What Couch Goes With Wingback Chairs?

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The Englishmen in the 1600s designed the wingback chair for luxury and comfort. This furniture has remained trendy through the centuries, and today, it’s paired with other furniture in the room like couches to bring that luxury feeling into the living room.

But, what couch goes with wingback chairs?

Wingback chairs go with couches such as rolled arm leather sofa, upholstered sofa, couches with similar color as the wingback chair, sectional sofas with velvet material, sofas with wingbacks, and floral designed sofas. How you decorate your couch matters too.

A wingback chair has a tall back with wing-like extensions on the edges. They have an upholstered finish which introduces a traditional yet classy flair on the chair.

If you want to bring a wingback chair into your living room, you’ll need to consider how its design matches with other furniture you have.

This article shares some insight on how you can match your wingback chair with your couch and maintain a modern, classy look.

What Couches Go With Wingback Chairs?


The original idea of designing a wingback chair was to protect someone from fire darts as they sat near the fire. However, in modern designs, the wingback chair has improved designs, styles and are made of different material to suit someone’s needs.

Even though wingbacks are traditional, you’ll notice a growing trend in their usage in different spaces for another reason.

In most cases, they are used as the additional furniture to add some glamor to the room.

The difficulty comes in when you want to have one, but it doesn’t have the sofa you have. What should you do? Are there some sofa designs that go with the wingback chairs?

Some examples of couch designs that are suitable for matching with a wingback chair include:

1. A Leather Sofa With Rolled Arms

Leather sofas are classy and elegant, with a traditional feel accompanying them. The rolled arms bring in the same wing-like design as in the wingback chairs and blend in well.

If you have a fireplace in the room, you can position your leather couch with rolled arms as well as the wing chair in such a way that they focus on the fireplace.

A great choice for the leather color for your couch would be a warm reddish-brown which has an earthy tone to resonate with most colors.

2. A Contemporary Upholstered Sofa

Contemporary sofas are simple with aspects of decoration like throw pillows that add flair to them. This simplicity in upholstered sofas is similar to that on the wingback chairs because they are also made in a simple design that is easy to accessorize.

For a smaller-spaced living room, a contemporary wingback chair goes a long way to increase sitting space and bring elegance into the room.

3. Similar-colored Couches

When trying to match your couch with a wingback chair, you may consider the color of your couch and bring in a wingback chair with the same color. You can also try to include some aspects of the couch into the wingback chair so that they can blend in better.

For example,  you can have the legs of the wingback chair shaped in the same way as the couch’s legs. That way, they will have a similar pattern which helps them blend in better.

4. Box Style Love Couches

Box-style couches have a cozy feeling associated with them. Using them with wingback chairs promotes this coziness and adds a sense of elegance to your living room, especially if you arrange them neatly around the fireplace.

Box style couches go best with resonating floral patterns for a complete look. For example, if your couches are white, you can have a floral pattern for the wingback chair where the patterns have some patterns in them.

5. Have Double Seats

The best way to amplify the presence of a wingback chair in your sitting room is to have two of them. For a complete look, ensure that you have double couches too to match one wingback with one couch and the others.

But you can also have similar colors and designs so that the room can have a color theme and a signature design.

Are Wingback Chairs Popular?

While wingback chairs appear traditional and quite outdated, their popularity is unaltered. You’ll see a wingback chair in almost every home.

Not only because it is classy and elegant, but also because of the comfort and coziness that come with it. It’s a great piece of furniture to sit on during fall and winter as you warm around the fire.

There are many reasons why people love wingback chairs and thus increasing their popularity in modern interior designing.

Some of these reasons include:

Unique and Classic Design

A wingback chair has a classic design that is unmatched among other furniture. It has a high back to support the neck and the head fully. The winged sides allow for comfort and protection from fire darts when sitting near the fire.

Increased Coziness

All you want is a warm cozy place to relax during winter or fall as you enjoy storytime with your family. A wingback chair is perfect for this and will give you the comfort you want. You’ll only need to position it at your favorite spot and enjoy your chill time.

Great For the Dining Room

Another place where the wingback chairs can be used comfortably is in the dining room. They are cozy enough, so people have a good time during dinner.

Due to their sharp, upright, and tall back, people are able to sit upright as they eat.

Do you need some drama in the dining room? Go for the wingback chair. You’ll have to first check whether the wings are too big, or they can allow someone to tuck in properly on the table.

Great Leather Options

If you love leather, you are in for an elegant piece with a leather wingback chair. Leather is known for its tough nature while still being trendy and classic.

This is a piece that will last with you long enough while withstanding all weather and seasons. It’s also resistant to stains, so it will be easy to clean.

Easy to pair with other designs in the room

Wingback chairs are excellent pieces that easily blend in into a space that has other decorations in it. First, it will go well with your couch depending on its design and other accessories you have in the room.

If there are no colors to match with it, the wingback chair can stand alone in the room and still look great.

The room can have any style you want

Wingback chairs date back to the 17th century, but they blend in well in modern designs. Therefore, whether you want your living room to adopt a traditional, contemporary, or mid-century feel, a wingback chair is a great choice for any of that.

It has lived through the centuries and can bring out the exact mood you want for your house.

How Do You Style A Wingback Chair?

The secret for styling any chair like wingback chairs or couches is to introduce throw pillows. Another option is to bring in a footrest like an ottoman which significantly improves the overall outlook of the space around the chair.

For a wingback chair, you may not have much to do with throw pillows, although you can have them on it. The best accessory you can add for a wingback chair is a small round coffee table of the same size as a wingback chair where you can place your cup of coffee.

You can also add a small ottoman where you can rest your feet as you sit on the wingback chair. During fall or winter, you can have a great cozy time as you sit by the fireplace and sipping your coffee.

To add more light to it, you can position decorative floor lamps or potted plants, which will help the wingback chair to stand out in the room. A throw rug at the feet of the chair would also make a difference.

If you are planning to bring in a wingback chair, you can consider the following steps so that you can create a striking design with it.

First, choose the right spot for the wingback chair to ensure that it makes a pronounced statement. If you have a fireplace in your living room, the best place for the wingback chair is right in front of the fireplace.

You can then place a suitable couch directly opposite the wingback chair so that it can make the space conversation-friendly. Or, you can have the wingback chair at an empty corner where it will serve the purpose of filling in that space and also be a great spot to read a book.

Since wingback chairs are associated with tradition, you can embrace traditional décor for the other items in the room. For example, you can have silk curtains, a camelback couch, etc.


If you love wingback chairs, feel free to couple them with the couch you have and add a few decorative items to them for a complete look.

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