What Curtains Go With Blue Wall?

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Blue has a calming effect on almost everyone when you consider the color of the sky or the planet we all exist in. The color represents wealth and calmness in ways many individuals can’t understand. So, while the color holds a deeper meaning to life, what curtains, do you think, go with blue walls?

Cool or complementing colors such as orange, white, and gray would go nicely against your blue walls. Many complementary and contrasting colors combine well to make a curtain for your blue wall. Orange is a complementary color to blue; therefore, the color between yellow to peach may work nicely depending on the shade of blue used.

It’s good to know more about which curtains work best with blue walls to avoid making mistakes while decorating the room. In this article, you’ll learn what colors of curtains look best on different shades of blue.

1. Navy Blue Curtain on a Deep Blue Wall


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Choosing a different shade of blue curtains to go with your blue walls can give your room an effortlessly trendy appearance. Navy velvet curtains look great against a deep blue wall and white floors, and they can be used as window or door curtains. With a solid blackout lining, Navy blue curtains block heat and sun as they take up the entire length of your wall.

2. Desert Orange Blue with Dark Blue Walls

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You may want to consider choosing desert orange curtains for your bedroom if you want to add some warmth to your home. This warm color will bring out the natural beauty of your walls and create a comfortable atmosphere in your room.

Also, if you have dark blue walls, these curtains will blend well with them. You can use the same fabric for other areas of your house, such as living rooms and kitchens. Many people would even use it in their home office.

3. White Curtains on a Navy Blue Wall

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In the case of navy blue walls, white curtains are an excellent option. Curtains in a pure white color scheme contrast beautifully with the navy blue walls. The clean white lines of the curtain would blend well if you painted the window frame white as well.

With modern furnishings, this wall and curtain combination would lend a refined yet contemporary look to the room.

4. Periwinkle Blue Wall with Soft Gray Curtains

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Gray curtains are another popular choice for those who love a classic style. They are easy to match with most types of furniture, whether modern or traditional. When paired with periwinkle blue walls, the result is a soothing backdrop for your bed.

These curtains are perfect for rooms where you want to create a cozy atmosphere. They also provide privacy because these curtains block out light from outside but still let natural light pass through.

5. Light Blue Curtains on a Dark Blue Wall

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Light blue curtains on dark blue walls can create a relaxing mood for the room. This is especially true for bedrooms since it makes them appear more spacious.

Pair a light blue curtain with a dark blue wall to achieve this look. A darker blue wall makes the lighter blue curtains more appealing. If you use light blue curtains, you can even place a lampshade made of fabric to enhance the ambiance.

6. Gray Curtains on Blue Walls

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Gray curtains can be used to complement almost every type of interior design. They are ideal for rooms with neutral-colored walls. A gray curtain works particularly well when placed over a pale blue wall.

The gray shades aren’t as bright as other colors, making them less overwhelming. You can choose either a solid or patterned gray curtain. These curtains are versatile enough to fit into both modern and traditional interiors.

7. Blue Walls and Black Curtains

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Black curtains are often chosen by homeowners who like to keep their space simple. However, when black curtains are placed over a blue background, the effect is striking. It creates a dramatic contrast between the two colors.

The black curtains are ideal for rooms with hardwood flooring since they absorb sound and prevent noise from coming into the room. Black curtains also help to block out unwanted sunlight that could cause glare on your windows.

8. Soft Blue Walls and Pink Curtains

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Pink curtains are one of the best choices for those who prefer feminine decorating styles. In addition to being feminine, pink curtains are also very soft and delicate.

A pink-colored curtain would work well with any wall color, including blue ones. It can be used to complement soft blue walls without overpowering them easily.

9. Purple Curtains on a Blue Wall

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Purple curtains are a great way to make your house feel luxurious. Since purple is a vibrant color, it brings out the beauty of the walls. In addition, to give off an elegant vibe, the color scheme is very eye-catching.

They are elegant and sophisticated, making them suitable for formal and informal spaces. For example, purple curtains would be appropriate for a guest room, while purple drapes fit perfectly in a master bedroom.

10. Blue Walls and Red Curtains

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Red curtains are one of the hottest trends right now. If you want to make your bedroom stand out, red curtains are a great way to do so. These curtains give off a bold and energetic vibe that will attract attention.

You can go all out with red curtains or opt for a subtle shade. Either way, you will be able to create a unique and stylish look for your room.

11. Vibrant Blue Walls and Yellow Curtains

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Vibrant blue walls and bright yellow curtains create a cheerful atmosphere for your room. It’s a fun combo that works well with almost every type of interior design.

The vibrant blue walls and yellow curtains are a great way to liven up your space. Use a bright yellow curtain to make the room feel more significant than it is. Yellow curtains also reflect light, which helps to illuminate dark corners.

12. Dusty Pink Curtains With Pale Blue Walls

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A dusty pink curtain paired with a pale blue wall creates a beautiful backdrop for your bed. The combination gives off an air of sophistication and elegance.

It’s perfect for bedrooms where you want to add drama to the space. This particular set of curtains is a good choice for a small bedroom because the window size doesn’t matter.

13. Gray Curtains with Duck Egg Blue Walls

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Grey curtains paired with a duck egg blue wall are another fabulous option for those looking for a modern style. They are easy to match with almost any other color scheme.

If you want to create a calming environment, grey curtains would be an excellent choice for your bedroom. The neutral colors help to relax you after a long day at work.

14. Cream Checked Curtains with Blue Walls

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Cream-checked curtains paired with a blue wall are a classic yet contemporary look. You can use this set of curtains to add a touch of class to your home.

This particular set of curtains is ideal for people who love traditional designs but don’t like too much clutter. The cream-colored curtains provide a clean and uncluttered appearance.

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