What Furniture Goes with Cherry Wood Floors?

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As a lover of cherry floors, you may be wondering which furniture would pair well with them. Cherry floors possess a natural reddish hue that many individuals find attractive.

So, what type of furniture complements cherry wood floors?

Many types of furniture complement cherry floors. There is a black-painted piece of furniture as well as cherry wood furniture. In addition, you can add neutral upholstery furniture, brown leather seats, and burgundy furniture. It is entirely up to you.

Now that you know what furniture is appropriate for cherry wood floors. We are going to examine each piece in more detail. Before staining the cherry floor, you will have to determine whether the furniture should match the flooring.

In addition, you should know how to protect hardwood floors.

What Furniture Can You Pair with Cherry Wood Flooring?


In the 1980s and 1990s, cherry hardwood floors became increasingly popular. However, they still retain their natural reddish hue. Cherry wood flooring continues to be popular today even though years have passed. This floor provides a remarkable feeling in the room.

Staining cherry floors is an option if you do not like their reddish appearance. Sanding can also produce a lighter red tone. We will examine each piece of furniture in turn as we answer some questions about cherry floors.

Neutral Wood Furniture with Dark Legs

Your room will always look elegant with hardwood flooring. You should consider cherry wood flooring if you wish to have a neutral wood finish. Make sure the furniture has a similar appearance to the hardwood floor. You may also incorporate a neutral wood tone in a stairway.

Artists and designers understand how to match hardwood floors. They know how to complement them with other pieces of furniture. Your home will have a traditional appearance because of the neutrality of the types of furniture. Incorporate a classic soft tone into all the upholstery.

There are also rugs with neutral wood colors that combine well to complete a floor. The carpet should not be too large, or else the cherry wood flooring will become blocked. Ensure that it is the appropriate size for the floor.

Brown Leather Upholster

With cherry wood flooring, brown leather furniture can look very elegant. Make sure your chairs are in a cherry and brown tone that complements your floor. The best types of furniture should consist of brown leather seats.

The brown color will give your room a chocolate brown appearance. It is vital to ensure that other items in the room complement the cherry floor. If you have two sofas, you must ensure that the arms and ottoman complement one another.

Many people prefer to purchase brown sofas, but you can also buy a love seat of the same color. It is advisable not to overcrowd the room with furniture. Organize it well and keep it simple.

Burgundy Suede Furniture

The combination of white walls and cherry wood floors can work well in homes with white walls. If your house has a wooden floor, you can use cozy furniture to match it. The fireplace area should also feature cherry wood tones.

In conjunction with burgundy suede leather seats, the red color of the floor can make a beautiful combination. The rug may have some stains of white and red colors that match the flooring. The carpet should always provide a neutral brightness to a room, and it should match the furniture.

Make sure there is enough space between the furniture. The seating arrangement will determine the type of furniture that will match the floor. The room will appear cozy and elegant as a result. The suede burgundy furniture is sometimes expensive, but it is well worth the cost.

Cherry Wood Furniture

Cherry wood furniture is ideal for a house with red walls and cherry wood floors. All dining room furniture should be of cherry wood tone to blend with the floor. If you have tables, make sure they have the capability of displaying redness.

As a result, the bold red walls will complement the floor’s color and will serve to draw attention to it. Ensure that there are not too many side items in the room. The wall frames can also have the same cherry wood tone.

If you wish to add some style to the room, you may purchase a small buffet table and an armoire. Incorporate stain tones into the space if you can find furniture with stain tones.

Black Stained Furniture

If you love interior design, you know how black can complement the color red. The black furniture in your room can complement the cherry wood flooring very well. All you need to know is how to combine them.

Ensure that your sofas are black and that your stairs also have black staining. The centerpiece rug can be blue or any other color of your choice. It is good to coordinate one piece of furniture with another.

The bedding should also coordinate with the floor. Alternatively, you can purchase a table that will match the cherry wood floor. But it may not always be easy. If you do it correctly, your house will appear beautiful.

Do You Need to Have Furniture That Matches the Wood Floors?

Although it may seem simple, not everyone knows how to match their floor with their household furniture. Furniture made of wood does not have to compare to your flooring. It is possible to experiment with new colors if you know how to play with them.

Let us say you have brown floors. Your furniture can have a black stain tone, or you can use brown furniture. Dark colors can act as a complement to bright ones but be careful not to overdo it. It is possible to use two or three different colors simultaneously.

The furniture can appear to look like the floor for those who love matching colors. Although it should not be an exact match, it should be a close match. If you wish, you can obtain expert assistance in the process of matching.

What Is the Color of Cherry Wood?

Cherry wood can have a variety of colors depending on how you interpret it. Cherry is a warm-toned hardwood with a reddish hue. The cherry wood will produce a natural shine once it is complete.

This wood has a glowing reverberation that will give your house a luxurious appearance. Some people have even gone as far as using cherry wood in the kitchen. The results are excellent. The cabinets can appear unfinished.

How Can I Protect My Cherry Hardwood Floor?

Having a lot of furniture in one place is not recommended. You will damage your hardwood cherry floor if you do so. Therefore, it is essential to know what you need to do to maintain the floor’s protection. Hardwood floors are expensive, which is why we should protect them.

No matter how many coats of sealer you apply to the floor, scratches will still occur over time. An unprotected wood floor will eventually lose its attractive appearance if left unattended for a long time. So how can you protect it?

Use Furniture Pads

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A soft-felt furniture pad is the most effective method of protecting your cherry wood floor. The soft felt pads have an adhesive surface on one side and a soft one on the other. The adhesive is extremely sticky, making it ideal for use on hardwood floors.

In terms of protecting floors from damage, felt furniture pads are the best choice. You may use them on couches, chairs, tables, and loveseats. Usually, these pads are perfect when you are moving furniture pieces.

Use Silicone Cups

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You can also protect your hardwood floor with soft silicone cups. It is a soft material that will not damage your cherry wood floor. They are easy to use, and you can slip them under the legs of your furnishings.

They are inexpensive, and you can purchase them online.

Is It Possible to Stain Cherry Wood Floor?

It is possible to refinish cherry wood floors by staining and sanding them. It is possible to stain an old floor surface to give it a new look. By using a floor sander, you can give your hardwood floor a natural appearance.

Make sure you do not over-sand the floor. When doing this, you should be gentle and patient. It is possible to lighten the tone of your floor surface using bleach or a whitener. You may be able to obtain expert assistance even if you can complete the task yourself.

If you have new furniture, you can arrange them in the room. Cleaning old furniture is recommended before bringing it into the house. If you have wood flooring, make sure that your furniture match.

People without experience in interior design often find it hard to match their homes. Over time, many people have learned how to pair the furniture to the cherry floor. If you do not have any experience in interior design, seek assistance.

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