What Curtains Go With A Blue Couch

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If you want to ensure that you pick out the perfect curtains and other room accessories to go with your couch, it’s important to do your research. 

Whether it’s for home, a commercial lounge, or some type of waiting room, you’ll want to know what will be the most visually appealing for your blue couch. 

A Beautiful Contrast 


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When mixing colors within a space, why not opt for a stunning, eye-catching contrast? You’ll definitely be unique in your choice of orange curtains to go with your blue sofa.

It’s the complimentary warm color to the cool blue color. Avoid something that’s extremely loud if you don’t want to deal with a jarring image in your environment.

Instead, go with a lighter orange like apricot or peach, especially if your couch is deep blue. This is striking against lighter blue walls and is sure to get your guests talking. 

Go Natural 

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If you have a dark blue couch, it looks like the deep ocean.

As a nice counterpoint with a natural touch, choose straw or wheat linen curtains. Bark brown or tobacco color woven curtains would look great over wood-slat blinds if you’re going for masculine or Western decor.

If you have chairs in the room with upholstery that matches the curtains, it will come across as a planned theme rather than a chaotic color scheme. 

Alluring Gemstone Hues 

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Lime-green (peridot) curtains with a sapphire blue couch and amethyst carpets go well together. Can you just imagine it?

They strike a beautiful balance that is great with wood furniture in light or dark shades along with Mid-Century modern artwork.

If you plan to go bold with such a color combination, it’s ideal if you keep it spare so that there’s a focus on this balance.

You’ll also want to carefully consider the lighting you’ll use since this wouldn’t look right with yellowish lighting. 

What to Use with Lighter Blue 

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When you have a light blue sofa, it’s best to have curtains that are pastel or in muted colors.

Some complementary colors that are ideal include beige, silvery gray, baby pink, and lavender.

White drapes also would be an excellent choice. 

Brighten Up the Space 

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A navy blue couch is classic and mellow. Liven up the space by bringing in bright hues in your curtains, such as lemon yellow, coral, terra cotta, and lime green.

You can turn it into a garden theme by using flowery curtains that combine cornflower blue with leafy green or daffodil yellow.

Take a more formal setup and turn it up a few notches with emerald green, raspberry red, and golden yellow.

Look at some photos in design magazines or online to get a feel for how much to include in your room and what would go well with what you already have in the room. 

Exude Warmth with Yellow 

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Navy blue also looks wonderful with a brighter and lighter color, such as a shade of yellow.

Mustard or butter yellow would work well with this blue since it stands out and brings in an energizing effect that is just right for your living room or family room.

This is especially nice if you find materials and fabrics that are different textures and patterns since this is more appealing. 

Shades of Blue 

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What better way to stress your favorite color than to use it in several tones in your room?

A darker blue couch with lighter curtains, such as sky blue or powder blue, is an alluring combination.

It promotes a sense of calm and, for this reason, is great for your bedroom, study, a sitting room where you see guests, or in a baby’s nursery.

Go with colors tinted with green like turquoise or aqua if you want to give it a tropical feel. 

Metallic Is the Way to Go 

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If you have a navy blue sofa or a similar shade of blue, you’ll want something that pops.

While you may not want curtains that are full-on gold, opt for ones that have gold accents to them or a slightly metallic gold sheen.

This is beneficial for lightening up a room that has dark, heavier colors all over the place.

Using these curtains along with a couple of other gold pieces in the space is a good way to make it more appear larger. 

Bright Yet Muted 

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A blue couch looks crisp with gray curtains.

This is because they are both cool tones, and this combination of colors lends a feel that’s both modern and elegant at the same time.

It will be bright yet classic, perfect for a modern home. Since light gray can blend well with nearly any other color, it’s an ideal choice if you will have other furniture close to the curtains.

Darker gray adds a pleasant touch as well, but only if your room includes decor that’s lighter, and you have neutral lighting to balance it all out. 

A Favorable Contrast 

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Many people love pink.

If one person in a couple loves this warm color, yet the other doesn’t, they might argue overusing it since it’s such a bold statement.

There is a way to compromise – bring in equal amounts (or close enough) of blue and pink to your room.

It will exude maturity if you blend a dusty rose shade with a darker blue. You’ll have a soft vibe along with the classic charm. 


How can you choose the right style of curtains? 

Regardless of the color of your couch and the rest of the furniture and decor in a room, there’s always the consideration of what material, pattern, and style of curtain you should get.

You can pair nearly any type of curtain with either shades or blinds, but you’ll want to make sure you know what curtains you’re getting before you purchase the blinds/shades, or vice versa.

Think carefully about your personality and what image you want to convey to anyone who visits.

For instance, light and airy drapes in a pastel shade are perfect if you want to make the room look larger and to have a romantic or energetic feel to it. 

When do you choose curtains for a new room? 

It’s probably in your best interest to wait until the room’s been painted and you’ve picked out your furniture before you buy your curtains.

This way, you know what you’re up against and can get something that complements your blue sofa.

If you are shopping in a store, bring a photo or a swatch that matches your couch color exactly. 

Should you put your couch in front of your window? 

Yes, many people like to place their couches directly by or in front of their windows.

Just make sure that you leave plenty of room behind it and that if your curtains extend all the way to the floor, don’t let them get bunched up or forget to check them often for dust. 

How can you outfit a room to go with your blue couch? 

Beyond the curtains, you’ll want to think about the other furniture in the space, as well as the carpets, wallpaper, and decor.

The type of curtains you have combined with the shade of your blue couch will determine how to decorate it otherwise.

Dark wood looks amazing with neutral color wallpaper and curtains.

Metallic pieces such as mirrors, frames, and the above-mentioned drapes with gold accents go well with navy and other dark shades of blue.

Turquoise and aqua are stunning when paired with jewel tones or a beach theme. 

When do you use specific types of curtains? 

One more thing to keep in mind is that if you live somewhere with seasons, it’s good to have at least two types of curtains.

Go for a sheer, lightweight fabric that doesn’t absorb heat in the summer months.

When it’s winter, you’ll want to use thick, heavy curtains that are insulated against the cold.

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