What Does A Green Porch Light Mean?

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Lighting, security, and grandeur are some things people consider when deciding some lights for the porch. However, some colors, such as green, have meaning or significance when used as a porch light.

So, what does a green porch light mean?

Whenever you see a green light on the porch, it signifies solidarity, appreciation, and respect for the US Military veterans. You’re likely to see these lights in May during Memorial Day or in November in celebration of Veterans Day.

Some people may keep these lights for the whole month or have them on the porch for the whole year.

No matter how long they keep them there, their honor and respect for the US military veterans are expressed through them.

This article explains the meaning of a green porch light in further detail.

What Does A Green Porch Light Mean?


Have you heard of the Greenlight-A-Vet Campaign? The campaign was created in 2013 and geared towards supporting and encouraging the US military veterans who work so hard for the American people.

They are strong, brave, and the most hardworking people there are.

Green symbolizes life, renewal, and hope, while the green light is a charge to move forward and keep going. The campaign challenged people to change at least one light to green as a sign of solidarity with them.

This usually happens in the month of November in anticipation of the November 11 Veterans Day celebrations and in May during Memorial day. A nationwide light color change to green, whether on the porch, in the house, or at work, would spark a conversation about the veterans and show appreciation for what they do.

Even though this has been the meaning that most people are familiar with for the longest time, people can put the green light for other meanings. It could be a cause they are campaigning for or something they believe in.

For example, the Irish could have green porch lights in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, while people who have Lyme disease can have green porch lights to spread awareness for Lyme disease in May.

Whereas people have different reasons to have a green light on their porch, others do it for decoration purposes with no meaning attached to it. It could be because they love a green light color on their porch, and so they choose to have it there.

What Do Colored Porch Lights Mean?

The porch can have different lighting colors. When you look around in most neighborhoods, you’ll notice that yellow is the most common color, and so it’s a standard color for porch lighting. If you are planning to decorate your porch with some lighting, the first color to think of would be the standard yellow color.

However, different porch light colors can be used to communicate a specific message to passersby. Some of these colors include red, blue, green, and purple. Let’s discuss some of these colors and their meanings.

1.   Green Light

The green porch light is used to show appreciation to the US Military Veterans. This is through the Greenlight-A-Vet campaign launched in 2013, where people were expected to change the color of their porch light to green, take a picture, and share on social media platforms with the #greenlightavet tag.

Civilians may not quite understand what the veterans go through in their years of service to the nation and to the people, but they can recognize them and their efforts in small gestures like changing their porch lights to green.

Since green is a symbol of hope, renewal, and moving forward, some people use it to spread awareness on certain diseases like Lyme disease.

2.   Blue Light

Blue is attractive when used as a porch light. However, blue porch lights convey a message of solidarity and support to the police officers and their families. This, according to Placer County Sherriff he sent an appreciation message on social media thanking people for their continued support to the police fraternity.

Also, blue porch lights are used widely to spread awareness on Autism in April as it is Autism Awareness Month. This initiative launched in 2007 after the UN General Assembly’s declaration that April 2 should be celebrated as World Day of Autism Awareness.

In order to mark this month and spread the message effectively, most people change their porch lights to blue all through the month of April.

3.   Red Light

Red is more fun and attractive if you use it as a porch light. The most common use for red porch lights is during Halloween in October to celebrate the season. The red porch light is used as part of the decoration intended for Halloween Celebrations.

Also, you can adorn your porch in red light in February to make awareness for the American Heart. This is an initiative of the American Heart Association, which educates people on matters involving a healthy heart. This campaign is important as it reminds people of the importance of taking care of their hearts and their health in general.

4.   Purple Light

In 2007, the Domestic Violence Taskforce in Washington launched a campaign dubbed Purple Light Nights to spread awareness on domestic violence. Since then, purple porch lights have been used in solidarity with the campaign as a way of campaigning against domestic violence.

You’re likely to see most of these purple lights in October since it is Domestic Violence Awareness month. The goal of the campaign is to educate people on the tragedies of domestic violence and how they can resolve conflicts amicably. It also celebrates domestic violence survivors and those that are changing for the better.

5.   Yellow Light

Yellow is warm and welcoming. It’s among the most used colors for the porch and has no major meanings attached to it. As mentioned earlier, yellow is a standard porch color option for most homes because of its warm feeling. It’s a great way to make your guests feel welcome to your house.

Alternatively, people can choose to use white light instead of yellow. This is because some of the yellow bulbs consume too much power compared to their white LED counterparts. White exhibits a feeling of peace and tranquility all over your home, which makes it a great option for porch lighting.

What Colors Should You Use to Light Your Porch?

As discussed in this article, most porch light colors express different meanings and can communicate to people the message you want.

There are things you can keep in mind when choosing a color for your porch light.

These include:

  • Moths love bright light and can be easily attracted to your porch depending on the color you choose. Your best bet is to choose a warm color that isn’t too bright so that it brings out a more welcome feel other than a moth-attracting glow.
  • Choose a light compatible with the colors on your porch so that it can glow better. You don’t want your porch looking too dull or unpleasant. Therefore, chose a color that defines your character and amplifies the décor you have at the porch.
  • Since you’re putting the lights outside your home, you can choose a color that doesn’t draw too much attention. White and yellow are a great choice because everyone knows they are a standard light choice. Other colors like green, blue, pink, etc., are great for special occasions only. These include Celebration days like Veterans Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • Choose a bulb with a 70-watt maximum brightness. This is a general thumb rule that can keep your porch properly illuminated without a feeling of overdoing it. The best choice would be LED bulbs which have a longer lifespan and have adequate lighting within limits.
  • If you are a lover of color, you can combine two or more light colors and have the elegance you want on your porch. However, this approach might draw attention to your house, and that’s not something you want. However, on special occasions like Veteran’s day, some people choose to combine blue and green to show solidarity with the Veterans.
  • Since different colors communicate a different message, it’s important to choose a color that resonates with the season you are in. For example, you can change the color to red during Halloween the change it to your usual color after the celebrations are over.


There’s no greater feeling than coming home to a lighted porch, especially when you have your favorite colors on it.

Other than that, you’ll have an easy time walking to your house without the risk of tripping on something along the path.

When you have a green light on your porch, you’ll be participating in appreciating the US military veterans and showing them your support. Everyone needs that support more often than not.

Whatever awareness campaign you’re championing or any belief you have, you should be free to express it the best way you know-how, including a change in your porch lights.

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