What Floor Colors Go With Gray Walls?

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A gray wall may look quite dull, but it is a neutral and subtle background for a myriad of decorations in the interior decor world. One of the most important aspects to consider when dealing with gray walls is the floor color.

Many people tend to overlook the floor colors, and that’s why they find gray not so attractive. For perfect decor, what are the colors that go well with gray walls?

Gray walls can go well with various floor colors depending on the flooring type. White, light brown, dark brown, dark gray, light gray, black, and other colors that apply to wooden floors blend well with gray. There are even more tile patterns and colors for the tiled floors that match gray walls.

Gray does not disappoint as it can go well with several colors. You only need to be keen and creative when choosing from a million colors available. You can make or break your home’s decor by playing with the colors. In fact, finding colors is a simple task, but combining them to attain a more beautiful look is the most challenging thing to do.

Despite the millions of colors available for gray combinations, there are colors you will never go wrong if you adopt. In this post, I’ll be exploring a few of the colors- tiled and wooden floors- that match nicely with the gray walls. Read on. 

White Flooring


Whenever you walk around, you find most of the American buildings have gray walls. Why? Gray is a modern and luxurious color for decorating your home. But, if you’ve never seen the beauty in gray walls, wait until you come across gray combined with white! White brightens the dullness in gray, making it outstanding. The white color makes the room more spacious, which is why it is more efficient for small spaces.

Although white matches a million colors, it stands out more with gray. Besides the two colors having perfect contrast ratios, they complement each other well, making the decor flawless.

Caramel-brown Flooring

Contrasting caramel brown with gray gives a fantastic look to your living area. Going for a bolder gray makes it even cozier. The combination throws a contemporary vibe with an undeniably warm tone. It is an absolute classic choice to go with if you want to perfect your interior. 

Muted Blue

As I told you earlier, all neutral colors look good with gray. However, you can’t imagine how fantastic your room will look when you choose a muted blue against your gray walls. The combo presents a relaxed look and makes the space homey.

The bright colors used to pattern the blue make the room warm and bright. If you plan to paint your walls gray, you’ll never go wrong with this color. Take the inspiration and try it out for a neat and serene look.

Beige Flooring

When floors are concerned, beige is one of the most popular colors. Beige flooring is always a choice for many homeowners due to its blend with several available colors. On the other hand, gray walls are also a go-to color due to their cozy look. Luckily beige blends well with gray, and you don’t have to think about dullness.

The two colors compliment each other well regardless of the gray shade you choose. The room might look a bit dull for the dark gray, but if you add some brighter colors for decor, the space will quickly look sophisticated.

Light or Dark Gray Floors

A combination of light and dark shades of gray is another excellent idea for interior decor. If you paint your walls dark gray, you can consider a light gray floor and vice versa. To complement the colors even more, you can play around with other brighter colors for decor within the room to make sure you tie the colors perfectly.

Even though many people tend to run away from this color combination, it is the best idea to find the perfect shade of bright gray. You can achieve an elegant, stylish and modern look.

Light Brown Wood Flooring

Dark gray walls perfectly match light brown wooden floors regardless of the wood you use. The combination creates a natural and flawless appearance making the room’s appeal luxurious and sophisticated.

If you choose wooden walls, you should think of Marple, ash, or oak. They have a light color which complements the dark gray color perfectly.

Black Flooring

Black may sound too dark, but it matches well with gray. As said earlier, gray is a neutral color that fits nearly every color, and black is not an exception. Many people prefer black flooring in homes or places with heavy traffic to conceal dirt and dust, but it can also do well in any setup.

However, if you have to choose black for your gray walls, make sure you do the lightest shades of gray possible. Also, consider brighter colors for the area’s furniture to connect the colors perfectly.

White and Black Striped Floors

As gray blends separately with black and white colors, the combination of the two in a striped or any other pattern also goes a long way with gray walls. If you go for tiled floors, you can choose ceramic tiles with black and white stripes or patterns. The combination looks unique and very modern

Subtle Blue Flooring

Combining subtle blue with your gray walls gives you a cool and refreshing vibe. The blue color is known to bring a fresh and calming effect to your home. Matching the color with gray walls makes the room more elegant and suits any room in your home.

Corn Yellow

If you are looking for a floor color that is not common, corn yellow is the one. No one said you could not use bright colors on the floor. The corn yellow’s contrast with the gray walls is epic.

To bring the combo home, you can get a wall carpet of this color where permanent flooring can be hard to find. If you are that unique guy looking for things out of this world, this color combo suits your needs. The color adds to the lighting of the room.

Cherry Wood Flooring

Gray colors match well with almost all wooden floor colors and cherry wood floor, on the other hand, also accommodates several wall colors. Cherry wood goes well with gray, especially if your wall paint is bluish-gray. The bluish-gray color brings out the beauty of your floor perfectly. If you desire a modern and stylish combination, go for the two. 

Dark Brown Flooring

When you hear this combination, you may think it will make your room small and cramped. However, the colors come in well, especially if your walls are tall and the room has adequate natural lighting.

The combination is also magic if you paint your walls using the bluish-gray shade. The dark brown floor contrasts nicely with the gray wall making the room feel luxuriously elegant.

No matter the type of flooring you adapt, you will achieve a luxurious look with gray walls if you select colors carefully. Just as wooden flooring works so well with gray walls, tiles can also work better.

In interior decor, it’s all about colors. If you play well with them, the outcome will be on point. I hope the above colors will inspire you while settling on colors for your home.

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