What Curtains Go With a Grey Couch

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White, beige, coral, different shades of grey, navy blue, mustard yellow, and sage green all work well with grey couches.

Let’s cover different colors and what to consider when picking curtains to pair with your grey furniture.

Your new couch is perfect. The grey color complements your freshly painted walls and the beautiful hardwood floor perfectly. The couch is plenty soft but also provides great support.

And you got it for a fantastic price! Unfortunately, however, your curtains need to go.

Maybe your curtains are simply old and dirty. You’ll have to replace even high-quality curtains eventually.

Or perhaps your curtains are still in good shape, but after getting new furniture, and perhaps updating your paint or flooring, they no longer fit in.

Likewise, fashion sensibilities change over time. The hottest furniture, appliances, and curtains twenty years ago may look out-of-date today.

No matter your situation, we can help. We’re going to cover the best curtains to pair with your new grey couch and other factors as well.

What to Consider When Working With Grey Furniture


Fortunately, grey furniture is easy to work with. Many colors pair well with grey furniture.

That said, matching furniture and your curtains and drapes is far from the only thing you need to take into consideration.

Curtains can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of any room. This is true both when the curtains are drawn open and closed.

When picking curtains, consider not just how well they match your furniture but also how they’ll affect the look and feel of your room and home.

Your curtains may even affect your mood and the mood of guests and family members too.

The Psychological Impact of Curtain Colors

Psychologists have found that certain colors evoke specific emotions. For example, red curtains can add warmth to your room and may evoke passion and romance. If a room feels dull, red curtains may up the excitement.

Green helps your room become alive. Green accents may impart life, nature, rest, and renewal.

We’ll cover the impact of more curtain colors. That said, it’s smart for you to think about how colors affect your mood.

Plain White Curtains

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White curtains offer a timeless look. White also evokes dignity and calmness. And white is very easy to work with, matching well with just about any other color.

White curtains with white walls may be too monotonous for some tastes. Still, white curtains will work with a variety of wall colors. The same is true for rugs and everything else. Still, plain white curtains may struggle to block light.

White curtains can be difficult to clean, however. Let’s look at a similar neutral color that’s easier to keep clean.

Light Beige Curtains

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Next up on our list are beige curtains, which often offer many of the benefits of white curtains but are easier to keep clean.

If you’re looking for a neutral color that won’t draw too much attention and will help your room feel clean but modern, beige is a brilliant choice. Beige is sometimes overused, but there’s a reason it’s so popular. Beige is easy to work with and rarely goes out of style.

Sage Green Curtains

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Sage green curtains are in style right now and could add a unique bit of flair to your living room or other space. Green signifies life and may help reduce stress and anxiety.

A soft green can help your room come alive and offer a break from the always popular but also very common neutral colors. Sage green also works well with grey couches and other pieces of furniture.

Dusty Rose Curtains

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Pulling off red or pink curtains can be rather difficult. One exception, however, is dusty rose. This beautiful pink is toned down but also eye-catching. It also works well with gray walls and gray furniture.

Red and pink curtains can add a bit of excitement to your living area or other room. Yet red and bright pink can also be overwhelming.

Dusty rose, however, will catch eyes but quickly fade into the background.

Coral Curtains

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If you want a color that’s more vibrant and eye-catching than dusty rose but doesn’t want to overdo it, coral curtains are an excellent choice. These bright, bold curtains will certainly draw attention and will stand out in most spaces.

That said, coral isn’t overwhelming or tacky either. It’s daring, yes, but it fits in many rooms and goes well with most shades of gray.

Navy Blue Curtains

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Blue may reduce stress and perhaps even lower blood pressure. This makes blue curtains perfect for your office or bedroom.

For blue curtains, navy blue is a wonderful choice. Navy blue is rather formal and conservative, exuding class. It’s a prominent, fetching color and pairs well with gray.

If you’d prefer dark curtains, navy blue should certainly make your shortlist. Other blues may also work well, including baby blue.

Mustard Yellow Curtains

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Yellow curtains can be a bit tricky to pull off. When done right, however, yellow curtains make a bold, even daring statement.

Mustard yellow is one of the easier yellows to work with when it comes to curtains. They’re bright and yet not overwhelming.

Mustard yellow pairs well with grey furniture. That said, it may not work with your paint or other fixtures.

If you’d like your curtains to anchor your room, however, mustard yellow curtains offer one way to do so.

Selecting Grey Curtains to go With Your Grey Couch

One tempting option for people with a grey couch is to buy grey curtains. Grey curtains can look fantastic with a grey couch.

However, there are some important things you should consider before going this route.

First, too much of one color can be monotonous. This is true for any color but is an especially big concern with a softer, neutral color.

Too much gray in a room may dull your room. By mixing colors, say grey furniture with green curtains, you can draw attention to specific things (in this case, your curtains).

Second, getting furniture and drapes that are the same general color to work together can be difficult.

If the fabrics and colors are a close but not exact match, it may distract and may cause more of a clash than you expect.

When done right, however, grey curtains work very well with grey furniture.

Dark Charcoal Curtains

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Dark charcoal is actually a shade of gray. It’s a darker grey and is popular for cars.

If you’d like darker curtains, dark charcoal is among the easier colors to work with. It’s eye-catching and classy without being overwhelming. It also pairs well with many colors.

Lightly Colored Patterned Curtains

If you’d like to draw eyes with your curtains but want nothing that’s too bold (say, red or bright yellow), white or beige curtains with a pattern can work well.

Keep in mind and patterns will draw eyes and may be loud, especially upon first glance.

Still, beige or white curtains with distinctive patterns can enliven and lighten up your room. If your walls or furniture are darker, light but bold drapes can stand out.

Understanding Solid Colors Versus Patterns

Your grey couch may feature some elaborate patterns. While many grey couches are solid colored, you can find exceptions. Likewise, you can find curtains with elaborate patterns too.

If you have a patterned couch, patterned curtains rarely work well. Why? Too much-patterned fabric in a room can become too loud and distracting.

Likewise, getting patterns to match and complement one another is difficult.

If you want to draw attention with your curtains, say by using bright colors and intricate patterns, a solid grey couch is a brilliant choice.

Grey is a neutral color and sinks into the background quickly. People’s attention will quickly be drawn to your bright and/or patterned curtains or other daring decorations and pieces of furniture.

Matching Your Curtains and Couch With Your Wall

When picking curtains and a couch, you also have to consider the walls in any room.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to pick curtains that are slightly lighter or darker than your walls.

This will help add variety to the colors in a space without setting up a clash of styles.

You can also choose an accent color, say gold or navy blue. If your walls are painted in a neutral color, perhaps white or grey, you can use blue curtains and furniture as accent colors.

You can also use blue or gold pillows to add accents. Usually, you’ll want to pick one primary accent color per room.

Multiple accent colors can quickly feel too loud.

This doesn’t mean you can have only three or four colors in a room, but you typically wouldn’t want to use gold curtains, red pillows, and an orange rug together, for example.

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