What Furniture Goes with Cherry Wood Floors?

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With their striking reddish-brown hues, cherry wood floors make a gorgeous addition to any home. But finding the right furniture to complement these rich floors can be a decorating challenge. Fortunately, this guide has the answers you need for designing a stylish, cohesive space.

From complementary furniture colors that allow your floors to shine to the best styles and materials to create the perfect vibe, we cover it all. Learn which hues enhance cherry wood’s red and brown undertones, see how light and dark furnishings provide visual contrast, and discover furniture selections ranging from traditional to mid-century that complete the look.

With the top color, style, and material recommendations provided here, you’ll be able to put together a room as stunning as your cherry floors.

Keep reading to explore the furniture pairings that designers say help cherry wood flooring reach its full decorative potential.

Tips And Tricks To Choose Furniture that Complements Cherry Flooring


  1. Choose neutral-toned upholstered furniture, like beige or light gray, to allow the cherry floors to stand out. They provide a soothing backdrop.
  2. Incorporate brown leather furnishings like sofas or armchairs to complement the red undertones in the flooring. Browns range from light camel to deep mahogany.
  3. Add pops of color with upholstered pieces in rich burgundy hues. This brings out the vibrancy of the cherry floors.
  4. Go for black-finished wood furniture, like dining tables or media consoles, for a dramatic sophisticated look. The black contrasts nicely.
  5. Pull-in furniture with retro-inspired mid-century silhouettes to pair with vintage-style cherry flooring. This creates a chic, nostalgic feel.
  6. Use area rugs, like jute or wool, to define sitting areas and add visual interest. Be sure to size appropriately for furnishings and space.

Complementary Furniture Colors for Cherry Floors

One of the best ways to make your cherry floors pop is to pair them with furniture in complementary colors. Here are some top color pairings to consider:

Neutral Tones

Light, neutral upholstered pieces look beautiful against the richness of cherry floors. Beige, cream, taupe, and light gray are soft, subtle hues that allow the floors to take center stage. Incorporate neutral-toned sofas, chairs, ottomans, and sectionals to create a soothing, welcoming ambiance.

For a more dynamic look, choose neutral upholstery coupled with wood legs in a darker espresso or walnut finish. This adds nice contrast while still keeping the focus on those gorgeous floors.

Warm Browns

Since cherry wood contains undertones of brown and red, furniture in brown leather or suede makes a natural pairing. Shades like chocolate, chestnut, or mahogany brown complement the floors nicely without competing with them.

Dark browns work well in traditional living rooms, while paler camel or beige-browns feel fresh and modern. Matching leather or fabric armchairs and a leather sofa create a posh, inviting sitting area.

Vibrant Burgundy

Another way to play up the reddish tones in the flooring is with upholstery in deep burgundy. Burgundy armchairs or a sofa bring out the cherry’s richness. For balance, add in light, natural elements like stone tabletops, and neutral area rugs. The vibrant burgundy against the cherry flooring makes a dramatic statement.

Muted Black

While stark black furniture can feel harsh, muted black finishes like rubbed black or aged black add sophistication. Black-finished wood dining tables, consoles, shelving units, and media units ground the space while allowing the floors to shine.

For a bit of contrast, mix in upholstered pieces in ivory, light gray, or neutral linens. The pairing of black and cherry evokes a glamorous, polished aesthetic.

Furniture Styles for Cherry Floors

In addition to furniture colors, the style of furniture you choose also impacts how it pairs with cherry flooring. Here are some winning furniture styles:


Traditional furniture with vintage flair looks right at home against rich cherry wood floors. Piece like tufted leather armchairs, ornate wooden cabinets, and carved dining tables feel timeless and classic. Add charming accents like table lamps, Persian rugs, and velvet pillows for a cozy, polished space.

Modern and Minimalist

The warmth of cherry flooring can soften sleek, modern furniture pieces nicely. Clean-lined upholstered sofas, unadorned wood and metal coffee tables, and glass and chrome floor lamps keep the focus on the beauty of the floors.

Pair down to just essential, multi-functional furniture pieces in neutral hues. The simplicity of modern furniture allows the striking grain patterns and hues of cherry flooring to take the spotlight.

Mid-Century Modern

The retro chic of mid-century modern furniture pairs beautifully with vintage-style cherry flooring. Look for signature mid-century silhouettes like tapered wood legs, low-profile furnishings, and sculptural shapes. Accent with other retro touches like geometric carpets and decorative wall art for a nostalgic, stylish aesthetic.

Rustic and Farmhouse Style

Rustic, reclaimed wood furniture looks right at home against country-inspired cherry flooring. Distressed wood dining tables, sideboards, four-poster beds, and wood-based kitchen islands reinforce the wholesome, farmhouse vibe.

You can also incorporate other natural touches like jute rugs, linen upholstery, and potted plants to complement the down-to-earth style of the floors.

Best Furniture Materials for Cherry Floors

Cherry flooring works well with a range of furniture materials from sleek metal to cozy textiles. Here are some winning furniture materials for cherry floors:


Wood furniture, in lighter stains like pine, birch, or painted finishes, pops against cherry floors. The same goes for darker stains like walnut and mahogany. Mixing various wood stains and finishes creates visual interest.


The luxurious look of leather furniture brings out the elegance of cherry flooring. Both brown and black leather sofas, chairs, and ottomans pair beautifully. Leather’s durability also makes it ideal for high-traffic areas with cherry flooring.

Upholstered Pieces

Upholstered furniture in neutral linens, cotton, or microfiber offers a soft contrast to the sleekness of the floors. Tufted headboards, cozy slipper chairs, and linen sofas bring warmth and coziness to spaces featuring cherry floors.

Metal and Glass

For a contemporary vibe, incorporate metal and glass furniture pieces. Metal coffee tables, glass dining sets, metal-framed chairs, and clear acrylic occasional tables complement the rich wood tones without competing. The blend of materials creates dimension.

Area Rugs

Don’t forget the finishing touch of area rugs! Rugs in materials like wool, jute, or silk define sitting areas atop cherry floors. Neutral-colored rugs allow the floors to stand out while still adding softness underfoot.

Or make a statement with a brightly colored or patterned rug as a focal point of the room. When selecting rugs, be sure to choose the proper size for your space and furniture layout.

Designing a stylish, cohesive space with cherry wood flooring is easy with the right furniture choices. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be sure to accentuate the beauty of your floors. Experiment with furniture colors, styles, and materials until you find the perfect complement. Soon you’ll have a room as stunning as your gorgeous cherry floors.

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