What Furniture Goes with Marble Floors?

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Anyone who loves home interiors knows that marble floors are always beautiful in any living room. Marble floors can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other space. So, what furniture goes well with marble floors?

The best furniture that will go well with marble floors should always be neutral. The best options should be grays, cream, white, and anything with a wooden tone. Furniture with royal blue or emerald green is also good with marble floors.

Any furniture with the colors mentioned above will definitely make your living room look great. So, next time when you are furnishing your house, always consider colors that match the floor. Let us look at some furniture that you can buy.

Marble floors are famous because of their clean, luxurious, and sleek appearance. So, when you are choosing furniture for a marble floor, you need to go for neutral shades.

Such colors will give your living room a natural look.

Dark Grey Furniture


The best furniture that can go well with a marble floor should always have a dark grey shade.

Dark grey furniture will provide your living room with that masculine feeling because the color is sophisticated. It will give your house that classic look that is very luxurious.

Off White Furniture

The best furniture that can complement your marble floor should be cream or off-white. They are the best because they will blend perfectly with any marble floor.

The off-white color will always leave your room with a nice breezy feeling.

Dark Wood Furniture

Another great type of furniture that goes well with marble floors is dark wood furniture. If your living room is not very dull, you can use dark wood to offer you a nice deep feeling. Such furniture will provide you with interesting details that match your floors.

Always go for furniture that has a combination of gray and some cool undertones. Gray and blue can also be combined to match your floor. Furniture with a warm red undertone can also be paired together. 

Light Wood Furniture

Furniture made with wood and marble is always the best when combined together. Light wood furniture can work well in your kitchen because they offer the best looks. Some people prefer using them in bathrooms which is still okay because of the breezy feeling they provide.

Jewel Tone Furniture

Although neutral furniture is always the best furnishing to be paired with marble floors, furniture with rich jewel colors is also the best. Royal blue can be combined with emerald green, and you will still get a perfect match.

Always go for colors that will not distract the floor.

Does Marble Floor Scratch Easily?

Marble floors are very delicate, and that is probably one of the disadvantages that they have. Marble floors can be scratched, chipped, or even stained despite the fact that they are made of solid material.

So, if you prefer going for marble floors, you need to be extra careful.

If you have children in the house, always make sure that they do not play with sharp objects. Marble floors are very beautiful but also very delicate if not taken care of.

The materials that make marble floors are very soft and tough when dry.

How Can I Protect My Marble Floor?

Marble floors can be found in many homes and offices today, but not many people know how to take good care of them. If you decide to invest in marble floors, you need to know how to protect them.

There are a few steps that you need to follow if you want your marble floor to last long.

Protecting marble floors can be a tiresome job, but it is worth the effort. You do not want to damage your floor because you were never careful.

Continue reading to get more about how to protect your floor.

1. Never Use Acidic Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning marble floors, it is good to do it the right way. Using regular bleaches to clean your marble floor can have a serious effect on them. You should never use bleaches that are acidic, for example, vinegar.

The acidity levels found in some bleaches will damage your marble floor. The best way of cleaning such floors is by using soapy water to clean the floor.

If you do not want to clean and use water, you can simply use a rag to remove dust from the floor.

2. Seal Marble Floors

As we know, marble floors are made with porous materials, which means they can easily stain and scratch. This means that you should always seal your marble floor once it has been installed.

You can use a sealer to buff your marble floor using a rag.

Make sure to repeat the process over and over until the sealer is permanently absorbed by the material. The process is simple, but you need to be very careful not to damage the floor.

Seek advice if you are new to marble floors.

3. Take Extra Care When Moving Furniture

If you have marble floors and you are planning to bring in new furniture, you need to be extra careful not to scratch the floor. You should never drag your couch or tables on top of the bare marble floor. Get help from your partner and gently move the furniture.

If you do not have someone to help you, you can just use a rag or a towel when moving the furniture. The piece of towel or rag will offer extra protection to your marble floor and also protect you from scratching the floor.

4. Use Runners and Rugs

If you have marble floors in your house and there is always a lot of movement, the best way to protect your floor is by putting down runners and rugs in those areas. For example, you can place a rug in all entryways and the kitchen. The look of the floor will still remain the same.

It is always good to choose a rug that matches the marble floor. White, brown, yellow, or even grey rugs can work well on the floor. Choose your colors wisely so as not to interfere with the design of the marble floor.

Which Is the Best Rug to Use on Marble Floors?

The best and safest way of protecting your marble floor is by using rug backings. They will protect your floor from sliding and slipping. Marble floors are slippery, and getting the best rug backing is very important.

Always go for a rug that is not cheap because it can have future problems on the floor.

You should purchase a rug backing that has the best natural rubber and avoid the ones with synthetic adhesives. These rugs can be found in your nearest supermarket or marble floor vendors.

Always go for a rug backing that lasts long. 

Marble floors have their ups and downs, but if you can put in a little effort, your floor can last long.

Marble floors will make your living room have a luxurious look, and if you clean them properly, they should last long. Many people prefer buying neutral marble floors because they blend with the surrounding.

Why Should I Buy Marble Floors?

Heat Resistant

Marble floors are made of natural stones, which means they can withstand high temperatures. Some people prefer to use marble floors around the fireplace because heat does not damage the floor.

Marble floors will give your house a cool feeling during the summer.


The beauty that comes with using marble floors is unrivaled. These floors come in many patterns, colors, and different grains, which means they can perfectly fit any home.

The good thing about marble floors is that you will never find two or three slabs that have the same vein lines.


For those who are worried about allergens and bacteria found on the floor, you should worry no more. Marble floors are the best choice for someone with allergies.

These floors are allergy-proof, and they will prevent bacteria and allergies from breeding.


If you are looking for floors that can last for a long period, then you need to go for marble floors. Although they are high maintenance, marble floors can last a lifetime.

Just make sure to take good care of them when cleaning.

Easy To Fix

Marble floors come in slabs that are cut and designed differently. The slabs are light, and you can easily fix them in your house. It will take you some time, but the end result will be outstanding. Get a professional if you cannot fix them yourself.

The disadvantages that marble floors have are that they are expensive, fragile, and difficult to maintain. But if you love them, you will go the extra mile to make sure that they last for a long time.

You need to always take good care of the floors by covering them with a rug. 

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