What Curtains Go With Green Walls

Green is a vibrant, fresh color that is enthralling in interior design. You will have to be more careful with the curtain color you choose because green is an overwhelming color for the walls. So, which curtain color fits best with green walls?

Opaque white, hunter green, mustard yellow, ruby red, and other colors can be utilized with a green curtain. It’s also possible to use patterned curtain designs.

As you think about the color of your room, you might ponder what color curtains will appear best in the space. As a result, I’ve compiled a list of 15 curtain ideas that complement green walls. This will assist you in making an informed decision.

15 Curtain Ideas that Complement Green Walls

Green has a wider visual range than many other colors, regardless of whether you choose warm or cool colors of green. Cool and warm greens have different features. So before buying curtains, be sure you’d want to paint your wall with a cool or warm green.

This is where I step in to help you make the best selection possible. I’ll be doing this by pointing you in the direction of the best curtains for green walls. Here’s our list of 15 curtain ideas that complement green walls.

Yellow Curtain

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Yellow’s radiance conveys upbeat enthusiasm. It adds an exhilarating excitement to an environment when combined with the freshness of the color green.

A full-length yellow curtain is an excellent example of a color that complements your green walls. The modern panel is sure to look great in any setting.

Ruby Red Velvet Curtain

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Green and red are diametrically opposed on the color wheel. As a result, the intensity of red works well with the dark green walls, making them a superb complementary color combination.

A ruby red velvet curtain, for example, would look great in a formal dining room or living room. When paired with long-length red curtains, your green walls will look even more exquisite.

Natural Linen White Curtain

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Consider using a basic-design white curtain to liven up your olive green walls. These curtains, mainly made of cotton or linen, will give your room an airy and open atmosphere. Thicker materials enhance the complexity of both formal and informal living spaces.

Pure white curtains on light green walls, such as pistachio green, can make any room appear visually appealing. Furthermore, because white is the brightest and most eye-catching of all colors, these color combinations allow too much light into the room.

A semi-natural linen white curtain provides excellent seclusion because of its thick substance. This curtain will offer a fresh appeal to your window while decreasing the intensity of green. In addition, the linen panels feature a basic yet substantial pattern that adds to the unique look of any place.

White Patterned Sheer Curtain

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If you enjoy the notion of white curtains but would like to add flavor to your green walls, try a patterned curtain. White patterned curtains are what your green-walled living room needs for a traditional aesthetic.

Soft and supple curtains with sheer linen patterns lend a touch of elegance to any window. To generate a modern or romantic ambiance, you can add a sheer curtain as a decorative accent to your green walls.

Silky Coral Decorative Curtain

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You can add a touch of class to your window with this lovely ornate curtain. The solid coral color will look fantastic next to your green walls and can be hung on any pole.

The curtain filters light while creating a layered ensemble. This silky curtain will look great in a formal dining room, kitchen, or bedroom. Coral is a complementary color to green walls, so you won’t be sorry if you choose it for your curtain.

Violet Curtain

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This has to be everyone’s favorite hue when paired with green walls! This color can be utilized in the dining room, bedroom, or living room. It will radically transform your green-walled rooms when applied in any modern décor.

Light Green Curtain

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Combining two green colors is an easy choice. However, you should choose a contrasting shade of green for the curtain to make the green walls stand out. You can go for a light green room with darkening curtains to produce a visually appealing atmosphere.

Orange Curtain

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Who would have believed that a bright color like orange could be combined with green? Green and orange are visually appealing, especially when contrasted with pistachio green walls.

In fact, this color combination is more likely to be found in formal interiors than any other. For instance, burnt orange is both calming and refreshing, and it works well on both bright and dark green walls.

Hot Pink Curtain

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Pink is arguably the most attractive and ideal hue with green walls. All colors of pink will give a light and lovely look next to your green walls.

Royal Blue Curtain

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Royal blue is among the rare blues that works well with light green walls. The combination of royal blue curtains and green walls will improve the beauty of your home design tremendously.

Pale Blue Curtain

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Sky blue is another hue of blue that will provide warmth to your decor. This lighter blue looks great with dark green walls, especially in boys’ bedrooms.

Chocolate Brown Curtain

Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel, 54" x 84", Chocolate Brown

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A grommet-top woven solid brown curtain is a classic method to lend an earthy vibe to any room decor. Using this color of curtain not only signifies class, but it’s also suitable for all seasons. Plus, it will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Metallic Color Silver Curtain

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Metallic curtains, such as silver or gold, look fantastic against green walls. The color combination of shimmering silver and green is a treat to look at, no matter the size of your curtain. Choose velvet or thick materials as the ideal metallic curtain for your green walls for traditional settings.

Silver curtains complement medium green walls because the color of the curtain stands out. It is neutral enough to provide depth and accent to your room without overwhelming it.

Minty Plains with Florals

Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel (Set of 2), 84 in x 52 Pair, Blue

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Sage green curtains require extra care since it is a hue of green that veers towards the blue territory. As such, you can choose this style of curtains for your walls if you don’t mind explaining to your visitors what color it is.

While florals are always appreciated, you can choose curtain fabrics with geometric patterns, retro designs, or other patterns. Keep the sage tone of the walls basic to allow the curtain pattern to come out!

Plain with Pattern

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Many people struggle to determine which curtains to pair with green walls articulated in a lush wallpaper pattern. However, one thing is sure: never use two pattern designs for such walls. Curtains should always be kept as simple as possible to complement the wallpaper style. It is preferable if you stick to white colors. Eggshell, ivory, and display all make excellent choices!


I hope that this comprehensive guide on the finest curtain colors for green walls has helped you make an informed decision! Any of the curtain colors I’ve recommended will undoubtedly enhance your décor, as they all complement various tones of green.