What Color Curtains Go With Beige Carpet

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Choosing curtains for a room with a beige carpet can be a simple process. Opting for neutral colors like white, cream, or light gray can create a cohesive and elegant look. Alternatively, selecting curtains in a complementary color like soft blue or pale green can add a subtle pop of color to the space. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic of the room.

Beige Curtain Combination


Choosing curtains for a room with beige carpets can be a delightful opportunity to create harmony or contrast. If you desire a seamless, peaceful aura, beige curtains can blend wonderfully, enhancing the room’s warmth and spaciousness. However, to add interest or focal points, opt for curtains in deep hues like navy, forest green, or burgundy. These rich colors provide contrast without overwhelming the room’s overall neutral feel. Patterns or textures on the curtains can also introduce a layer of complexity to an otherwise muted setting.

Beige colour curtains

Pairing beige curtains with a beige carpet offers a chance to cultivate an atmosphere of serenity and cohesion. This monochromatic approach lends a spacious, elegant vibe to the room. The key is to play with varying shades of beige to avoid a bland appearance. For instance, darker beige curtains against a light beige carpet can give depth, while lighter curtains can create an airy ambiance. Complementing this arrangement with elements of subtle colors or textures in the decor can break up the neutrality and add an inviting complexity.

Neutral Tone

When combining beige carpets with curtains in a room featuring neutral tones, it’s an opportunity to create a soothing, sophisticated environment. A range of curtain colours can work, from crisp whites and light grays to darker shades like charcoal or espresso. These options can either reinforce the soft subtlety of the space or add a hint of dramatic contrast. Pairing textures or patterns in the curtains with this neutral colour palette can offer depth and interest, maintaining balance while infusing a layer of visual richness to the room.

Bright Color

Selecting curtain colors for a beige carpeted room opens up an array of possibilities for vibrant expression. Brightly colored curtains can transform the room, bringing a lively contrast against the carpet’s neutral tone. Colors like turquoise, cherry red, or sunshine yellow curtains can invigorate the room, adding character and vivacity. However, to ensure the room does not become overpowering, it’s ideal to tie in these bright curtain hues with smaller elements throughout the room, creating a cohesive, exciting space that’s brimming with personality.

Perfect Color

Creating a perfect color harmony with beige carpets can be achieved through thoughtful curtain selection. Shades of blue, from sky blue to navy, are often ideal as they bring a calming, elegant contrast to the warm beige. Additionally, earth tones such as olive green or taupe maintain a natural, grounded atmosphere. For a touch of sophistication, consider jewel tones like ruby red or amethyst purple. Remember, the ‘perfect’ color is subjective and depends on your personal taste and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in the room.

Living Space

Beige carpeting grounds a living space with a warm, neutral foundation, while beige curtains soften windows and lend airiness overhead. The matching tones connect the floors and windows to establish a unified backdrop. Incorporate visual charm through subtle textural details like bouclé, chenille or embroidered curtains. Accent with wood furniture and metallic decor for a touch of richness. Vibrant throw pillows and art energize the soothing beige scheme. Ultimately, beige carpeting and curtains promote tranquility in living spaces. Anchor the room in this flexible neutral while layering in other elements to craft a relaxed yet inspired living area.

Colour Curtains That You Can Pair With a Beige Carpet

When choosing the color, you would like to pair with your beige carpet, consider your interests and preferences.

There are various colors to choose from. Some colored curtains that would go great with your beige carpet are:

Beige Curtains

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The idea of having an all-beige combination may sound like it will make your space dull. This assumption could cause you to miss out on combinations that work to streamline your area.

Apart from complementing your beige carpet with your beige curtains, add gold and white accents. Make a selection of furniture that meets those standards.

Gold and white have similarities with beige, which will make your space more modern. There are various outlets where you can get matching beige curtains.

Brown Curtains

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If you choose to go for brown curtains, go for plain brown or dark brown ones. Both beige and brown have neutral accents.

You can choose from various types of brown, from light ones to dark ones, to match your beige carpet. They have similar shades and belong in the same color family, meaning they make an epic combination. 

Once you combine them, they bring out contrast and cohesiveness at once. To get the ultimate results, it includes light-colored furniture with metallic accents for reflection.

For bedroom setups, dark furniture and brown curtains matched with beige carpet dim the room, making extra space cozy.

Grey Curtains

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Grey and beige go well together even though they are both neutrals.

The reason for this is because they belong to different colored families. While beige is warm, grey is cool. Grey cleans up your space.

Having grey curtains to match your beige carpet delivers a relaxed space. Together, they strike a balance and transform your space.

Besides having grey curtains, you can throw in some grey or bright pillows to further make your area attractive.

Green Curtains

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At first, pairing green with beige may sound absurd. However, once you look at how beige and greens can pair, you discover that they have earth tones.

Green curtains ground your space, providing a fascinating contrast against your beige carpet. 

You can choose any shade of green. For example, olive and jade shades have a forest vibe, while something like jewel and emerald gives off tropical vibes.

Finally, introduce some plants into your space to bring the look together.

Light Pink Curtains

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There are various shades of pink that can work well with a beige carpet. Go for light pink shades like dusty pink, rose, and blush to get a feminine accent in your space. Although beige is a light color, it may be rough.

 Pink comes in to soften it up. So, after complimenting your beige carpet with pink curtains, you can add cream and rose gold accents to get the result as it should be.

Orange Curtains

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It’s hard to imagine that orange and beige can work. However, you can experiment with orange tones like tangerine to make your room feel warm and cozy.

Including white or cream fabrics keeps the warmness brought out by the orange in check. If you are looking for a more rustic look, dark wood should do the trick.

Red Curtains

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You can never go wrong matching red with beige. Choosing to pair red with beige is a bold move that you can successfully pull off. Red can complement any neutral color, creating a contrast.

For example, using red curtains to compliment a beige carpet makes a focal point in your space. It represents class and elegance, which beige only goes fathers to bring out.

White Curtains  

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Anyone who knows anything about interior design knows the impact that white has on beige. The white colors supply an airy light and farmhouse look.

Also, white and beige are neutral colors. Therefore, you can accent the arrangement with decor that falls in the same color pallet. Of course, other colors can also apply along with white.

When choosing curtains to go with your beige carpet, the goal is not to match perfectly but streamline the look. The best way to go about it is by selecting colors on the same color pallet.

The shade should be the only thing making a difference. For a beige carpet, curtains that come in light colors should work.

Besides the color of curtains, other factors to consider when getting curtains to go with a beige carpet. It is essential to consider things like the type of fabric you choose and the overall size of the curtains.

Material affects the amount of light reaching your space, thus the need for keenness. 

Considering Curtain Material to Go With Beige Carpet

Having a beige carpet tells you that you are ready to achieve a specific look in your space. The fabric used to design your curtains plays a significant role in how the beige carpet fits in.

Keep in mind that curtains look different when packaged than they do when hanging.

Go for thick material curtains to ensure that you get it right.  Also, perform test runs by hanging the fabric of your choice against light to see if it meets your standards.

The effect you want your color combinations to have on your space depends on the amount of light coming through.

Once you have the fabrics that you prefer, you are in an excellent position to decorate your space further.

Getting Curtains in the Right size and Length 

The best way to ensure that you get curtains in the correct size is using a tape measure. Ensure that you get the width and Length when getting curtains to go with a beige carpet.

The first step is getting the height measurements from the floor to the curtain rod. 

Don’t forget to put into account the number of inches eaten up after hanging. For height, you can choose to go short and cute or draped and elegant.

Leaving some space unoccupied by curtains is also something to look forward to.

After getting the correct height of your curtain ahead and checking on the width, it plays a significant role in influencing the design you want your curtain to have.

For instance, a wide curtain beyond your measurements can provide a folded, flow look.

Using Furniture to Accent Curtain and a Beige Carpet 

Once you settle for curtains that go with your beige carpet, the next step is furnishing your space. You can choose any colored sofa with your arrangement.

Neutral colored sofas, such as black, brown, cream, tan and white, are the most common ones. They work to bring about a clean, modern look.

Bold-colored sofas can also complement your beige carpet. The trick is to keep your décor at a minimum.

Get sofas that go with the curtains as well, besides matching with your beige carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Interior design is not as simple as it sounds and requires a certain level of knowledge.

However, once you know where specific colors fall, you are in an excellent position to know which color goes with beige curtains. Here are some questions and answers to tell you more.

What colors go with beige carpet?

Many colors go well with a beige carpet. For example, a color like light green pairs well with various shades of beige. 

Others like mint, pistachio, seafoam, brown, grey, orange, pale pink, red and white also pair well with beige. 

Should you match curtains with a carpet?

Your carpet and curtain do not have to match. The goal is to blend the colors. Colors in the same color family bend easily.

So if you use colors in the same color pallet, you get to inspire a modern look in your space.

How can you make a beige carpet look good?

The best way to achieve this goal is to use lively colors that encourage good lighting.

Try to accessorize with coffee tables and drapes to make a beige carpet look good.

Do beige and grey go together?

Beige and grey go together, although both of them are neutrals.  However, grey has a cooler tone than beige, which has a remarkable effect on your space.

In addition, grey comes in different shades and goes beautifully with beige.

What color attracts the human eye the most?

If you want to attract people, then having a red theme is the way to go. This color not only attracts attention but keeps it too.

The key is to be moderate with it to prevent creating chaos in your room.

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