a blue couch is not something simple, and that is why you need to take good care of them. You need to know which colors will match well and what rug you need to use.

Some people prefer buying a blue couch which has long legs and others prefer if they have short legs.

Blue Couch Mixed with White and Grey


Another natural color that can go well with your blue couch is grey. You can combine it with white color so that it can contrast with the rest of the furniture. Combining white grey with a blue couch will provide your living room with a calm, soothing feel.

Make sure that the walls have a pale grey shade.

You can also match your blue couch with a rug that has a combination of white and a soft blue tone. This will make your living room livelier. Any piece of artwork on the sides of the couch should have a golden metal tone.

This will keep things consistent.

Make sure to use a Moroccan trellis rug for the living room. It normally goes well with a blue couch and will provide consistency in your house.

For the curtains, you can use a combination of blue and yellow. Just make sure that it blends well with everything else.

Blue Upholstery Mixed with Wheat and White

If you have a blue couch and you are looking for a wonderful combination that will go with it, then you need to try this shade. Having shades of sapphire blue will go well with your couch, and you can use pillows to make it much better.

Make sure that your walls and floors are white so that they can complement the blue couch.

Combining colors that compliment the blue couch will always result in a cool surrounding. Your house will look like royalty if you know what to match with your couch.

The surrounding items in the room should also be chosen carefully. Do not go for colors that will make your couch look dull. Go for shiny colors that blend easily.

Some people would prefer to go with greyish blue chairs which will make your house look expensive and comfortable. If you have artworks such as pendant lamps, you can use a natural wheat tone to go with the decorative baskets or a woven pouf.

The legs of your couch can have natural wheat.

If you have a wingback couch, it should have a blue velvet color which works well with any living room. Just make sure that it does not have legs that do not match the rest of the furniture.

You can buy a couch with wooden legs which are light in tone.

Blue Couch Mixed with Grey and Brown Accessories

Many living rooms today have a rusty theme combined with a blue couch and a grey carpet. This combination is very soothing and will make your house look neutral.

Your blue couch can be paired with accessories of different shades such as brown, tan, and grey.

Many people also prefer to combine blue with grey walls. You can use a rug that is greige in colors to compliment the brown and tan accessories. Placing a brown leather pouf in the middle of the room will provide your house with a comfortable feeling.

Blue Mixed with Greys and Pinks

It is always fun to mix different colors with your blue couch, and nothing does that better than combining some shades of grey, white and pink. Make sure that the tiny details such as sofa accessories and shelves match well with the couch.

Choose your colors wisely if you want to combine other colors with your blue couch. The wall frames, lightings, and flowerpots should either have deep grey or black shades.

You can also throw in some fancy pink cashmere that will make your living room look luxurious.

Blue Couch Combined with Natural Tan and Bold Yellow

If you have a living room that has a combination of beige pillows, wooden floors, and a navy sofa, you can play around with the design. Make sure that the wooden tables and chairs match perfectly with other accessories in the room.

If you love mixing colors, then you can strip your living room with shades of blue colors for the pillows and the rug. A bold yellow tone for the walls will always look great with your blue couch.

Just make sure that no color is left out when mixing different shades.

How Can I Decorate My Blue Couch?

Having a blue couch in your living room is not enough. You should know how you can decorate it so that it blends with other accessories. What we mean is how can you throw in some pillows that will complement your blue couch. The colors should be what you love.

There are different shades of blue pillows that you can choose from. Be sure to choose a pillow shade that is not too shiny or too dull. If you throw a color that is too dull, your living room will also be dull. Choose pillows with white and blue colors.

Depending on the number of couches you have in your room, you will definitely need to match all of them together.

Never leave any couch undesigned if you are looking for a stylish look.

Which Is the Best Color Rug to Mix with My Blue Couch?

If you are decorating your living room, it is always good to have a rug that will blend well with your blue couch. Rugs come in different colors and shapes, and it all depends on what you want.

Some rugs are low cost while others are very expensive.

The color and style of the rug will be determined with other accessories in the living room. If you have a white floor, you can choose a rug that is almost like the floor.

The best color rug to choose from can be light grey, white, or a natural tan.

Some people prefer using a beige or grey rug. You can also go for a neutral rug that works well with a blue couch. Golden rugs will work well if you have white walls. Yellow is also a good color to choose from.

A blue rug is also another perfect choice.

What Color of Curtain Should I Match with My Blue Couch?

Curtains come in different colors, and choosing the one that matches with a blue couch can be tricky. Not all colors of the curtain go well with blue.

The best colors for a curtain can be beige, white, light blue, or cream.

How you mix them really matters.

If you have a living room that is full of light, you can go for dark curtains. A blue couch can go well with a chocolate brown curtain, or you can also use a burgundy or charcoal grey curtain.

Always make sure that the curtain is not too shiny or dull in color.

Which Colors Go Well with Blue?

If you want to design your living room, you need to think of the main colors and the accent colors. A blue sofa can go well with grey walls and a tan chair. How you combine these colors really matters.

Yellow and green are nice colors that you can combine with blue.

Orange and pink are colors that can blend with blue, but you need to be careful how you use them. If you have an idea of how to do a home interior, then mixing colors should be something simple.

All other accessories should blend well with the blue couch.

All artworks, pillows, frames, vases should all have colors that complement each other. Accent colors are always the best for accessories.

Blue is a very bold color, and how you match it with other colors should be taken seriously.

As we have seen, a blue couch has many options of other wonderful colors that can go well with it. You should not decorate your living room with many colors.

Choose three or four colors when matching your blue couch.

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