What End Tables Go With Leather Furniture?

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You’ll surely agree with me that having leather furniture in your living room comes with tons of benefits. No doubt, at first glance, leather might not be the best fabric for sofas. However, having it around your home, you’ll understand that leather furniture exudes class, good taste, and luxury.

Furthermore, having a good piece of leather furniture is great for your living room. However, you need to keep in mind that your living room won’t look perfect without adding the right end tables to complement it.

That said, here’s a burning question, what end tables are best for leather furniture?

You need to consider a couple of things when choosing the right end tables for your leather sofas. First, ensure that the end tables coordinate with the style of the sofa. Furthermore, the type of end tables you’re picking should come with color and shape that help you generate visual attention for the leather furniture.

Since there are several different types of end tables out there, choosing the right one to pair with your leather sofa can be pretty challenging to do. But you need not worry too much about that.

In the rest of this post, I’ll further share everything you need to know about how to choose the right end tables for your leather furniture.

What are end tables, and do they differ from side tables?


End tables are the tables that are usually placed at the “end” of a sofa. Generally, these tables are engineered to have almost the same height as the arm of a chair. Well, the purpose of this design is to make it easier for you to place widely used items.

In case you don’t know, using the right end tables around your home comes with tons of amazing benefits. Depending on the type you’re going for, you can always use an end table to store items, such as books. Furthermore, you can also use end tables to decorate smaller-sized living rooms.

Most times, people often use “end tables” and “side tables” interchangeably. However, it’s worth knowing that both terms are slightly different.

The key difference between side tables and end tables can be seen in the way both of them can be placed in a living room. As earlier mentioned, end tables are often placed at the end of a sofa. As for “side tables,” their placement is usually to the side of a piece of furniture. Another key difference is that side tables often come with a larger surface area than end tables.

Many people choose to use both “side tables” and “end tables” interchangeably because of the similarities between the two terms. For instance, both tables are always smaller than dining tables. Furthermore, the tables both pack functional and decorative values, and they can help to store small items.

Tips for choosing the right end tables to pair with leather furniture

As earlier mentioned, choosing the right end tables for your leather sofa is not an easy thing to do. Of course, that’s so because there are several different types of the table out there. Since that’s the case, many people often ask these questions;

  • What color is the right one for my end table?
  • How tall should the end tables be?
  • Do styles matter when choosing the right end tables for my leather furniture?

Well, for you to select the right end tables for your leather sofas, here are some of the things that you need to put in mind below:

1.   Choose the one that suits your needs

Always opt for the ones that’ll work for you – this is the first thing you need to consider when choosing the right end tables for your leather furniture. As you already know, there are several different types of end tables out there. So, if you’ll be choosing one, just make sure you choose the one that suits your needs.

  • In terms of size, the best you can do is to opt for an end table that’s proportionate to the size of the leather sofa.
  • One of the benefits of end tables is it enables its users to place items on them. So, for you to easily place and remove items from the top of the table, ensure you choose one that’s within the height of the sofa arm.
  • Furthermore, if you’re looking to use the end table for storing your items, it’s best to choose the one that comes with shelves or drawers.

The bottom line is irrespective of the type of end table you’re opting for, ensure to pick the one that suits your needs.

2.   Style certainly matters

Like the height, the style of the end table also matters a lot. When choosing an end table for your living room, ensure you opt for the one that matches the style of your leather furniture. In case you don’t know, mixing styles is one of the few ways you can create visual interests in your living room.

For instance, a traditional Lawson leather sofa has a style that can go with most modern end tables. Furthermore, if what you have in your living room is modern leather furniture, you can always pair it with a traditionally made end table. Moreover, if what you have is a brown leather sofa, you can always pair it with traditional wooden end tables, especially those that pack rounded edges.

The bottom line is irrespective of the end tables you’ll be opting for, ensure you stick with your style.

3.   Make it visually appealing

Another thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the right end table for your leather furniture is visual appeal. Irrespective of the type of end tables you’re going to be choosing, make sure you allow their colors and shapes to create increased visual attention inside your living room.

Here are some of the best end tables you can pair with your leather furniture

Abstract wood end table

Abstract wood end tables are perfect for leather furniture of all colors. Since these tables often come with natural elements and human creativity, you can always trust that they’ll certainly be complementary to your leather sofa. That said, one of the benefits of abstract wood end tables is that, with their natural tree looks, they’ll surely blend well with a rustic, minimalist, or modern style living room.

Antique bronze end table

FirsTime & Co. Marquise Side Accent Table, 22.5"H x 15"W x 15"D, Antique Bronze

If you’re looking for a better and effortless way to pair your leather furniture and fill up your space with a decorative end table, antique brass is one of your best options. Antique bronze end tables, when paired with leather sofas, have a way of adding metallic vibes to the home decor of your living room.

By pairing your leather furniture with antique bronze end tables, you’ll be able to accent your home with a trendy look that provides your decor with an unconventional style.

In case you’re wondering where to get the best antique bronze end table to pair with your leather furniture, here’s a reliable productMarquise Side Accent Table. It comes with a modern style, which promises to give your living room a visual appeal when you pair it with your leather furniture.

Classic wooden end table with a drawer

Décor Therapy Mid Century One Drawer Side Table Wood Light Walnut

Another type of end table that you can always pick for your leather sofa is the classic wood end table with a drawer. This type of end table is perfect for you if you’re looking to make the piece a store got your items.

One of the best classic wooden end tables or side tables with a drawer that you can choose to pair with the leather sofa in your living room is the Décor Therapy Mid Century One Drawer.  The product comes with a couple of amazing features, such as a storage drawer, a modern design, and black hardware. You can check here to find more information regarding the product.

Nesting end tables

Nesting end tables are tables that you can choose to add storage and décor space to your living room. Nesting end tables often come in pairs or sets of three. By pairing them with your leather furniture, you’ll be able to add accent and storage space to your living room, bedroom, and even bathrooms.

One of the best nesting end tables that you can consider buying to increase the visual appeal of your home is the Bambloom Nesting Table Set of 2. This product comes with a frame made of bamboo material. Furthermore, its top surface is also made of bamboo material.

The Bambloom Nesting End Table is pretty easy to assemble. The product is lightweight and comes with a smooth UV paint finish – this allows you to clean the piece without stress. You can check here for more information regarding the product.

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