What Curtains Go with White Walls

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Curtains can make or break a design, whether you want to keep it light or add contrast to make it feel cozier. They are available in various styles and can be used as an accent wall to create height and lift to a room. So in your opinion, what curtains go with white walls? 

White curtains are fantastic options since they help make a room appear larger and brighter. On the other hand, Gray curtains create a subtle contrast without being overwhelming. Additionally, you can use burgundy curtains to give color and warmth to a room.

The advantage of white walls is that you may incorporate color into your home through other parts of your decor. We’ll share 11 curtain ideas for white walls to assist you in achieving a number of styles. Continue reading as I carry you along!

11 Curtain Ideas for White Walls


Choosing appropriate curtains for windows and doors against a white wall has always been challenging. Thus, you might be wondering which curtains complement white walls the best. I am confident that after reading through, you will be able to decide which suits you best.

White With White For an Elegant Look

No. 918 Montego Casual Textured Grommet Curtain Panel, 48" x 84", White

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Adding white curtains to white walls helps to promote a positive and accessible environment in your room. It also creates a neat and airy atmosphere in your space.

White curtains will filter the light that enters the room and create a very gentle glow. Additionally, you can incorporate blinds behind these curtains when used in the bedroom or at night.

Quick tip: If you use white curtains in your room, the light will shine through them more effectively. When combined with exceptional side furnishings, the space will have the appearance of something from a king’s palace.

Pink Curtains With White Walls

LEMOMO Baby Pink Bedroom Blackout Curtains/52 x 84 Inch Long/Set of 2 Curtain Panels/Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains for Bedroom

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This pink curtain contrasts beautifully with the white walls. The white color of the walls gives the curtains a one-of-a-kind appearance,  adding a touch of luxury.

This is the ideal pairing because both colors are really smooth. It also enhances the room’s beauty as if a pearl were strung on a necklace. Moreover, you can pair various tones of pink with white walls.

Quick tip: This combination is more common in female-dominated bedrooms. Therefore, if you have a tiny princess, this blend of white walls and pink curtains will make her feel extra special.

Yellow Curtains With White Combination

No. 918 Montego Casual Textured Grommet Curtain Panel, 48" x 84", Yellow

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This combo appears ideal for folks who enjoy being bold. A combination of white and yellow creates an air of freshness, brightness, and modernity in an interior.

With this brilliant yellow color set against brilliant white walls, any area in your home will feel cozier. However, if you plan this combination in your guest room or living area, mixing it with a beige sofa and a wonderful artwork, the overall effect is stunning.

Quick tip: You may also add other curtain materials to enhance the color.

Gray With White Combination

Linen Sheer Curtains 84 Inches Long Semi Sheer Gray Curtains - Privacy Added Silver Grommet Linen Curtain Panels for Living Room/Bedroom Light Filtering Curtains (52" W x 84" L, 2 Panels)

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Gray curtains over white walls may instantly transform your home into a classy and excellent space,  improving your attitude. This traditional grey white curtain wall combination is ideal for a more formal living space.

Gray is always a good match for white backgrounds. Additionally, you can introduce charcoal gray curtains to the living room’s windows and doors to give it a more modern appearance. For an added sense of style, place a grey TV stand in the room and a blue color blanket on the bed.

Quick tip: Use this curtain to dress up your kitchen and living room.

Blue Curtains With White Walls:

ROSETTE Blackout Curtains for Bedroom - Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Noise Reducing, 42 x 63 Inch Length Curtains for Living Room, Set of 2 Panels with Tiebacks, Navy Blue

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Strike a balance between good contrast and white walls with blue curtains in your white living room. Not only do these colors make our brains happy, but they also elicit noticeable sensations of reflection. You can also use navy blue to construct curtain panels for the living room.

Another strong color for the curtains is the range of blue shades available. Utilize colors such as turquoise blue, powder blue, sky blue, and steel blue to create the appearance of an open sky in the living room.

Quick tip: Using milder shades of this blue color can make your white walls appear calmer.

Orange Curtains With White Walls:

MYSKY HOME Blackout Curtain for Bedroom, Grommet Room Darkening Curtain, Amazing Triple Weave Thermal Insulated Curtain, 1 Curtain Panel ( 52 x 84 Inch, Orange )

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Orange is a vibrant and aggressive color softened and subdued by the softness and subtlety of a neutral color like white. While it may remind you of the juicy citrus, white walls with orange curtains are a unique and effective combination.

Orange and white is a classic color combination from previous years, and these combinations have a strong and long-lasting trend. Seeing the adorableness of these colors will elicit a new emotion in the heart. The white walls give the place an air of sophistication without becoming overwhelming.

Quick tip: This is a wonderful alternative for self-motivated individuals who want to make a difference in their lives. Go for it if you’re that type of person.

Black and White Combinations

VERTKREA Stripe Window Curtain Striped Room Window Treatment Grommet Curtains 52 × 63 Inches Stripes Drapes for Bedroom Living Room, Black, Set of 2 Panels

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If you want to create a difference in your room, choose black curtains against white walls. Black curtains look fantastic on white walls due to their perfect balance of dark and bright colors.

They can be used to complement your home’s classic design as well as the furniture in your home. Dark curtains are said to represent a person’s depth.

Quick tip: Employ this combo while giving your property a traditional look; it looks best in that setting.

Green Curtains With White Walls

DONREN Dark Green Blackout Thermal Insulating Window Curtain Panels for Bedroom with Rod Pocket (Emerald Green,42 x 84 Inches Long,2 Panels)

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Green is the color that evokes feelings of cheerfulness and cleanliness in color physiology. Therefore, choosing green color curtains for your home will be an excellent option.

Quick tip: Green is a brilliant color that consistently refreshes the mind and energizes you. You may also choose from a selection of green colors to make drapes for your home.

Patterned Curtains With White Walls

Lush Decor Poppy Garden Curtains Room Darkening Window Panel Set for Living, Dining, Bedroom, 84 in L Pair, Multi

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If you want to enhance your home’s appearance, you should introduce patterned curtains into your living area. This curtain trend will never end, and it is always in mint condition. The most excellent aspect about these curtains is that you can customize them with any pattern and color combination you like.

Quick tip: Thus, when it comes to choosing curtains, this is the ideal option for you.

Neutral Curtains With White Walls

Lush Décor Ivy Tassel Window Curtain Panel Pair, 84 in x 40 in, Neutral

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While choosing curtains for white walls can be tricky, a simple solution is to utilize neutral curtains throughout your home. This neutral color complements the wooden furnishings around the house.

Quick tip: It is a type of contemporary color that is ideal for curtain panels, and its different colors set it apart from the other colors.

Brilliant Colors With White Walls

Pick vibrant colors for your curtains if you want to infuse your home with vitality. These vibrant colors will enhance the excitement of your life. These hues contrast beautifully with the white walls.

Additionally, you may pair it with a variety of curtain rods. Therefore, go ahead and make your home beautiful and well-decorated with vibrant curtains.

Quick tip: You’re allowed to experiment with different color shades. Who knows? The outcome may be surprising.


If you’ve been thinking about what color of curtains goes with white walls, this article might help! While choosing curtains, bear in mind the rest of your furniture and accessories to create a coherent design.

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