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What Furniture Goes With A Metal Bed?

Beds are, no doubt, essential furniture a bedroom should have. And since that’s the case, everybody needs to go for the perfect one. When purchasing a bed, it’s also important to consider the types of furniture that you can pair with it for your bedroom.

There’s no denying that metal beds are one of the most common types of beds out there. Many people choose these beds for their bedrooms because they offer tons of amazing benefits.

For instance, having a metal bed can help you create a more traditional style.

Furthermore, the beds are often designed to pack high-quality materials, which provides them with the ability to hold a lot of weight.

There are several pieces of furniture that you can combine with your metal bed to improve the aesthetic look of your bedroom. You can pair the bed with a dresser and nightstands. Besides, other pieces of furniture that you can use with the metal bed are bedside tables, a washbasin, a settee armchair, vanities, etc.

In the rest of this post, I’ll further share everything you need to know about the types of furniture that can pair with your metal bed.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get straight down to business.

Here are a few furniture styles to combine with your metal bed

When it comes to pairing your metal bed with furniture, there are several options that you can consider for your bedrooms.

You can check below to see some of the best ideas that you can choose to get the job done perfectly.

1. Dressers or chests of drawers

Grain Wood Furniture Shaker 5-drawer Espresso Finish Solid Wood Chest

Occupying the first spot on the list of furniture to combine with your metal bed is the chest of drawers. Also called dressers, chests of drawers are one of the few types of cabinets that you can add to your bedroom.

Furthermore, both dressers and chests can be utilized for many things, including for storing clothing and other items. The only difference between the two pieces of bedroom furniture is that dressers are usually short and wide, while chests of drawers are thin and tall.

Dressers and chests of drawers should always be on the list of anybody looking to refresh his/her living room or bedrooms. Interestingly, it doesn’t matter what style you have at your home. Pairing a chest of drawers with your metal bed will surely increase your visual appeal.

Furthermore, as a person who likes minimalistic interiors, combining your metal bed with a dresser will help you save extra space to store your items. With any of the pieces of furniture, you can always get up to seven drawers to store your duvet, clothes, pillowcase, and many more.

If you’re considering getting a chest of drawers to pair with your metal bed, one of the best products you can consider is the Grain Wood Furniture Shaker. That’s so because the product comes with amazing features, such as metal glides and metal knobs. That’s not all; the chest of drawers also comes with 100% solid pine wood – meaning that it’s eco-friendly.

2. Bedside tables

HOMEFORT Round End Table, Metal Tray Table,17.7 Inch Bedside Table, Indoor Modern Sofa Side Table, Outdoor Snack Table, Metal Tabletop with Sturdy Metal Frame (Gold)

Occupying the second spot on this list is the bedside table or metal bed nightstand. In case you don’t know, bedside tables are small cabinets designed to stand beside a bed.

If you’re just thinking about getting a metal bed, my advice is you consider going for one that has a matching bedside table. By making this move, you won’t have to worry too much about what piece of furniture you need to pair with the metal bed.

However, if you already have a metal bed and are wondering what to pair with it to improve the beauty of your bedroom, then a bedside table is certainly one of your best bets. That’s so because they offer tons of amazing benefits.

When you pair your metal bed with a bedside table, you’ll be able to improve and transform any of your boring bedrooms. Furthermore, having a table combined with your metal bed will make things easier for you. You can always keep items on the table and get to pick them quickly without having to get out of bed.

That said, one of the best bedside tables that you can choose for your metal bed is Apeagle Metal Bedside Table. The body of the table is made of antique Brass, while its top is designed with 0.28-inch clear tempered glass.

Interestingly, the product also comes with a shelf attached at its base for storing items. You can check here for more information regarding the bedside table.

3. Settee or Armchair

Merax Modern Upholstered Accent Chair Armchair for Bedroom, Living Room or Office, Linen, Including Thick Cushion and Wooden Legs, Ivory

Another piece of furniture that you can consider pairing with your metal bed is a settee or armchair. For those who don’t know, a settee, or sofa, is an upholstered seat designed with a high back and arms.

Furthermore, an armchair could serve as a basic element of decor for your bedroom walls and ceiling. By pairing it with your metal bed, you can always generate a feeling of comfort and ease in your bedroom.

That’s not all; by pairing your metal bed with the right armchair or a small settee, you’ll be improving the look of your bedroom. Yes, an armchair is more of an accent piece, especially when you’re looking to complement your bedroom’s decor. In addition to this, you’ll also be able to create a place to sit comfortably in your room to relax and possibly read your favorite books.

If you’re looking to use this furniture style with your metal bed, one of the best products you can consider is the Merax Modern Upholstered Accent Chair. I’m recommending this product because it comes with excellent features. For instance, it is designed with linen fabric – this makes it possible for the chair to deliver comfort.

Other amazing features packed by this product include a high-density sponge for comfort, an upholstered seat, wing-back, footpads, and rubberwood legs. You can check here for more information regarding the armchair.

4. Furniture vanities

Roundhill Furniture Moniya Wood Makeup Vanity Table and Stool Set, White

Vanity tables are also a great furniture style to pair with your metal bed for your bedroom. The piece of furniture is a dressing-table designed with a large mirror. You’ll surely find bedroom vanities useful in the morning while preparing to go out and in the night when you’re winding down and getting set to sleep.

You can always use fancy furniture vanities to improve the aesthetic look of your bedroom. While that’s true, you need to also keep in mind that a bedroom vanity doesn’t always have to be fancy. Having just a small table with glass attached is enough to get the job done. Furthermore, having your metal bed paired with the appropriate vanity table can help you keep your room organized. It can also help you create a romantic feel inside your bedroom.

Moniya Wood Makeup Vanity Table is one of the products you can rely on for your bedroom. The product, which comes as a set, includes a vanity table, mirror, stool, and 3 different storage drawers for storing items. Furthermore, the seat comes with a polyester fabric. That said, you can check here for more information regarding the vanity table.

5. Metal bookshelf

Earthsign Bookshelf, 5-Tier Book Shelves and Organizer for Living Room, Bedroom and Office, Cherry

Pairing your metal bed with a bookshelf is another great way to improve your bedroom look. Metal bookshelves are classic, and when combined with metal beds, they not only add beauty to the room but also help to provide space to keep other essential pieces of furniture.

Furthermore, because of the flexibility of metal bookshelves, you can always gain easy and quick access to your favorite books inside your room. Interestingly, metal bookshelves also come with extra functionality. For instance, depending on how you place the bookshelves, some of them can be utilized as minibars inside your bedroom.

In case you’re interested in getting a good bookshelf to pair with your metal bed in your bedroom, Earth sign Bookshelf is certainly one of the best products you can consider using. That’s so because the product comes with excellent features.

For instance, Earth sign Bookshelf has 5-tier shelves. With that, it means you’ll have enough space to store your books, plants, and other essential items. Furthermore, the product is designed with adjustable stand pads. T

his offering will make it possible for you to keep the bookshelf stable on the ground. For more information regarding the product, you can check here.


There’s no denying that having a metal bed alone can help you improve the aesthetics of your bedroom.

However, you need to understand that pairing the bed with some pieces of furniture, such as a bookshelf, armchair, vanity table, and bedside table, can further help you to improve the room’s look and provide you with tons of other benefits.